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Operation AntykOperation AnvilOperation Anvil (Mau Mau Uprising)
Operation Anvil (Nuclear test)Operation Anvil (nuclear test)Operation Apache Snow
Operation AphroditeOperation ApolloOperation Appearance
Operation ApricotOperation AquatintOperation Aqueduct
Operation Arabian KnightOperation Arbead IIOperation Arbor
Operation Arc LightOperation ArcherOperation Archery
Operation ArchwayOperation Arctic FoxOperation Arctic Sunrise
Operation ArdennesOperation ArgonOperation Argus
Operation ArielOperation ArmourOperation Arrow
Operation ArsenalOperation ArtemisOperation Artemis (disambiguation)
Operation Asbury ParkOperation AshuraOperation Askari
Operation AssafOperation AssistanceOperation Assured Delivery
Operation AstoniaOperation AstrakanOperation Astute
Operation AtalantaOperation AthenaOperation Atlante
Operation AtlanticOperation Atlantic ResolveOperation Atlas
Operation Atlas (Mandatory Palestine)Operation AttilaOperation Attila (World War II)
Operation AttleboroOperation AuburnOperation Audacity
Operation Augurs of ProsperityOperation AuroraOperation Austin IV
Operation AutonomousOperation Autumn CloudsOperation Autumn Return
Operation AvakOperation Avalanche (Afghanistan)Operation Avalanche (disambiguation)
Operation Avalanche naval order of battleOperation AzaleeOperation Aztec
Operation AzureOperation BaawarOperation Babylift
Operation Backfire (WWII)Operation Backfire (World War II)Operation Backstop
Operation BadlandsOperation BadrOperation Badr (1973)
Operation Badr (1985)Operation Badr order of battleOperation Bagration
Operation Baja CaliforniaOperation BajadereOperation Balak
Operation BalavegayaOperation BalboaOperation Balsam
Operation BambergOperation BannerOperation Banquet
Operation Banquet (Padang)Operation BaobabOperation Barak
Operation BaranjaOperation BarbarossaOperation Barclay
Operation BarisalOperation BarkhaneOperation Barras
Operation Barrel RollOperation BarricadeOperation Basalt
Operation BatmanOperation BattleaxeOperation Battleaxe order of battle
Operation BayonetOperation Bayonet LightningOperation Baytown
Operation Beach BoysOperation BeanbagOperation Beaver Cage
Operation BedrockOperation Bedrock (Laos)Operation Before the Dawn
Operation BegoniaOperation BehemothOperation Beit ol-Moqaddas
Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas 2Operation BeleaguerOperation Bellicose
Operation BeltOperation Ben-AmiOperation Benedict
Operation BeninOperation BentonOperation Beowulf
Operation BerlinOperation Berlin (Arnhem)Operation Berlin (Atlantic)
Operation BernhardOperation BertramOperation Big
Operation Big BenOperation Big BuzzOperation Big Itch
Operation Big SwitchOperation BigamyOperation Billings
Operation BinatangOperation BirchOperation Birke
Operation BirminghamOperation Bison (Jammu & Kashmir 1948)Operation Biting
Operation BitternOperation Black ArrowOperation Black Buck
Operation Black EagleOperation Black LionOperation Black Lion III
Operation Black Lion VOperation Black Sea HarmonyOperation Black Swan
Operation Black ThunderOperation Black ThunderstormOperation Black Tulip
Operation BlackcockOperation BlackcurrantOperation Blacklist Forty
Operation BlackstoneOperation BlazeOperation Blitz
Operation BlockbusterOperation BloodstoneOperation Blossom
Operation Blow to the HeadOperation BlowdownOperation Blue Angel
Operation Blue BirdOperation Blue HeartsOperation Blue Nose
Operation Blue StarOperation BluecoatOperation Blumenpflücken
Operation BlücherOperation Boardman
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