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Operation SewardOperation ShaderOperation Shady RAT
Operation Shah EuphratesOperation Shahi TandarOperation Shamrock
Operation SharkOperation Sharp EdgeOperation Sharp Guard
Operation Sharp and SmoothOperation ShedOperation Shed Light
Operation ShenandoahOperation Shenandoah IIOperation Shepherd Venture
Operation ShfifonOperation ShingleOperation Shining Express
Operation Shining HopeOperation ShmoneOperation Shock
Operation ShoterOperation Shua Polar IOperation Shurta Nasir
Operation Sicilian Vespers (1992–98)Operation SilbertanneOperation Silk Purse
Operation SilverOperation Silver (1949)Operation Silver (2007)
Operation Silver AOperation Silver AnvilOperation Silver Buckle
Operation Silver CityOperation Silver FoxOperation Silver Wake
Operation Simba (Dhofar Rebellion)Operation SimoomOperation Sinai
Operation Sinai (2012)Operation SinaloaOperation Sinbad
Operation SinsayOperation Sirat-e-MustaqeemOperation Skagway
Operation SkerweOperation SkorpionOperation Skua Polar I
Operation Sky MonitorOperation SkyshieldOperation Slapstick
Operation SledgehammerOperation Sledgehammer (2007)Operation Slipper
Operation Snake EyesOperation SnoopyOperation Snow Flurry
Operation Snowball (test)Operation SoberaníaOperation Solace
Operation SolomonOperation SolsticeOperation Somerset Plain
Operation SonnenblumeOperation SophiaOperation Source
Operation Sourisak Montry VIIIOperation Southeast CroatiaOperation Southern Cross
Operation Southern FocusOperation Southern MoveOperation Southern Watch
Operation SouthwindOperation Sovereign BordersOperation Span
Operation Span (deception plan)Operation SparkOperation Spark (1940)
Operation Spark (1973)Operation Spartan ShieldOperation Spear
Operation SpeedwellOperation Speedy ExpressOperation Spider
Operation Spider (Iran)Operation SportpalastOperation Spring
Operation Spring AwakeningOperation Squeeze PlayOperation Stab
Operation Stampede 3Operation Stand DownOperation Star
Operation Star (Laos)Operation Starfish (World War Two)Operation Starlite
Operation StarvationOperation SteelOperation Steel Box
Operation Steel CurtainOperation Steel PikeOperation Steel Tiger
Operation SteinbockOperation Stella PolarisOperation Stinger
Operation Stone AgeOperation StoneageOperation Stonewall
Operation StoraxOperation StormOperation Storm-333
Operation StrangleOperation Strangle (Korean War)Operation Strangle (World War II)
Operation StrangleholdOperation StrengthOperation Strength II
Operation Strike of the SwordOperation StrikebackOperation Structure
Operation StösserOperation SubstanceOperation Sukoon
Operation Sultan 10Operation Sumatra AssistOperation Summer '95
Operation Summer RainsOperation SunableOperation Sunbaker
Operation SunbeamOperation SuncobOperation Sundown
Operation SunfishOperation SunlagOperation Sunrise
Operation Sunrise (Nyasaland)Operation Sunrise (Vietnam War)Operation Sunrise (World War II)
Operation Sunset BeachOperation SunshineOperation Sunshine (USS Nautilus)
Operation SunstarOperation SuperOperation Supercharge
Operation SupportOperation Support HopeOperation Surgeon
Operation Surya HopeOperation SuttonOperation Swarmer
Operation Swath-10Operation SweenyOperation Sweep Clear V
Operation SwiftOperation Tabarin
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