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Ready for Labour and Defence of the USSRReady roomReady service ammunition
Reagan DoctrineReagan V. BrownRealTimeWWII
Real (galley)Real CittadellaReal Felipe Fortress
Real Instituto y Observatorio de la ArmadaReal Irish Republican ArmyReal Ulster Freedom Fighters
Reality WinnerReam Naval BaseReaney, Son & Archbold
Reaper (schooner)Reapers' WarRear-Admiral, Alexandria
Rear-Admiral, Reserve AircraftRear-Admiral, Training Establishment MediterraneanRear-Admiral Eustațiu Sebastian-class corvette
Rear-Admiral of the United KingdomRear (military)Rear Services of the Armed Forces of Russia
Rear admiralRear admiral (D)Rear admiral (Royal Navy)
Rear admiral (United States)Rear of the Armed Forces of the Russian FederationRear of the Russian Armed Forces
Rear servicesRearguardRearguard Affair of Le Grand Fayt
Rearguard Affair of ÉtreuxRearmamentRearwin Sportster
Reasin BeallReassertion of British sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (1833)Reavey and O'Dowd killings
Reba Z. WhittleRebecca/Eureka transponding radarRebecca Chan Chung
Rebecca OhmRebecca S. HalsteadRebel Armed Forces
Rebel yellRebellionRebellion of 1088
Rebellion of ArbanonRebellion of Bahram ChobinRebellion of Bardas Phokas the Younger
Rebellion of Cao QinRebellion of Túpac Amaru IIRebellion of mayor Albert
Rebellion of the Alpujarras (1499–1501)Rebellion of the Alpujarras (1568–71)Rebellion of the Seven States
Rebellion of the Three GuardsRebellions and revolutions in BrazilRebellions in the Ottoman Empire (in Turkey)
Rebellions of 1837Rebellions of 1837–1838Rebreather
Recall (bugle call)Recapture of AngolaRecapture of Bahia
Recapture of Fort Zeelandia (1667)Recapture of RecifeReceiver (firearms)
Recherche Assistance Intervention DissuasionRechlin-Lärz AirfieldRechlin–Lärz Airfield
Rechteren CastleRecife CommandoRecipients of Bangladeshi military awards in 1971
Recipients of the Legion of MeritReclusione MilitareRecogne German war cemetery
Recognized Air PictureRecoilRecoil buffer
Recoil operationRecoilless rifleRecon Optical
Reconciliation (Josefina de Vasconcellos sculpture)RecondoReconnaissance
Reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (United States)Reconnaissance & Surveillance SquadronReconnaissance Battalion (Ready Reserve)
Reconnaissance CorpsReconnaissance ProjectsReconnaissance aircraft
Reconnaissance by fireReconnaissance regiments (Japan)Reconnaissance satellite
Reconnaissance vehicleReconquest of AngolaReconquest of Arakan
Reconquest of CephaloniaReconquest of GallipoliReconquista
Reconstruction ActsReconstruction EraReconstruction in Afghanistan
Reconstruction of GermanyRecontra 380Records of the Three Kingdoms
Recovery of Ré islandRecreation and Amusement AssociationRecruit Educational Center
Recruit Sustainment ProgramRecruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IllinoisRecruit Training Regiment
Recruit trainingRecruiter BadgeRecruiting Act 1778
Recruiting Act 1779Recruiting Service RibbonRecruiting sergeant
Recruitment in the British ArmyRecruitment in the Imperial Japanese NavyRecruitment of spies
Recruitment to the British Army during the First World WarRecueil des historiens des croisadesReculver
Recurve bowRecusant's insigniaRed Aces (Aerobatic team)
Red Aces (aerobatic team)Red AdairRed Angel (rocket)
Red Army's tactics in World War IIRed Army FactionRed Army Memorial Museum
Red Army invasion of ArmeniaRed Army invasion of AzerbaijanRed Army invasion of Georgia
Red Army manRed Army of TurinRed Army order of battle at the Battle of Stalingrad
Red ArrowsRed BaldwinRed Ball Express
Red Bank ArmoryRed BannerRed Banner Caucasus Army
Red Bay CastleRed Beach Base AreaRed Beard (nuclear weapon)
Red Berry (Texas politician)Red Blanchard (radio personality)Red Bluff Air Force Station
Red BoromRed BrigadesRed Buttons
Red Castle, AngusRed Castle MuseumRed Cell
Red CheckersRed Cliff Air StationRed Cliffs order of battle
Red CloudRed Cloud's WarRed Cloud Agency
Red CochranRed ColorRed Cossacks
Red Cross Medal (Prussia)Red Cross parcelRed Cross service
Red DeanRed Devils (Parachute Regiment)Red Dragon (1595)
Red Drum killingsRed EyebrowsRed Farm Military Cemetery
Red Flag RiotsRed Flag exerciseRed Flag – Alaska
Red FortRed Fort, MuzaffarabadRed Gate
Red Gate WoodsRed GroupRed Guards (Finland)
Red Guards (Russia)Red Hand CommandoRed Hand Day
Red Hand DefendersRed Heat: Conspiracy, Murder and the Cold War in the CaribbeanRed Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility
Red Horse (Lakota chief)Red JacketRed Knight (aerobatic team)
Red Knight (aircraft)Red Lanterns (Boxer Uprising)Red Lion Pub bombing
Red Lion Square disordersRed MalackanyRed Munger
Red Mutiny: Eleven Fateful Days on the Battleship PotemkinRed Orchestra (espionage)Red Pass
Red PatchRed PelicansRed Reese
Red River Army DepotRed River Bridge WarRed River Campaign
Red River Campaign Union order of battleRed River Canyon AffairRed River Canyon affair
Red River RebellionRed River WarRed Road from Stalingrad
Red Sea FlotillaRed Sea StationRed Serge
Red Shirts (Mexico)Red Shoes (Choctaw chief)Red Skelton
Red SnowRed Spear SocietyRed Spears' uprising in Shandong (1928–1929)
Red Sticks (Central Asia)Red StraderRed Strings
Red Tag BastardsRed Tail SquadronRed Terror (disambiguation)
Red Top (missile)Red Turban RebellionRed Turban Rebellion (1854–1856)
Red Turban invasions of GoryeoRed Vertical Lizard (camouflage)Red Wallace
Red WarbonnetRed WhittakerRed admiral
Red beretRed coat (British army)Red dot sight
Red fuming nitric acidRed inverted triangleRed line (phrase)
Red teamReda Mahmoud Hafez MohamedRedbad, King of the Frisians
Redbreast-class gunboatRedcastleRedcliff Battery
Redcoats and RebelsRedcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution through British EyesReddin Andrews
Redding Municipal AirportRededyaRedeployment (short story collection)
Redfield ProctorRedfield Proctor, Jr.Redford Barracks
Redford Henry MulockRedheugh Gardens War MemorialRedhill Aerodrome
Redmond Burke, Baron LeitrimRedmond CunninghamRedmond O'Hanlon (outlaw)
Redmond WattRedoubtRedoubt Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery
Redoubt DuijnhoopRedoubt Four (West Point)Redoubt Kale
Redoubt KaliRedoutable-class submarineRedoutable-class submarine (1931)
Redoutable-class submarine (1967)
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