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International Brigade Memorial TrustInternational BrigadesInternational Brigades order of battle
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear WeaponsInternational Campaign to Ban LandminesInternational Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers
International Commission for Supervision and Control MedalInternational Commission of Control and SupervisionInternational Commission of Control and Supervision Medal
International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and DisarmamentInternational Committee for Robot Arms ControlInternational Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone
International Court of Justice advisory opinion on the Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear WeaponsInternational Criminal Court and the 2003 invasion of IraqInternational Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
International Defence ExhibitionInternational Defence Industry ExhibitionInternational Defence Industry Fair
International Festival of the Sea, 2005International Festivals of the SeaInternational Fleet Review
International Fleet Review 2005International Fleet Review 2013International Force East Timor
International Force East Timor MedalInternational Force for East TimorInternational Freedom Battalion
International GendarmerieInternational Holocaust Remembrance DayInternational Ice Patrol
International Law and the Gaza WarInternational LegionInternational MXT-MV
International MaxxProInternational Military Chiefs of Chaplains ConferenceInternational Military Education and Training
International Military Sports CouncilInternational Military StaffInternational Military Tribunal for the Far East
International Monitoring TeamInternational Naval Research OrganizationInternational Operational Service Medal
International Peace Cooperation Activities Training UnitInternational Red Cross Committee of NankingInternational Sea Cadet Association
International Seapower SymposiumInternational Search and Rescue CompetitionInternational Security Assistance Force
International Sikh Youth FederationInternational Society for Military Law and the Law of WarInternational Society of Military Sciences
International SquadronInternational Squadron (Cretan intervention, 1897–1898)International Squadron (Greco-Turkish War of 1897)
International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison OfficeInternational Technology AllianceInternational Traffic in Arms Regulations
International World War Peace TreeInternational aid to combatants in the Iran–Iraq WarInternational counter-terrorism activities of CIA
International counter-terrorism activities of the CIAInternational counter-terrorism operations of RussiaInternational crisis
International demonstrations and protests relating to the Syrian Civil WarInternational humanitarian lawInternational incidents during the 2006 Lebanon War
International law and Israeli settlementsInternational law and the Gaza War (2008–09)International maritime signal flags
International military decoration authorized by the US militaryInternational military intervention against ISILInternational public opinion on the war in Afghanistan
International rankings of RussiaInternational reaction to the 2009 Honduran coup d'étatInternational reaction to the South Sudanese Civil War
International reaction to the South Sudanese conflict (2013–present)International reactions to the 2011 Libyan Civil WarInternational reactions to the 2011 military intervention in Libya
International reactions to the 2013 Ghouta attacksInternational reactions to the 2014 Crimean crisisInternational reactions to the 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt
International reactions to the Gaza WarInternational reactions to the Gaza War (2008–09)International reactions to the Ghouta chemical attack
International reactions to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shootdownInternational reactions to the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen (2015–present)International reactions to the Syrian Civil War
International reactions to the death of Muammar GaddafiInternational recognition of the Syrian National CouncilInternational response to the 2005 Kashmir earthquake
International response to the HolocaustInternational response to the War in DarfurInternational security
International society for military law and the law of warInternet Movie Firearms DatabaseInternet and terrorism
Internet of Battle Things (IoBT) Collaborative Research Alliance (CRA)InternmentInternment Serial Number
Internment camps in Sweden during World War IIInternment of German AmericansInternment of Italian Americans
Internment of Japanese AmericansInterposing tacticsInterpreter officer
Interregnum (1649–1660)Interregnum (England)Interregnum (Ireland)
InterrogationInterrogation of Saddam HusseinInterrupted screw
Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education ConferenceInterservice rivalryInterstate Cadet
Interstate TDRInterstate XBDRIntervention AUV
Intervention Brigade (Portugal)Intervention CorpsIntervention forces
InterventionsInterwar naval service of Erich RaederInterwar period
Into the Jaws of DeathInto the Mouth of the CatIntratec
Intratec TEC-22Intrepid-class gunvesselIntrepid-class ship of the line
Intrepid (balloon)Intrepid Sea, Air & Space MuseumIntruder (air combat)
Intrépida-class fast attack craftInttiInuit weapons
Inundation, GibraltarInuoumonoInuyama Castle
Invalids' CemeteryInvasionInvasion literature
Invasion of AbaInvasion of Algiers (1775)Invasion of Algiers in 1830
Invasion of AmbonInvasion of BadrInvasion of Bahran
Invasion of Banu LahyanInvasion of Banu MustaliqInvasion of Banu Nadir
Invasion of Banu QaynuqaInvasion of Banu QurayzaInvasion of Buhran
Invasion of Buka and BougainvilleInvasion of Buna–GonaInvasion of Buwat
Invasion of CambodiaInvasion of CanadaInvasion of Canada (1775)
Invasion of Ceylon (1795)Invasion of CorsicaInvasion of Corsica (1553)
Invasion of Corsica (1794)Invasion of Cuba (1741)Invasion of Curaçao (1800)
Invasion of Dhi AmrInvasion of DominicaInvasion of Dominica (1761)
Invasion of Dominica (1778)Invasion of Dul AshirInvasion of Dumatul Jandal
Invasion of ElbaInvasion of EnglandInvasion of England (1326)
Invasion of FranceInvasion of France (1795)Invasion of France (1944)
Invasion of French SomalilandInvasion of GeorgiaInvasion of Georgia (1742)
Invasion of GermanyInvasion of Gozo (1551)Invasion of Grenada
Invasion of Guadeloupe (1759)Invasion of Guadeloupe (1794)Invasion of Guadeloupe (1810)
Invasion of Guadeloupe (1815)Invasion of Hamra al-AsadInvasion of Hanover
Invasion of Hanover (1757)Invasion of HvalerInvasion of Iceland
Invasion of IranInvasion of Iraq (2003) order of battleInvasion of Iraq order of battle 2003
Invasion of Iraq prisoner escapesInvasion of IrelandInvasion of Isle de France
Invasion of JamaicaInvasion of Jamaica (1655)Invasion of Java (1811)
Invasion of JerseyInvasion of Jersey (1779)Invasion of Kuwait
Invasion of Lingayen GulfInvasion of Luxembourg
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