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Johnny MarksJohnny McKeeJohnny Mercer (politician)
Johnny Micheal SpannJohnny MiljusJohnny Most
Johnny Orr (basketball, born 1927)Johnny Paul KoromaJohnny Paycheck
Johnny PeskyJohnny PetragliaJohnny Poe
Johnny R. MillerJohnny RamenskyJohnny Reb
Johnny Rico (author)Johnny RigneyJohnny Rizzo
Johnny SchmitzJohnny SebastianJohnny Seven (actor)
Johnny SimpsonJohnny SmithJohnny Smith (rugby union)
Johnny StompanatoJohnny SylvesterJohnny Van Cuyk
Johnny VaughtJohnny WarsapJohnny Washington
Johnny Washington (Negro Leagues)Johnny Williams (rugby player, born 1882)Johnny Wiseman
Johnny and Luther HtooJohnson's IslandJohnson's Regiment of Militia
Johnson-McConnell agreement of 1966Johnson Aguiyi-IronsiJohnson Bamidele Olawumi
Johnson BeharryJohnson Chesnut WhittakerJohnson County War
Johnson Hagood (general)Johnson Hagood (governor)Johnson K. Duncan
Johnson PaudashJohnson Sea LinkJohnson Sea Link accident
Johnson South Reef SkirmishJohnston's Jolly Commonwealth War Graves Commission CemeteryJohnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System
Johnston BlakeleyJohnston Island Air Force BaseJohnston Model D1918 machine gun
Johnston de PeysterJohnston light machine gunJohore Battery
Johore batteryJohtje and Aart VosJoice Mujuru
Joichiro SanadaJoin, or DieJoin the British Army
Join the CavalryJoint Advisory Commission, KoreaJoint Agency Coordination Centre
Joint Air-to-Ground MissileJoint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation UnitJoint Airborne Troop Board
Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation SquadronJoint Analysis CenterJoint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre
Joint Arctic CommandJoint Arms Control Implementation GroupJoint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet
Joint Army–Navy Assessment CommitteeJoint Base Anacostia–BollingJoint Base Andrews
Joint Base BaladJoint Base Cape CodJoint Base Charleston
Joint Base Elmendorf–RichardsonJoint Base Langley–EustisJoint Base Lewis–McChord
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-LakehurstJoint Base McGuire–Dix–LakehurstJoint Base Myer-Henderson Hall
Joint Base Myer–Henderson HallJoint Base Pearl Harbor-HickamJoint Base Pearl Harbor–Hickam
Joint Base San AntonioJoint Battlespace InfosphereJoint CIS Air Defense System
Joint Capabilities Integration Development SystemJoint Capabilities Integration and Development SystemJoint Capability for Airborne Networking
Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear RegimentJoint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear RegimentJoint Chiefs of Staff
Joint Chiefs of Staff (Republic of Korea)Joint Chiefs of Staff (Saudi Arabia)Joint Chiefs of Staff (South Korea)
Joint Chiefs of Staff CommitteeJoint Cipher BureauJoint Combat Aircraft
Joint Combat PistolJoint Combined Exchange TrainingJoint Command and Staff College
Joint Command of the Armed Forces of PeruJoint Communications UnitJoint Control Commission
Joint Control Commission for Georgian–Ossetian Conflict ResolutionJoint Cyber-Defence CommandJoint Cybernetic Operations Command (Italy)
Joint Data NetworkJoint Declaration by Members of the United NationsJoint Declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
Joint Declaration on the Denuclearization of the Korean PeninsulaJoint Defense Facility NurrungarJoint Deployable Analysis Team
Joint Direct Attack MunitionJoint Electronics Type Designation SystemJoint Enabling Capabilities Command
Joint Enterprise Defense InfrastructureJoint Expedition Against FranklinJoint Expedition against Franklin
Joint Expeditionary Base EastJoint Expeditionary Base Fort StoryJoint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story
Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek–Fort StoryJoint Expeditionary Base–Little CreekJoint Expeditionary Force (Maritime)
Joint Expeditionary Forensics FacilitiesJoint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team (JFIIT)Joint Force Air Component Commander
Joint Force Air Component Commander (STRATCOM)Joint Force Air Component HeadquartersJoint Force Harrier
Joint Force Headquarters National Capital RegionJoint Force Land Component CommanderJoint Force Maritime Component Commander
Joint Force Training CentreJoint Forces CommandJoint Forces Command, Malaysia
Joint Forces Command (Sweden)Joint Forces Staff CollegeJoint Forces Training Base - Los Alamitos
