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Military Division of the MississippiMilitary Division of the MissouriMilitary Division of the Pacific
Military Division of the SouthMilitary Educational and Scientific CenterMilitary Emergencies Unit
Military Emergency Management Specialist BadgeMilitary Encyclopedia SytinMilitary Engineer Services
Military Engineering-Technical UniversityMilitary Exploit OrderMilitary Farms Service (India)
Military Firefighters CorpsMilitary Forces of ColombiaMilitary Forces of the Napoleonic Wars
Military Free Fall Parachute SystemMilitary Freefall Parachutist BadgeMilitary Frontier
Military Fuel Service (France)Military Gallery of the Winter PalaceMilitary Gendarmerie
Military Gendarmerie (Poland)Military General Service MedalMilitary Geographic Service (Bulgarian Army)
Military Geology UnitMilitary Grid Reference SystemMilitary Health Service honour medal
Military Health SystemMilitary HeritageMilitary High School
Military Historical Foundation of the Canton of ZugMilitary Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal CorpsMilitary History (TV network)
Military History MonthlyMilitary History Research Office (Germany)Military History Society of Ireland
Military History Working GroupMilitary Honor MedalMilitary Honour Guard Battalion of the Vietnam People's Army
Military Horseman Identification BadgeMilitary Hospital, HisarMilitary Hospital, Port Harcourt
Military Hospital 4/637Military Hospital RawalpindiMilitary Household of the Emperor
Military IllustratedMilitary Industry CorporationMilitary Information Division (United States)
Military Information ServicesMilitary Information Services (Poland)Military Institute of Armament Technology
Military Institute of Science and TechnologyMilitary Institute of Telecommunications and Information TechnologiesMilitary Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan
Military IntelligenceMilitary Intelligence (Pakistan)Military Intelligence (disambiguation)
Military Intelligence Battalion (Croatia)Military Intelligence BoardMilitary Intelligence Civilian Excepted Career Program
Military Intelligence Corps (Sri Lanka)Military Intelligence Corps (United States Army)Military Intelligence Directorate (Israel)
Military Intelligence Directorate (Syria)Military Intelligence Division (United States)Military Intelligence Hall of Fame
Military Intelligence Service (United States)Military Intelligence UnitMilitary Intelligence and Security Service
Military Inter-Allied Commission of ControlMilitary Interdepartmental Purchase RequestMilitary Junior College
Military Karl-Friedrich Merit OrderMilitary KeynesianismMilitary Knights of Windsor
Military Law AcademyMilitary Law Literature in IndiaMilitary Liaison Element
Military Load ClassificationMilitary Machines InternationalMilitary Medal
Military Medal (Luxembourg)Military Medal (Spain)Military Medal for Gallantry
Military Medal of Honor (Japan)Military Medical AcademyMilitary Medical Academy (Bulgaria)
Military Medical Academy (Serbia)Military Medical UniversityMilitary Medicine (journal)
Military Memorial ParkMilitary Memorials of National Significance in AustraliaMilitary Merit Cross
Military Merit Cross (Austria-Hungary)Military Merit Cross (Bavaria)Military Merit Cross (Mecklenburg-Schwerin)
Military Merit Cross (Prussia)Military Merit DecorationMilitary Merit Medal
Military Merit Medal (Austria-Hungary)Military Merit Medal (Philippines)Military Merit Medal (South Africa)
Military Merit Medal (Vietnam)Military Merit OrderMilitary Merit Order (Bavaria)
Military Merit Order (Württemberg)Military Message Handling SystemMilitary Museum
Military Museum's ManegeMilitary Museum, BelgradeMilitary Museum (Belgrade)
Military Museum LešanyMilitary Museum of FinlandMilitary Museum of North Florida
Military Museum of TasmaniaMilitary Museum of the Chinese People's RevolutionMilitary Museum of the Legion
Military Music Center of the BundeswehrMilitary Music Center of the Ukrainian Air ForceMilitary Music Center of the Ukrainian Ground Forces
