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Ottoman casualties of World War IOttoman civil warOttoman conquest of Adrianople
Ottoman conquest of Bosnia and HerzegovinaOttoman conquest of HabeshOttoman conquest of Lesbos
Ottoman coups of 1807–08Ottoman cruiser Berk-i SatvetOttoman cruiser Hamidiye
Ottoman cruiser HeibetnumaOttoman cruiser MecidiyeOttoman cruiser Peyk-i Şevket
Ottoman destroyer Muavenet-i MilliyeOttoman entry into World War IOttoman expedition to Aceh
Ottoman fleet organisation during the Balkan WarsOttoman fleet organisation during the Greco-Turkish War (1897)Ottoman fleet organisation during the Italo-Turkish War
Ottoman fleet organisation during the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78)Ottoman frigate ErtuğrulOttoman frigate Feyzâ-i Bahrî
Ottoman frigate MecidiyeOttoman frigate Mubir-i SürurOttoman frigate Saik-i Şadi
Ottoman frigate TaifOttoman invasion of GuriaOttoman invasion of Mani (1770)
Ottoman invasion of Mani (1803)Ottoman invasion of Mani (1807)Ottoman invasion of Mani (1815)
Ottoman invasion of OtrantoOttoman invasion of the Balearic Islands (1558)Ottoman ironclad Asar-i Tevfik
Ottoman ironclad Asar-i ŞevketOttoman ironclad AvnillahOttoman ironclad Feth-i Bülend
Ottoman ironclad Lüft-ü CelilOttoman ironclad MesudiyeOttoman ironclad Muin-i Zafer
Ottoman ironclad Necm-i ŞevketOttoman ironclad Âsâr-ı TevfikOttoman military band
Ottoman military reform effortsOttoman military reformsOttoman minelayer Nusret
Ottoman naval expeditions in the Indian OceanOttoman raid on the Balearic Islands (1501)Ottoman return of Mecca 1813
Ottoman ship MahmudiyeOttoman submarine Abdül HamidOttoman torpedo boat Sultanhisar
Ottoman wars in AfricaOttoman wars in AsiaOttoman wars in Europe
Ottoman wars in the Near EastOttoman weaponsOttoman–Bulgarian alliance
Ottoman–Egyptian invasion of ManiOttoman–German AllianceOttoman–German alliance
Ottoman–Habsburg warsOttoman–Habsburg wars in Hungary (1526–1568)Ottoman–Hotaki War (1722–1727)
Ottoman–Hotaki War (1722–27)Ottoman–Hungarian WarsOttoman–Hungarian wars
Ottoman–Mamluk WarOttoman–Mamluk War (1485–91)Ottoman–Mamluk War (1516–17)
Ottoman–Persian War (1722–27)Ottoman–Persian War (1730–1735)Ottoman–Persian War (1730–35)
Ottoman–Persian War (1743–1746)Ottoman–Persian War (1743–46)Ottoman–Persian War (1775–76)
Ottoman–Persian War (1821–23)Ottoman–Persian WarsOttoman–Persian wars
Ottoman–Portuguese conflictsOttoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–1559)Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–57)
Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–59)Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1558–1566)Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1558–66)
Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1580–1589)Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1580–89)Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1586–1589)
Ottoman–Portuguese confrontationsOttoman–Safavid War (1532–55)Ottoman–Safavid War (1578–1590)
Ottoman–Safavid War (1578–90)Ottoman–Safavid War (1603–18)Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–1639)
Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–39)Ottoman–Saudi WarOttoman–Venetian War (1463–1479)
Ottoman–Venetian War (1463–79)Ottoman–Venetian War (1499–1503)Ottoman–Venetian War (1537–1540)
Ottoman–Venetian War (1537–40)Ottoman–Venetian War (1570–1573)Ottoman–Venetian War (1570–73)
Ottoman–Venetian War (1714–1718)Ottoman–Venetian War (1714–18)Ottoman–Venetian Wars
Ottoman–Venetian peace treaty (1419)Ottoman–Wahhabi WarOttomar Gern
Ottomar PintoOtton de GrandsonOttone Enrico del Caretto, Marquis of Savona
Ottosdal CommandoOttumwa (YTB-761)Otway Burns
Otway HerbertOtzberg CastleOu Guangchen
Ou XingOu YeziOu Zhen
Ouaddai WarOuadi Doum air raidOuadi Doum airstrike
Ouane RattikoneOud-Strijders LegioenOud Poelgeest
OudeschansOudna AirfieldOudtshoorn Commando