Joint Forward Air Controller Training and Standards UnitJoint Forward Intelligence TeamJoint Functional Component Command for Global Strike and Integration
Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile DefenseJoint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and ReconnaissanceJoint Functional Component Command for Space
Joint Functional Component Command for Space and Global StrikeJoint Functional Component Command – Network WarfareJoint Ground-Based Air Defence Command
Joint Ground Based Air Defence HeadquartersJoint Health Command (Australia)Joint Helicopter Command
Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station AldergroveJoint Helicopter Support UnitJoint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization
Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat OrganizationJoint Information Operations Warfare CenterJoint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization
Joint Intelligence CenterJoint Intelligence Committee (United Kingdom)Joint Intelligence Operations Center Europe Analytic Center
Joint Intelligence Organisation (Australia)Joint Intelligence Training GroupJoint Interagency Task Force South
Joint Interagency Task Force WestJoint Interface Control OfficerJoint Interoperability Test Command
Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control SystemsJoint Light Tactical VehicleJoint Maritime Training Center
Joint Medical Service (Germany)Joint Meritorious Unit AwardJoint Military Police Unit (Australia)
Joint Mission Analysis CentreJoint Multinational Command Training CenterJoint Munitions Command
Joint Network NodeJoint Operation ArvandJoint Operation Nuevo León-Tamaulipas
Joint Operational Support Airlift CenterJoint Operations CommandJoint Operations Command (Serbia)
Joint Operations Command (Zimbabwe)Joint Operations DivisionJoint POW/MIA Accounting Command
Joint Personnel Recovery AgencyJoint Planning DocumentJoint Political Military Group
Joint Precision Airdrop SystemJoint Primary Aircraft Training SystemJoint Professional Military Education
Joint Rapid Reaction ForceJoint Readiness Training CenterJoint Region Marianas
Joint Regional Correctional FacilityJoint Regional Intelligence CenterJoint Replacement Aircraft
Joint Requirements Oversight CouncilJoint Rescue Coordination Centre TrentonJoint Sea 2013
Joint Security AreaJoint Service Defence CollegeJoint Service Signal Unit, Cyprus
Joint Service Small Arms ProgramJoint Services Command and Staff CollegeJoint Services Publication 440
Joint Services School for LinguistsJoint Services School of IntelligenceJoint Space Command (France)
Joint Space Operations CenterJoint Special Forces Aviation WingJoint Special Operations Command
Joint Special Operations Command (Jordan)Joint Special Operations Command Task Force in the Iraq WarJoint Special Operations University
Joint Staff Department of the Central Military CommissionJoint Staff Headquarters (Pakistan)Joint Staff Information Management Division (United States)
Joint Staff of the Armed ForcesJoint Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran ArmyJoint Staff of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
Joint Strategic and Operations GroupJoint Strike Fighter programJoint Support Group
Joint Support Service (Germany)Joint Support Service Command (Germany)Joint Support Ship
Joint Support Ship ProjectJoint Surveillance SystemJoint Tactical Ground Station
Joint Tactical Information Distribution SystemJoint Tactical Radio SystemJoint Task Force
Joint Task Force-AlaskaJoint Task Force-Armed Forces Inaugural CommitteeJoint Task Force-Civil Support
Joint Task Force-Global Network OperationsJoint Task Force-Homeland DefenseJoint Task Force (North)
Joint Task Force 2Joint Task Force 435Joint Task Force Aztec Silence
Joint Task Force BravoJoint Task Force Empire ShieldJoint Task Force Gator
Joint Task Force GoldJoint Task Force GuantanamoJoint Task Force Katrina
Joint Task Force LebanonJoint Task Force LiberiaJoint Task Force National Capital Region
Joint Task Force National Capital Region/MedicalJoint Task Force National Capital Region MedicalJoint Task Force North
Joint Task Force OMEGAJoint Task Force for EliminationJoint Terrorism Analysis Centre
Joint Theater Level SimulationJoint Typhoon Warning CenterJoint Unconventional Warfare
Joint United States Military Advisory Group Thailand
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