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Milenko StojkovićMiles' LegionMiles B. Wachendorf
Miles BrowningMiles CahnMiles City Air Force Station
Miles Copeland, Jr.Miles D. McAlesterMiles Day
Miles DempseyMiles Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of NorfolkMiles Gemini
Miles GrahamMiles HawkMiles Hunt-Davis
Miles J. BreuerMiles JamesMiles Kestrel
Miles LermanMiles M.15Miles M.20
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Miles de NoyersMiles of Gloucester, 1st Earl of HerefordMiles of Plancy
Miletiy BalchosMileševac FortressMilford Air Force Auxiliary Airfield
Milford BattlefieldMilford ZornesMilice
Milicent BagotMilices PatriotiquesMilinda Peiris
Milisav KoljenšićMilitaire Luchtvaart MuseumMilitant
Militant (disambiguation)Militant tendencyMilitant use of children in Sri Lanka
Militares vermelhosMilitariaMilitarisation of space
MilitarismMilitarism heritage tourismMilitarized Interstate Dispute
Militarized interstate disputeMilitaryMilitary-Industrial Commission
Military-Industrial Commission of RussiaMilitary-Industrial Commission of the USSRMilitary-class trawler
Military-digital complexMilitary-entertainment
Military 12 gauge cartridgesMilitary Academy (Portugal)Military Academy (Serbia)
Military Academy IncidentMilitary Academy KarlbergMilitary Academy incident
Military Academy of BelarusMilitary Academy of Health SciencesMilitary Academy of Modena
Military Academy of Troop OfficersMilitary Academy of the Bolivarian ArmyMilitary Academy of the Bolivarian Aviation
Military Academy of the Bolivarian NavyMilitary Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of RussiaMilitary Academy of the German Armed Forces
Military Academy of the National GuardMilitary Academy of the Signal Corps, S. M. BudjonnyMilitary Administration (Nazi Germany)
Military Administration in Belgium and Northern FranceMilitary Administration in France (Nazi Germany)Military Administration in Poland
Military Administrators in Nigeria during the Abdulsalami Abubakar regimeMilitary Advisory BoardMilitary Advocate General
Military Aerodrome Traffic ZoneMilitary Affairs CommissionMilitary Aid to the Civil Authorities
Military Aid to the Civil CommunityMilitary Air Transport CommandMilitary Air Transport Service
Military Aircraft HM-1Military Airlift CommandMilitary Anthem of the People's Liberation Army
Military Appreciation DayMilitary Archbishopric of SpainMilitary Archives of Sweden
Military Assistance Advisory GroupMilitary Assistance Command, VietnamMilitary Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group
Military AssistantMilitary Association of Atheists & FreethinkersMilitary Auxiliary Radio System
Military Aviation AuthorityMilitary Aviation of the Royal Netherlands East Indies ArmyMilitary Band Service of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan
Military Band Service of the Armed Forces of RussiaMilitary Band Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RussiaMilitary Band Service of the National Guard of Russia
Military Band of the Black Sea FleetMilitary Band of the Eastern Military DistrictMilitary Band of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Mongolia
Military Band of the National Guard of GeorgiaMilitary Band of the Pacific FleetMilitary Band of the Southern Military District
Military Band of the Western Military DistrictMilitary BishopMilitary Bishopric of Argentina
Military Bishopric of ChileMilitary Bishopric of PeruMilitary Brass Band of the Commandant Regiment of the Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan
Military Cabinet (Prussia)Military Cemetery (Minsk)Military Channel
Military Civic Action MedalMilitary College JhelumMilitary College Murree
Military College SuiMilitary College of EngineeringMilitary College of Engineering (Pakistan)
Military College of SignalsMilitary College of Telecommunication EngineeringMilitary Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation
Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Soviet UnionMilitary Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSRMilitary Commendation Medal
Military Commissions ActMilitary Commissions Act of 2006Military Commissions Act of 2009
Military Committee for National RecoveryMilitary Committee for National SalvationMilitary Committee of the Congolese Party of Labour
Military Communications and Electronics MuseumMilitary Construction and Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2014Military Cooperation with Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies Act
Military CouncilMilitary Council for Angolan ResistanceMilitary Counseling Network
Military Counterintelligence DirectorateMilitary Counterintelligence ServiceMilitary Counterintelligence Service (Germany)
Military Counterintelligence Service (Poland)Military Courage (DuBois)Military Court of Appeals
Military Court of AustraliaMilitary Courts of the United KingdomMilitary Covenant
Military CrossMilitary Cross (Belgium)Military Cross (Poland)
Military Cross (disambiguation)Military Cross of Merit (Poland)Military Cryptanalytics
Military Decision Making ProcessMilitary Decoration (Belgium)Military Decoration for gallantry or exceptional devotion
Military Decree of AmphipolisMilitary Demarcation LineMilitary Democratic Union
Military District of GroßwardeinMilitary District of KaschauMilitary District of Pest-Ofen
Military District of PreßburgMilitary District of ÖdenburgMilitary Division of the Atlantic
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