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Prostitutes in South Korea for the U.S. militaryProtais MpiranyaProtasio Tagle
Protasovo (air base)Protasovo air baseProteas of Macedon
ProtechnikProtect America Act of 2007Protect and Survive
Protected cruiserProtecteur-class replenishment oilerProtection Force of Sinjar
Protection and Guard ServiceProtection of Czechoslovak borders during the Cold WarProtection of Military Remains Act 1986
Protective Services BattalionProtector-class coastal patrol boatProtector-class inshore patrol vessel
Protector-class offshore patrol vesselProtector (Pacific Forum)-class small patrol boatProtector (RWS)
Protector Palm PistolProtector USVProtectorate
Protectorate General to Pacify BeitingProtectorate General to Pacify the EastProtectorate General to Pacify the North
Protectorate General to Pacify the WestProtectorate RegimentProtectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
Protectorate of PeruProtectorate of the Western RegionsProtectores Augusti Nostri
Protefs-class submarineProtei-5 Russian diver propulsion vehicleProtesilaus
Protestant Revolution (Maryland)Protestation of 1641Protests against the 2011 military intervention in Libya
Protests against the Iraq WarProtests against the Sri Lankan Civil WarProtests against the War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
Protests against the war in Afghanistan (2001–2014)Protests regarding the Russo-Georgian WarProtocol Concerning the Redeployment in Hebron
Protocol of Ouro PretoProtocol of SèvresProtocol on Blinding Laser Weapons
Protocol on Economic RelationsProtocol on Explosive Remnants of WarProtocol on Mines, Booby-Traps and Other Devices
Protomachus (Athenian general)Protomachus (Macedonian general)Protostates
ProtostratorProtracted social conflictProtville Airfield
Proud ProphetProvence-class ironcladProvidence-class cruiser
Provideniya Bay AirportProvider-class replenishment oilerProvince-class fast attack craft
Province of CattaroProvince of LjubljanaProvince of Nokhchicho
Province of SinaiProvince of SpalatoProvince of Zara
Provincial MarineProvincial Reconstruction TeamProvincial Reconstruction Team Helmand
Provincial Reconstruction Team LogarProvincial Reconstruction Team Mazar-i-SharifProvincial Reconstruction Team Meymaneh
Provincial Reconstruction Team ZabulProvincial military commanderProving ground
Provisional AdministrationProvisional All-Russian GovernmentProvisional Army of the United States
Provisional Confederate States CongressProvisional Confederate States ConstitutionProvisional Congress of the Confederate States
Provisional Constitution of the Confederate StatesProvisional Constitutional OrderProvisional Council of State
Provisional Government of BangladeshProvisional Government of the Republic of ChinaProvisional IRA Belfast Brigade
Provisional IRA Derry BrigadeProvisional IRA East Tyrone BrigadeProvisional IRA South Armagh Brigade
Provisional Irish Republican ArmyProvisional Irish Republican Army arms importationProvisional Irish Republican Army campaign
Provisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–97Provisional Military Dictatorship of MughanProvisional National Defence Council
Provisional Priamurye GovernmentProvisional Siberian Government (Omsk)Provisional Siberian Government (Vladivostok)
Provisioning of the USS ConstitutionProvo WallisProvost (military police)
Provost MarshalProvost SergeantProvost sergeant
ProvveditoreProvveditore generale da MarProwler (satellite)
Prowse Point Commonwealth War Graves Commission CemeteryProxenus of BoeotiaProxflyer
Proximity fuzeProxy bombProxy war
Prozor FortressProzorovskyPrudence Wright
Prudencio Ortiz de RozasPrudhoe CastlePruett Mullens Dennett
Prunaru ChargePrussiaPrussia and the American Civil War
Prussia in the American Civil WarPrussian ArmyPrussian Crusade
Prussian Military AcademyPrussian Minister of WarPrussian Ministry of War
Prussian National Monument for the Liberation WarsPrussian Naval AcademyPrussian Navy
