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Michael BlassieMichael BlumenfeldMichael Blundell
Michael BourtzesMichael Boyce, Baron BoyceMichael Brennan (Lieutenant-General)
Michael Brian WheelerMichael BrockMichael Brown Okinawa assault incident
Michael Brudenell-Bruce, 8th Marquess of AilesburyMichael BruxnerMichael Bucks
Michael BufferMichael BumgarnerMichael Burghardt
Michael C. FlowersMichael C. GouldMichael C. Gross
Michael C. HorganMichael C. KostelnikMichael C. Murphy (New York politician)
Michael C. Murphy (politician)Michael C. PenaMichael C. Thompson
Michael C. WholleyMichael CanavanMichael Carey (United States Air Force officer)
Michael CarverMichael Carver, Baron CarverMichael Casano
Michael Cassidy (sailor)Michael ChappellMichael Charlton-Weedy
Michael ChildersMichael Clarke (academic)Michael Coats
Michael Cobb (railway historian)Michael CodnerMichael Colborne
Michael ColleyMichael Collins (Irish leader)Michael Collins (astronaut)
Michael Collins (author)Michael Connelly (Medal of Honor)Michael Connolly (Medal of Honor)
Michael Conway (British Army officer)Michael CorcoranMichael Corcoran (Medal of Honor)
Michael CreaghMichael CresapMichael Crescenz
Michael CrookeMichael CrossMichael Crossley
Michael Crowley (soldier)Michael CruzMichael D. Barbero
Michael D. BarnesMichael D. FayMichael D. Healy
Michael D. LeinbachMichael D. LumpkinMichael D. Maples
Michael D. MurphyMichael D. NavrkalMichael D. Rhodes
Michael D. RyanMichael D. SteeleMichael D. Stevens
Michael DareMichael DaunceyMichael DeBakey
Michael DekelMichael DeneefMichael Denison
Michael DennyMichael DermokaitesMichael Dokeianos
Michael Donaldson (RAF officer)Michael Donnelly (veteran)Michael Dougherty (soldier)
Michael Doukas (protostrator)Michael Doukas Glabas TarchaneiotesMichael Doukeianos
Michael DubieMichael DuganMichael Dugan (general)
Michael DukakisMichael DummettMichael Durant
Michael DwyerMichael E. BurgessMichael E. DeBakey
Michael E. DunlaveyMichael E. EnnisMichael E. Fortney
Michael E. FossumMichael E. RyanMichael E. Thornton
Michael EchanisMichael EmbrichMichael England
Michael FallonMichael FavaMichael Ferriter
Michael FinckeMichael Fleming FollandMichael Flynn
Michael Foreman (astronaut)Michael ForresterMichael Franzak
Michael G. BrandtMichael G. VickersMichael Gaffey
Michael Gallagher (translator)Michael Galloway (actor)Michael Gambier-Parry
Michael Gannon (historian)Michael Gibbons (Medal of Honor)Michael Gibson (British Army soldier)
Michael Gibson (GC)Michael GiddingsMichael Gilbert
Michael GlinskiMichael GlissonMichael Gonne
Michael GoodliffeMichael GoughMichael Gow (British Army officer)
Michael Gray (British Army officer)Michael GraydonMichael Gregor (aircraft engineer)
Michael Gregory (Royal Navy officer)Michael Gregory (actor)Michael Griffin (politician)
Michael GriggMichael GwynnMichael H. Decker
Michael H. MillerMichael HageeMichael Haley (United States)
Michael HamburgerMichael Hamilton (politician)Michael Hanley
Michael HarariMichael HarbottleMichael Harris (Royal Navy officer)
Michael Harwood (RAF officer)Michael Hastings (politician)Michael Hayden (general)
Michael HeavisideMichael HeckMichael Heming
Michael HenleyMichael Hicks Beach, 2nd Earl St AldwynMichael Hicks Beach, Viscount Quenington
Michael Higgins (actor)Michael Higgs (politician)Michael Hintze
Michael HobanMichael Hobbs (British Army officer)Michael Hodges
Michael Hodges (Royal Navy officer)Michael Holmes (whistleblower)Michael Hood
Michael Horace MillerMichael HossackMichael Howard (American actor)
Michael Howard (historian)Michael Hudson (Medal of Honor)Michael Hudson (admiral)
Michael Hudson (royalist)Michael HuffingtonMichael Hughes-Young, 1st Baron St Helens
Michael HuskeyMichael HuttererMichael I Komnenos Doukas
Michael I of RomaniaMichael ImeretinskyMichael J. Adams
Michael J. AguilarMichael J. BloomfieldMichael J. Colburn
Michael J. ConnorMichael J. ConradMichael J. Daly
Michael J. DohertyMichael J. EstocinMichael J. H. Walsh
Michael J. HicksMichael J. IngelidoMichael J. Kirwan
Michael J. McCarthyMichael J. McCulleyMichael J. Nardotti, Jr.