Military Music Department of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed ForcesMilitary Music Service of the National People's ArmyMilitary Nursing Service
Military Nursing Service (India)Military Occupational SpecialityMilitary Ocean Terminal
Military Ocean Terminal Sunny PointMilitary Ocean Terminal at BayonneMilitary Officers Association of America
Military OneSourceMilitary Open Simulator Enterprise StrategyMilitary Operations Research Society
Military Order of Foreign WarsMilitary Order of ItalyMilitary Order of Maria Theresa
Military Order of Max JosephMilitary Order of Merit (Iran)Military Order of Saint James of the Sword
Military Order of SavoyMilitary Order of St. HenryMilitary Order of William
Military Order of the CarabaoMilitary Order of the CootieMilitary Order of the Dragon
Military Order of the Iron TrefoilMilitary Order of the Loyal Legion of the United StatesMilitary Order of the Purple Heart
Military Order of the Stars and BarsMilitary Order of the White LionMilitary Ordinariate of Austria
Military Ordinariate of BelgiumMilitary Ordinariate of Bosnia and HerzegovinaMilitary Ordinariate of Brazil
Military Ordinariate of CanadaMilitary Ordinariate of ChileMilitary Ordinariate of Ecuador
Military Ordinariate of GermanyMilitary Ordinariate of HungaryMilitary Ordinariate of Kenya
Military Ordinariate of LithuaniaMilitary Ordinariate of New ZealandMilitary Ordinariate of Paraguay
Military Ordinariate of PeruMilitary Ordinariate of PolandMilitary Ordinariate of South Africa
Military Ordinariate of UgandaMilitary Ordinariate of the PhilippinesMilitary Ordinariate of the South African Defence Force
Military Organization Lizard UnionMilitary Outstanding Volunteer Service MedalMilitary Park
Military Park (Indianapolis)Military Pay & Allowances: Subsistence AllowanceMilitary Personnel Records Center
Military Physics InstituteMilitary Planning and Conduct CapabilityMilitary Police: Enemy Prisoners of War, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees and Other Detainees
Military Police (Albania)Military Police (Austria)Military Police (Brazil)
Military Police (Estonia)Military Police (Republic of Korea)Military Police (Russia)
Military Police Battalion CobraMilitary Police CorpsMilitary Police Corps (Indonesia)
Military Police Corps (Ireland)Military Police Corps (Israel)Military Police Corps (United States)
Military Police RegimentMilitary Police in LithuaniaMilitary Police of Goiás State
Military Police of Paraná StateMilitary Police of Rio de Janeiro StateMilitary Police of São Paulo State
Military Power of the People's Republic of ChinaMilitary Provost Guard ServiceMilitary Provost Staff
Military Provost Staff CorpsMilitary RabbinateMilitary Railway Service (United States)
Military Ranks of the Luftwaffe (1935–45)Military Reaction ForceMilitary Readiness Enhancement Act
Military Recognition MedalMilitary Reenactment SocietyMilitary Region 5 Commandos
Military Regions of LaosMilitary Religious Freedom FoundationMilitary Reserve Force (Macedonia)
Military RevolutionMilitary Revolutionary CommitteeMilitary Ridge Road
Military Road-Cadron SegmentMilitary Road (Arlington, Virginia)Military Road (New Jersey)
Military Road (Northumberland)Military Rule MedalMilitary Rule Medal, 1987
Military Satellite CommunicationsMilitary Satellite Communications Systems WingMilitary Sea Services Museum
Military Sealift CommandMilitary SecretaryMilitary Secretary (India)
Military Secretary (Sri Lanka)Military Secretary (United Kingdom)Military Secretary to the Commandant of the Marine Corps
Military Secretary to the India OfficeMilitary Secretary to the Prime MinisterMilitary Security Shield Forces
Military Security and Intelligence AgencyMilitary Service ActMilitary Service Act (Canada)
Military Service Act 1916Military Service Institution of the United StatesMilitary Service Medal
Military Service Medal (South Vietnam)Military Service TribunalsMilitary Sketching Board
Military Skills Development SystemMilitary Spouses Residency Relief Act (MSRRA)Military Stabilisation Support Group
Military Staff CommitteeMilitary Star
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