Prussian Navy DepartmentPrussian Regiment (France)Prussian Staff College
Prussian WarPrussian invasion of HollandPrussian semaphore system
Prussian uprisingsPrusy ArmyPruth River Campaign
Prva višegradska BrigadaPrvi PartizanPryluky (air base)
Pryluky Air BasePryluky RegimentPrytanée National Militaire
Przebraże DefencePrzecław LanckorońskiPrzemyśl Castle
Przemyśl FortressPrzysposobienie Wojskowe KobietPráxedes Giner Durán
Práxedis GuerreroPrägrad CastlePrécieuse
Prégent de BidouxPrévoyante (1793)Próspero Fernández Oreamuno
Prösels CastlePrümerburgPsc (British Army)
Psc (Military)Psc (military)Pseudo-Alexios II
PseudocomitatensesPsiloiPskov-Caves Monastery
Pskov AirportPskov KromPsychiatric and mental health nursing in the United States Army
Psychiatric casualtyPsychochemical warfarePsychochemical weaponry
Psychological Operations (United States)Psychological Warfare DivisionPsychological operations (United States)
Psychological warfarePsyttaleiaPszczyna Castle
PterugesPtisi & DiastimaPtolemaic Baris
Ptolemaic armyPtolemaios SarigiannisPtolemy (general)
Ptolemy (somatophylax)Ptolemy (son of Mennaeus)Ptolemy (son of Philip)
Ptolemy (son of Seleucus)Ptolemy I SoterPtolemy VI Philometor
PtujPtuj CastlePublic Affairs Branch
Public Affairs Branch (Canadian Forces)Public Affairs Operations CenterPublic Force
Public Forces (Colombia)Public Forces of Costa RicaPublic Health Service Achievement Medal
Public Health Service Distinguished Service MedalPublic Health Service Meritorious Service MedalPublic Health Service Outstanding Service Medal
Public Law 80-557Public Order and Riot SquadPublic Safety Officer Medal of Valor
Public Schools BattalionsPublic Service Commendation MedalPublic Service Medal (Australia)
Public Warning System (Singapore)Public affairs (military)Public duties
Public opinion about U.S. drone attacksPublic opinion about US drone attacksPublic opinion of the military
Public relations preparations for 2003 invasion of IraqPublication of Domesday BookPublius Acilius Attianus
Publius Aelius AelianusPublius Atilius AebutianusPublius Attius Varus
Publius Canidius CrassusPublius Claudius Pulcher (consul 184 BC)Publius Claudius Pulcher (consul 249 BC)
Publius Claudius Pulcher (praetor)Publius Clodius PulcherPublius Cornelius Anullinus
Publius Cornelius DolabellaPublius Cornelius Dolabella (consul 283 BC)Publius Cornelius Lentulus Spinther
Publius Cornelius Rufinus (consul 290 BC)Publius Cornelius ScipioPublius Cornelius Scipio Nasica
Publius Cornelius SullaPublius CrassusPublius Decius Mus (consul 279 BC)
Publius Decius Mus (consul 312 BC)Publius Decius Mus (consul 340 BC)Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus
Publius Furius PhilusPublius Julius Geminius MarcianusPublius Licinius Crassus (son of triumvir)
Publius Licinius Crassus Dives (consul 205 BC)Publius Licinius Crassus Dives MucianusPublius Licinius Egnatius Marinianus
Publius Manlius Vulso (praetor)Publius Martius VerusPublius Minucius Augurinus
Publius Ostorius ScapulaPublius Petronius TurpilianusPublius Quinctilius Varus
Publius Rutilius Lupus (consul)Publius Rutilius RufusPublius Servilius Priscus Structus
Publius Servilius Rullus (cavalry leader)Publius SittiusPublius Sulpicius Galba Maximus
Publius Sulpicius RufusPublius Valerius ComazonPublius Valerius Falto
Publius Valerius LaevinusPublius VariniusPublius Ventidius Bassus
Publius Vitellius the YoungerPucara del Cerro La MurallaPucará de Tilcara
PuckapunyalPucker factorPuckle gun
PucklechurchPuckpool BatteryPuddle pirate
Pudge WymanPudu Prison siegePueblo Army Airfield
Pueblo Chemical DepotPueblo Depot ActivityPueblo Revolt
Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft MuseumPuerta de San Andrés (Segovia)Puerta de Santiago (Segovia)
Puerta de Toledo (Zaragoza)Puerta del Sol, ToledoPuerto Belgrano Naval Base
Puerto Rican CampaignPuerto Rican Nationalist Party revolts of the 1950sPuerto Rican Volunteers Corps
Puerto Rican recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross
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