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Military of the Grand Duchy of FinlandMilitary of the Islamic State of Iraq and the LevantMilitary of the Kingdom of Poland
Military of the Ottoman EmpireMilitary of the Polish–Lithuanian CommonwealthMilitary of the Qing dynasty
Military of the Ryukyu KingdomMilitary of the Sasanian EmpireMilitary of the Swedish Empire
Military of ÅlandMilitary offences in SingaporeMilitary on Gotland
Military operationMilitary operation planMilitary operations during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Military operations in Ladakh (1948)Military operations in North Africa during World War IMilitary operations in Poonch (1948)
Military operations in the Nordic countries during World War IIMilitary operations of the 2006 Lebanon WarMilitary operations other than war
Military operations other than war (China)Military operations other than war (Japan)Military operations other than war (UK)
Military operations other than war (US)Military orderMilitary order (instruction)
Military order (monastic society)Military ordinariateMilitary organization
Military paradeMilitary parlanceMilitary payment certificate
Military pentathlonMilitary personnelMilitary police
Military police of the United KingdomMilitary police vehicleMilitary policy
Military polonaiseMilitary port of ToulonMilitary power
Military prisonMilitary production during World War IIMilitary psychiatry
Military psychologyMilitary railwaysMilitary ranges in Singapore
Military rankMilitary ranks, special ranks and class rates in RussiaMilitary ranks and insignia of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Military ranks and insignia of NorwayMilitary ranks and insignia of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia-HerzegovinaMilitary ranks and insignia of the Japan Self-Defense Forces
Military ranks and insignia of the Sri Lanka Air ForceMilitary ranks and insignia of the Sri Lanka ArmyMilitary ranks and insignia of the Sri Lanka Navy
Military ranks in the BibleMilitary ranks insignia of Azerbaijan Air ForceMilitary ranks insignia of Azerbaijan Land Force
Military ranks insignia of Azerbaijan NavyMilitary ranks of AlbaniaMilitary ranks of Angola
Military ranks of Antigua and BarbudaMilitary ranks of ArgentinaMilitary ranks of Armenia
Military ranks of AzerbaijanMilitary ranks of BahamasMilitary ranks of Bahrain
Military ranks of BarbadosMilitary ranks of BelarusMilitary ranks of Belize
Military ranks of BhutanMilitary ranks of BotswanaMilitary ranks of Brazil
Military ranks of BulgariaMilitary ranks of Burkina FasoMilitary ranks of Burundi
Military ranks of CameroonMilitary ranks of Central African RepublicMilitary ranks of Chad
Military ranks of ChinaMilitary ranks of ComorosMilitary ranks of Djibouti
Military ranks of East TimorMilitary ranks of EcuadorMilitary ranks of El Salvador
Military ranks of Equatorial GuineaMilitary ranks of EritreaMilitary ranks of Estonia
Military ranks of EthiopiaMilitary ranks of GambiaMilitary ranks of Ghana
Military ranks of GuatemalaMilitary ranks of GuineaMilitary ranks of Guinea-Bissau
Military ranks of GuyanaMilitary ranks of HaitiMilitary ranks of Honduras
Military ranks of HungaryMilitary ranks of IraqMilitary ranks of Ivory Coast
Military ranks of JamaicaMilitary ranks of KenyaMilitary ranks of Kosovo
Military ranks of KuwaitMilitary ranks of KyrgyzstanMilitary ranks of Lebanon
Military ranks of LiberiaMilitary ranks of LibyaMilitary ranks of Luxembourg
Military ranks of MadagascarMilitary ranks of MalawiMilitary ranks of Maldives
Military ranks of MaliMilitary ranks of MaltaMilitary ranks of Mauritania
Military ranks of MontenegroMilitary ranks of MozambiqueMilitary ranks of Namibia
Military ranks of NepalMilitary ranks of NigerMilitary ranks of Nigeria
Military ranks of OmanMilitary ranks of ParaguayMilitary ranks of Peru
Military ranks of PortugalMilitary ranks of QatarMilitary ranks of Republic of the Congo
Military ranks of RhodesiaMilitary ranks of RwandaMilitary ranks of Senegal
Military ranks of SerbiaMilitary ranks of Sierra LeoneMilitary ranks of Somalia
Military ranks of SpainMilitary ranks of SudanMilitary ranks of Syria
Military ranks of TajikistanMilitary ranks of TogoMilitary ranks of Trinidad and Tobago
Military ranks of TurkeyMilitary ranks of TurkmenistanMilitary ranks of Ukraine
Military ranks of United Arab EmiratesMilitary ranks of UzbekistanMilitary ranks of Vanuatu
Military ranks of YemenMilitary ranks of ZambiaMilitary ranks of Zimbabwe
Military ranks of the Armed Forces of GabonMilitary ranks of the Colombian Air ForceMilitary ranks of the Colombian Armed Forces
Military ranks of the Colombian Armed Forces/Marine InfantryMilitary ranks of the Colombian ArmyMilitary ranks of the Colombian Marine Infantry
Military ranks of the Colombian NavyMilitary ranks of the Democratic Republic of the CongoMilitary ranks of the Dominican Republic
Military ranks of the Dutch armed forcesMilitary ranks of the Kingdom of EgyptMilitary ranks of the Lao People's Armed Forces
Military ranks of the Luftwaffe (1935–45)Military ranks of the PhilippinesMilitary ranks of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces
Military ranks of the Royal Cambodian Armed ForcesMilitary ranks of the Royal Moroccan Armed ForcesMilitary ranks of the Seychelles
Military ranks of the Soviet UnionMilitary ranks of the Swedish Armed ForcesMilitary ranks of the Swiss Armed Forces
Military ranks of the Thai armed forcesMilitary rationsMilitary rebellion
Military recruitmentMilitary reforms resulting from the Yen Bai mutinyMilitary regions of the People's Liberation Army
Military reserveMilitary reserve forceMilitary reserve forces of France
Military ritesMilitary roadMilitary robot
Military ruleMilitary saintMilitary satellite
Military school of KaunasMilitary scienceMilitary security
Military serviceMilitary service by the members of the British Royal FamilyMilitary service of Ian Smith
Military settlementMilitary sexual traumaMilitary simulation
Military sketching boardMilitary slangMilitary sociology
Military spacecraftMilitary specialismMilitary spectrum management
Military sportsMilitary stampMilitary step
Military strategyMilitary stress cardMilitary strike
Military structure of the FARC-EPMilitary supply chain managementMilitary surplus
Military tacticsMilitary tactics in Ancient GreeceMilitary tattoo
Military taxonomyMilitary technologyMilitary terminology
Military theoryMilitary threatMilitary tiara
Military timeMilitary townMilitary tradition
Military training areas in SingaporeMilitary training leaderMilitary transition team
Military transport aircraftMilitary tribunals in the United StatesMilitary tribune
Military uniformMilitary units and formations of NATOMilitary unrest following the 2000 Fijian coup d'état
Military unrest since the 2000 Fijian coup d'étatMilitary urbanismMilitary use of children
Military use of children in World War IIMilitary vehicleMilitary vehicles in Singapore
Military victories against the oddsMilitary volunteerMilitary–church relations in Fiji
Military–industrial complexMilitary–industrial–media complexMilites
Milites TempliMilitiaMilitia (British Dominions and Crown Colonies)
Militia (China)Militia (Great Britain)Militia (Ireland) Act 1802
Militia (Scotland) Act 1802Militia (Stannaries) Act 1802Militia (United Kingdom)
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