Michael J. NovoselMichael J. PerkinsMichael J. Smith (astronaut)
Michael J. SquierMichael J. StackMichael J. Whitley
Michael J. WilliamsMichael Jackson (American Revolution)Michael Jackson (American soldier)
Michael James CaseyMichael James O'RourkeMichael Jeffery
Michael Joe CostelloMichael John FitzmauriceMichael John Hurdzan
Michael John O'BrianMichael John O'LearyMichael John Wise
Michael Jones (soldier)Michael Joseph HayesMichael Joseph McNally
Michael K. NagataMichael K. RandolphMichael K. Sheridan
Michael KaballariosMichael KarkocMichael Kearney (Medal of Honor)
Michael Kelly LawlerMichael Keogh (soldier)Michael Kitzelmann
Michael Knatchbull, 5th Baron BrabourneMichael Knight (RAF officer)Michael Kourtikios
Michael KovatsMichael Kovats de FabriczyMichael Küchmeister von Sternberg
Michael L. DominguezMichael L. OatesMichael L. Weinstein
Michael LachanodrakonMichael Lally (brigadier-general)Michael Lambart, 12th Earl of Cavan
Michael LanghamMichael LayardMichael Le Fanu
Michael Lee LanningMichael Lee WhiteMichael Leshing
Michael LevMichael Levin (soldier)Michael Lewis (naval historian)
Michael LippertMichael LivesayMichael Lloyd (RAF officer)
Michael LockettMichael LubbockMichael Lucas, 2nd Baron Lucas of Chilworth
Michael LuninMichael Lynch (Irish Army officer)Michael López-Alegría
Michael M. AnelloMichael M. GildayMichael M. McCarthy
Michael MacWhiteMichael MachadoMichael Maclagan
Michael Madden (Medal of Honor)Michael MagillMichael Magner
Michael MallinMichael ManleyMichael Mantenuto
Michael MaurexMichael McCorkellMichael McNamara (Medal of Honor)
Michael McPhailMichael McVerryMichael MccGwire
Michael MelfordMichael MelissenosMichael Monomachos
Michael MontelongoMichael Moore (Swedish officer)Michael Mori
Michael Morris, 3rd Baron KillaninMichael Morrison (actor)Michael Moutoussis
Michael MullenMichael MulliganMichael Murphy (VC)
Michael Murphy (actor)Michael MusmannoMichael Newrzella
Michael NicholsonMichael NolandMichael Noonan (admiral)
Michael NyarwaMichael O'Brien DilkesMichael O'Hanrahan
Michael O'LaughlenMichael O'Moore CreaghMichael O'Regan (Medal of Honor)
Michael O'RiordanMichael OatleyMichael Osborne Waddell
Michael OtuMichael Owens (Medal of Honor)Michael P. Anderson
Michael P. C. CarnsMichael P. DeLongMichael P. Early
Michael P. LeavittMichael P. MurphyMichael P. Ryan (USMC)
Michael P. W. StoneMichael P. YannellMichael P Donaldson
Michael PackeMichael Palaiologos (general)Michael Palliser
Michael Palmer (British Army officer)Michael Parker (courtier)Michael Parker (politician)
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