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Military Stores Department (New Zealand)Military Technical CollegeMilitary Technical Institute Belgrade
Military Tract of 1812Military Training Act 1939Military Training Leader
Military Transport Air Command (Colombian Air Force)Military Transport AviationMilitary Unit Mottos: United Kingdom
Military Unit NumberMilitary Units to Aid ProductionMilitary University Department (Czechoslovakia)
Military University of Technology in WarsawMilitary University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian FederationMilitary Vaccine Agency
Military Valor MedalMilitary Vehicle Technology FoundationMilitary Vehicles and Engineering Establishment
Military Virtue MedalMilitary Voters ActMilitary Waltz
Military War Cemetery GrebbebergMilitary War EaglesMilitary Way (Hadrian's Wall)
Military Whistleblower Protection ActMilitary William OrderMilitary Wireless Museum in the Midlands
Military Working Dog Teams National MonumentMilitary World GamesMilitary Writer's Society of America
Military academies in IndiaMilitary academies in RussiaMilitary academy
Military academy of VenezuelaMilitary accessions vital to national interestMilitary acquisition
Military activity in the AntarcticMilitary activity of ISILMilitary administration
Military administration (disambiguation)Military advisorMilitary aid
Military aid to the civil powerMilitary air baseMilitary airbase
Military aircraftMilitary aircraft insigniaMilitary airspace
Military allianceMilitary and Overseas Voter Empowerment ActMilitary and Processional music
Military and Technical Training Center of the Air ForceMilitary animalMilitary anti-shock trousers
Military archdeaconMilitary artMilitary asset
Military assistantMilitary attachéMilitary attachés and observers in the Russo-Japanese War
Military attachés and war correspondents in World War IMilitary aviationMilitary awards and decorations
Military awards and decorations of IrelandMilitary awards and decorations of SwitzerlandMilitary awards and decorations of the United Kingdom
Military awards of World War IIMilitary awards of the United States Department of the NavyMilitary badges of the United States
Military bandMilitary bands of the BundeswehrMilitary base
Military beretMilitary bicycleMilitary biscuit
Military bishopMilitary braceMilitary branch
Military bratMilitary brat (U.S. subculture)Military brat (disambiguation)
Military budgetMilitary budget of ChinaMilitary budget of India
Military budget of JapanMilitary budget of TurkeyMilitary budget of the People's Republic of China
Military budget of the Russian FederationMilitary budget of the United StatesMilitary building
Military cadenceMilitary call signMilitary camouflage
Military campMilitary campaignMilitary campaigns against Mahdia
Military campaigns of Julius CaesarMilitary capabilityMilitary career of Adolf Hitler
Military career of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of WellingtonMilitary career of Audie MurphyMilitary career of Benedict Arnold, 1775–76
Military career of Benedict Arnold, 1777–79Military career of Benedict Arnold, 1781Military career of Dwight D. Eisenhower
Military career of George WashingtonMilitary career of Hugo ChávezMilitary career of John Kerry
Military career of José de San Martín in SpainMilitary career of Keith MillerMilitary career of L. Ron Hubbard
Military career of MuhammadMilitary career of Mustafa Kemal AtatürkMilitary career of Napoleon Bonaparte
Military career of Simón BolívarMilitary career of Stonewall JacksonMilitary careers
Military chaplainMilitary chocolate (Switzerland)Military citadels under London
Military colours, standards and guidonsMilitary commissariatMilitary commission
Military communication in feudal JapanMilitary communicationsMilitary compensation
Military computersMilitary conquests of Umar's eraMilitary conquests of the Ming dynasty
Military counterintelligence of the Soviet ArmyMilitary coups in BangladeshMilitary coups in Nigeria
Military coups in PakistanMilitary courtesyMilitary courts of Thailand
Military courts of the United KingdomMilitary crestMilitary deception
Military decorations of MexicoMilitary decorations of the Cold WarMilitary democracy
Military dependentMilitary deploymentMilitary designation of days and hours
Military dictatorshipMilitary dictatorship of Chile (1973–90)Military disc-shaped aircraft
Military dischargeMilitary districtMilitary district (Germany)
Military district (Russian Empire)Military district (Soviet Union)Military districts of Poland
Military districts of RussiaMilitary districts of VietnamMilitary districts of the Russian Empire
Military districts of the Soviet UnionMilitary divorceMilitary doctrine
Military doctrine of RussiaMilitary dolphinMilitary drums
Military dummyMilitary eagleMilitary education and training
Military education and training in ChinaMilitary education in the Soviet UnionMilitary elite
Military engagements of the Second Sino-Japanese WarMilitary engineeringMilitary engineering of the United States
Military engineering vehicleMilitary equipment of Germany's allies on the Balkan and Russian fronts (1941–45)Military equipment of Germany's allies on the Eastern front
Military equipment of ISILMilitary equipment of IsraelMilitary equipment of Sweden during World War II
Military equipment of TurkeyMilitary equipment of the Czech RepublicMilitary establishment of the Roman Empire
Military establishment of the Roman RepublicMilitary establishment of the Roman kingdomMilitary exclusion zone
Military exerciseMilitary exercises of the Republic of CyprusMilitary expression
Military fiatMilitary flags of EstoniaMilitary forces based in Brunei
Military forkMilitary funeralMilitary funerals in the United States
Military geographyMilitary gliderMilitary globalization
Military governmentMilitary grid reference systemMilitary helicopter
Military historyMilitary history by countryMilitary history detachment
Military history of AfricaMilitary history of African AmericansMilitary history of African Americans in the American Civil War
Military history of AlgeriaMilitary history of American SamoaMilitary history of Angola
Military history of ArgentinaMilitary history of ArmeniaMilitary history of Asia
Military history of Asian AmericansMilitary history of AustraliaMilitary history of Australia during World War I
Military history of Australia during World War IIMilitary history of Australia during the Indonesia–Malaysia ConfrontationMilitary history of Australia during the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation
Military history of Australia during the Malayan EmergencyMilitary history of Australia during the Second Boer WarMilitary history of Australia during the Vietnam War
Military history of Australia during the War in AfghanistanMilitary history of AustriaMilitary history of Azerbaijan
Military history of BangladeshMilitary history of BarbadosMilitary history of Bassein
Military history of Belarus during World War IIMilitary history of BhutanMilitary history of Birmingham
Military history of BrazilMilitary history of BritainMilitary history of Buddhist Americans
Military history of Bulgaria during World War IIMilitary history of BurmaMilitary history of California
Military history of CambodiaMilitary history of CanadaMilitary history of Canada during World War I
Military history of Canada during World War II
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