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Private Security and Intelligence ServicePrivate armyPrivate defense agency
Private first classPrivate military companyPrivate militias in Iraq
Private purchase naval weaponsPrivate shipPrivateer
Privilege of BudaPriwall (barque)Priyadarshini-class patrol vessel
Priz-class deep-submergence rescue vehiclePrize (law)Prize Cases
Prize courtPrize crewPrize of war
Prize rulesPrizrak BrigadePrizren Fortress
Prizren Incident (1999)Prizren incident (1999)Prizrenac (fortress)
Pri┼čtine DetachmentPro-Indonesia militiaPro-war rhetoric
Pro Ecclesia et PontificePro Memoria MedalPro Merito Decoration
Pro Merito Medal (1967)Pro Merito Medal (1975)Pro Patria Medal (Poland)
Pro Patria Medal (South Africa)Pro Virtute DecorationPro Virtute Medal
Proactive Discovery of Insider Threats Using Graph Analysis and LearningProactive cyber defenceProceedings (magazine)
Proclamation 2714Proclamation No. 216Proclamation of Rebellion
Proclamation of the abolition of the monarchyProcopiusProcopius (magister militum)
ProculusProculus Verginius Tricostus RutilusProcurement programme of the Royal Australian Navy
ProdromoiProekt-technikaProfessional Military Education
Professional military education in the United States Air ForceProfessor LambertiProfessor Tanaka
Profile 21Progonos SgourosProgram 437
Program 477LProgram Executive Office, Assembled Chemical Weapons AlternativesProgram Executive Office Command Control Communications Tactical
Program Executive OfficerProgram executive officerPrograms Evaluation Office
Progress State Research and Production Rocket Space CenterProgressive warProject-706
Project 100,000Project 10412-class patrol boatProject 112
Project 1153 ORELProject 1178Project 1231
Project 131 Libelle Torpedo BoatProject 17A-class frigateProject 21956
Project 22160-class patrol shipProject 23000EProject 404
Project 56Project 56 (nuclear test)Project 57
Project 571Project 571 OutlineProject 58
Project 58/58AProject 664-class torpedo boatProject 75I-class submarine
Project 89 Kondor MinesweeperProject A119Project AGILE
Project ARTEMISProject ARTICHOKEProject Abakan
Project AlbertaProject AmericaProject Andrea
Project ArtemisProject AzorianProject Babylon
Project BacchusProject BarbaraProject Big Ben
Project Blue BookProject Blue FlyProject Brass Ring
Project CamelProject CamelotProject Chariot
Project Clear VisionProject Cloud GapProject Coast
Project ConciseProject CondignProject Copper
Project CumulusProject DELTAProject Danny
Project Dark GeneProject DevilProject Diana
Project Dye MarkerProject EProject Eldest Son
Project EmilyProject ExcaliburProject Excelsior
Project FFProject FUBELTProject Flower
Project GAMMAProject GasbuggyProject Genetrix
Project GenoaProject GnomeProject Grudge
Project GunrunnerProject HARPProject HOMERUN
Project HabakkukProject HalitosisProject Handclasp
Project High WireProject HindsightProject Horizon
Project Hotfoot (Laos)Project HulaProject Iceworm
Project IndigoProject IsinglassProject Jefferson
Project KahuProject KalinaProject Koussar
Project MKUltraProject MagnetProject Manager Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
Project Manager Mission CommandProject Moby DickProject Mogul
Project Moon DustProject NanookProject National Glory
Project NektonProject NikeProject Nobska
Project OpossumProject Phoenix (South Africa)Project Pigeon
Project PlowshareProject PlutoProject Protector
Project RAINBOWProject ROSEProject Rainbow
Project ResolveProject RieseProject Rio Blanco
Project Round RobinProject RulisonProject SHAD
Project Sabre IIProject SanguineProject Sapphire
Project ShoalProject SignProject Silver Bug
Project SimoomProject Space TrackProject Stormfury
Project ThumperProject VOLARProject Valiant
Project VampProject VelaProject Vitello
Project WaterpumpProject West FordProject Wizard
Project ZProject for the New American CenturyProject on Nuclear Issues
Projekt 206FM-class minehunterProjekt 206FM class minehunterProjekt TYTAN
Prokhor DubasovProkofy RomanenkoProkop the Great
Prokopy LyapunovProkuplje FortressProletarian Military Policy
PromachosPromavia Jet SqualusPrometheism
Prometheus IIPromised Day BrigadePromised Day Brigades
Promo ParachutistePromontory fortPromotion (rank)
PromotusPrompt Global StrikePrompt launch
Prone positionPronunciamientoProof and Experimental Establishment
Proof and Experimental Test EstablishmentProof testProofing (armour)
PropOrNotProp and WingsPropaganda
Propaganda DuePropaganda and India in World War IIPropaganda and psychological warfare in the Gaza War
Propaganda and psychological warfare in the Gaza WarsPropaganda during the Yugoslav WarsPropaganda film
Propaganda in World War IPropaganda in fascist JapanPropaganda in the Mexican Drug War
Propaganda in the Rhodesian Bush WarPropaganda in the War in SomaliaPropaganda through media
PropellantPropellants, Explosives and Rocket Motor EstablishmentProperty Book Identification Code
Proportional navigationProposals for concerted operation among the powers at war with the Pyratical states of BarbaryProposed Eastern United States missile defense site
Proposed Japanese invasion of Australia during World War IIProposed Japanese invasion of SichuanProposed North Carolina Outlying Landing Field
Proposed icebreakers of CanadaPropulsion Wind Tunnel FacilityPropulsion systems of the Savoia-Marchetti SM.81
ProraPros MundProscovia Nalweyiso
ProshaberdProsnes AirfieldProspect Bluff Historic Sites
Prospect Camp, BermudaProspect K. RobbinsProspective Commanding Officer
Prosper AvrilProsper GarnotProsper Giquel
Prosper Graf zu Castell-CastellProsper P. ParkerProsper de Chasseloup-Laubat
Prospero Colonna
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