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Perry M. RatliffPerry M. SmithPerry O. Hooper, Sr.
Perry SaturnPerry WatkinsPerryville Battlefield State Historic Site
Perryville Confederate order of battlePerryville Tree engravingsPerryville Union order of battle
Persan-Beaumont AirportPersecution of Assyrians and Copts by ISILPersecution of Buddhists
Persecution of Christians in the Eastern BlocPersecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Nazi GermanyPersecution of Yazidis by ISIL
Persecution of black people in Nazi GermanyPersecution of gay and bisexual men by ISILPersecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
Persenbeug CastlePerserschuttPerseus (missile)
Perseus (munition)Perseus (spy)Perseus of Macedon
Pershing AngelsPershing HousePershing II
Pershing II Weapon SystemPershing Professionals BadgePershing Project Manager's Office
Pershing RiflesPershing missile bibliographyPershing missile displays
Pershing missile launchesPershing missile modelsPersia and Iraq Command
Persian-Uzbek WarsPersian CampaignPersian Corridor
Persian Cossack BrigadePersian Expedition of 1796Persian Fire
Persian GulfPersian Gulf (destroyer)Persian Gulf (missile)
Persian Gulf CommandPersian Gulf Veterans National MedalPersian Gulf campaign of 1809
Persian Gulf campaign of 1819Persian RevoltPersian Wars (disambiguation)
Persian war elephantsPersian–Portuguese warPersian–Uzbek wars
Persia–Portugal warPersifor FrazerPersifor Frazer Smith
Persimmon regimentPersistent Close Air SupportPerso-Roman wars of 337–361
Person Colby CheneyPersonal Clothing SystemPersonal Load Carrying Equipment
Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. GrantPersonal Representative (CSRT)Personal Role Radio
Personal Staff Reichsführer-SSPersonal Submersibles OrganizationPersonal aide-de-camp
Personal armorPersonal defense weaponPersonal submarine
Personal weaponPersonnel Armor System for Ground TroopsPersonnel Reliability Program
Personnel Selection BranchPersonnel branchPersonnel halting and stimulation response rifle
Personnel of the United States NavyPersonnel recoveryPersonnel specialist
Persqopi CastlePersönlicher Stab Reichsführer-SSPertek Castle
Perth-class destroyerPerth (China Wall) Commonwealth War Graves Commission CemeteryPerth Castle
Perth Road drill hall, BirnamPerthes AirfieldPertinax
Pertuisane-class destroyerPerucho FigueredoPerusine War
Peruvian Air ForcePeruvian Armed ForcesPeruvian Army
Peruvian Coast GuardPeruvian Naval AviationPeruvian Naval Infantry
Peruvian Naval SchoolPeruvian NavyPeruvian Navy enlisted rate insignia
Peruvian Navy officer rank insigniaPeruvian War of IndependencePeruvian civil war of 1834
Peruvian civil war of 1843–1844Peruvian civil war of 1856–1858Peruvian civil war of 1865
Peruvian civil war of 1867Peruvian civil war of 1884–1885Peruvian civil war of 1894–1895
Peruvian ironclad IndependenciaPervaiz Mehdi QureshiPervenets-class ironclad
Pervez MusharrafPesakh (general)Pesalai Church attack
Pescadores CampaignPescadores Campaign (1895)Peshawar Brigade
Peshawar CantonmentPeshawar Valley Field ForcePeshawar church attack
Peshkëpi killingPeshmergaPessie Madan
Petagas War MemorialPetalesharo (YTB-832)Petar Baćović
Petar BojovićPetar BrzicaPetar Dobrnjac
Petar DrapšinPetar GračaninPetar II Petrović-Njegoš
Petar KacarevićPetar KoćuraPetar Kružić
Petar MarinovichPetar Milutin KvaternikPetar Mrkonjić
Petar NedeljkovićPetar Novaković ČardaklijaPetar Preradović
Petar StipetićPetar SvačićPetar Vukotić
Petar ZrinskiPetar ČardaklijaPetard
PetavoniumPete AppletonPete Buttigieg
Pete CalacPete CarrilPete Center
Pete ConradPete Conrad Global Patient Safety AwardPete Dawkins
Pete GaudetPete GerenPete Halsmer
Pete HamillPete HegsethPete Hoffman
Pete JarmanPete JimenezPete King (composer)
Pete LivermorePete McCloskeyPete Mead
Pete MountPete NanosPete Newell
Pete OlsonPete ParkerPete Pederson
Pete PeriniPete PetersonPete Pihos
Pete RosePete SanstolPete Seeger
Pete SeibertPete SimpsonPete Tunstall
Pete VonachenPete Williams (journalist)Pete Wilson (broadcaster)
Pete WordenPeter, 5th Count de Salis-SoglioPeter, Constable of Portugal
Peter-Eberhard MüllensiefenPeter-Erich CremerPeter-Paul Breu
Peter (curopalates)Peter (dog)Peter (stratopedarches)
Peter A.S. McGlashanPeter A. GarlandPeter A. Janis
Peter A. Porter (colonel)Peter A. SturgeonPeter Abbott
Peter AbigailPeter AbrassimovPeter Acland
Peter AdujaPeter Anderson (Medal of Honor)Peter Andreevich Tkachev
Peter Andreivich DannenbergPeter AnkerPeter Aplin
Peter ArentPeter ArnettPeter Arnison
Peter AshmorePeter August, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-BeckPeter Ayerst
Peter B. KynePeter B. TeetsPeter Badcoe
Peter BadiePeter BairstoPeter Baker (British politician)
Peter BammPeter BartholomewPeter Barton (historian)
Peter BartramPeter BaschPeter Beale (British Army officer)
Peter BeazleyPeter Beck (schoolmaster)Peter Beer
Peter BelchesPeter BellingerPeter Berger (Royal Navy officer)
Peter BielkowiczPeter Bishop (priest)Peter Blagg
Peter BlayPeter BluntPeter Bogstad Mandel
Peter BonerzPeter BorovskyPeter Boughey
Peter BournePeter BoverPeter Boynton
Peter BransonPeter BrazaitisPeter Bredal
Peter BridgemanPeter BrinsonPeter Broich
Peter Brown (VC)Peter Brown (artist)Peter Brownback
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