Oueddei KichidemiOuidahOujda Group
OultrejordainOulu CastleOupa Gqozo
Our Boys and Girls MarchOur Country's Voice Is CallingOur Country's in It Now! (We've Got to Win It Now)
Our Hitch in HellOur Lady of EuropeOuragan-class landing platform dock
Ouranos class coastal tankersOurches AerodromeOusman Badjie
Out-of-batteryOutServe-SLDNOutServe Magazine
Out DistanceOut of the FireOuteniekwa Commando
Outer London Defence RingOuter baileyOutjo Commando
Outlaw PlatoonOutline of World War IIOutline of military science and technology
Outline of the American Civil WarOutline of the Post-War New World MapOutline of the Vietnam War
Outline of warOutlying territoryOutpost (military)
Outpost HarryOutpost SnipeOutremer
Outstanding Achievement MedalOutstanding Airman badgeOutstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon
Outstanding Natural AreaOutworkOuvrage Anzeling
Ouvrage ArrondazOuvrage AumetzOuvrage Baisse de Saint-Véran
Ouvrage BambeschOuvrage BarbonnetOuvrage Berenbach
Ouvrage BersilliesOuvrage BilligOuvrage Bois-Karre
Ouvrage Bois-du-FourOuvrage BousseOuvrage Boussois
Ouvrage BovenbergOuvrage BréhainOuvrage Cap Martin
Ouvrage CastillonOuvrage Cave-à-CanonOuvrage Champ de Tir
Ouvrage ChatelardOuvrage ChesnoisOuvrage Col d'Agnon
Ouvrage Col de BrouisOuvrage Col de CrousOuvrage Col de Garde
Ouvrage Col de RestefondOuvrage Col de la BuffèreOuvrage Col de la Valette
Ouvrage Col des BanquettesOuvrage Col du Caire GrosOuvrage Col du Fort
Ouvrage Col du GranonOuvrage CoucouOuvrage Coume
Ouvrage Coume Annexe NordOuvrage Coume Annexe SudOuvrage Croupe du Reservoir
Ouvrage DentingOuvrage EinselingOuvrage Eth
Ouvrage Ferme ChappyOuvrage FermontOuvrage Flaut
Ouvrage Fontvive Nord-ouestOuvrage Four-à-ChauxOuvrage Fressinéa
Ouvrage GalgenbergOuvrage GondranOuvrage Gordolon
Ouvrage Grand-HohékirkelOuvrage Granges CommunesOuvrage Hackenberg
Ouvrage Haut-PoirierOuvrage HoblingOuvrage Hochwald
Ouvrage ImmerhofOuvrage JanusOuvrage Kerfent
Ouvrage KobenbuschOuvrage L'AgaisenOuvrage La Béole
Ouvrage La DéaOuvrage La FertéOuvrage La Moutière
Ouvrage La SalmagneOuvrage La SérénaOuvrage Latiremont
Ouvrage LaudrefangOuvrage Le LavoirOuvrage Lembach
Ouvrage Les AittesOuvrage Les RochillesOuvrage Les Sarts
Ouvrage Mauvais-BoisOuvrage MichelsbergOuvrage Molvange
Ouvrage Mont AgelOuvrage Mont des WelchesOuvrage Monte Grosso
Ouvrage MottenbergOuvrage MétrichOuvrage Oberheid
Ouvrage OtterbielOuvrage Pas du RocOuvrage Plan Caval
Ouvrage Plate LombardOuvrage RestefondOuvrage Rimplas
Ouvrage Roche-la-CroixOuvrage RochonvillersOuvrage Rohrbach
Ouvrage RoquebruneOuvrage Saint-AntoineOuvrage Saint-Gobain
Ouvrage Saint-RochOuvrage Saint Ours BasOuvrage Saint Ours Haut
Ouvrage Saint Ours Nord-estOuvrage Sainte-AgnèsOuvrage Sapey
Ouvrage SchiesseckOuvrage SchoenenbourgOuvrage Sentzich
Ouvrage SimserhofOuvrage SoetrichOuvrage Thonnelle
Ouvrage TétingOuvrage ValdebloreOuvrage Village Coume
Ouvrage VélosnesOuvrage WelschhofOuvry Lindfield Roberts
Ova A. KelleyOvationOvda Airbase
Ove GjeddeOver-the-beach capabilityOver-the-horizon Airborne Sensor Information System
Over in Hero-LandOver the Hills and Far Away (traditional song)Over the Top: Military March
Over the Top (1917 song)Over the Top (Song)Over the Top (painting)
Over the Top to VictoryOverallOverall length
Overland CampaignOverland Relief ExpeditionOverland train
Overloon War MuseumOvermountain MenOverpressure (CBRN protection)
Overseas Internal Security ProgramOverseas MedalOverseas Service Bar
Overseas Service ChevronOverseas Service RibbonOverseas Territories Police Medal
Overseas Tour Extension Incentive ProgramOverseas housing allowance (United States military)Overseas interventions of the United States
Overseas military bases of FranceOverseas military bases of the United KingdomOversight of United States covert operations
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