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Republic of MainzRepublic of OstrówRepublic of Pińczów
Republic of RagusaRepublic of Serbian KrajinaRepublic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
Republic of Singapore Air ForceRepublic of Singapore NavyRepublic of South Carolina
Republic of Sri Lanka Armed Services MedalRepublic of Vietnam Airborne DivisionRepublic of Vietnam Judiciary Police
Republic of Vietnam Marine DivisionRepublic of Vietnam Military ForcesRepublic of Vietnam National Police
Republic of Vietnam National Police Administration ServiceRepublic of Vietnam National Police Field ForceRepublic of Vietnam National Police Medical Service
Republic of Vietnam National Police VIP Protection ServiceRepublic of Vietnam NavyRepublic of Vietnam River and Coastal Police
Republic of Vietnam Special PoliceRepublic of Vietnam Traffic Control PoliceRepublic of Winston
Republic of Yemen Armed ForcesRepublic of the Congo Civil WarRepublic of the Congo Civil War (1993–94)
Republic of the Congo Civil War (1997–99)Republican ArmyRepublican Blues
Republican GuardRepublican Guard (Albania)Republican Guard (Algeria)
Republican Guard (Democratic Republic of the Congo)Republican Guard (Egypt)Republican Guard (France)
Republican Guard (Guinea)Republican Guard (Iraq)Republican Guard (Kazakhstan)
Republican Guard (Lebanon)Republican Guard (Sudan)Republican Guard (Syria)
Republican Guard (Yemen)Republican National GuardRepublican National Guard (Portugal)
Republican faction (Spanish Civil War)Republika SrpskaRepublika Srpska Air Force
Republikanischer SchutzbundRepubliquetasRepugnant battle honours of the Indian Army
Repulse-class ship of the lineRepülőgépgyár Levente IIRequerimiento
Requesens CastleRequetésRequiem for Convoy PQ-17
Requin-class submarineRequirements OfficeRerebrace
Rerhaia AirfieldResaca Confederate CemeteryResande Man
Rescue Committee of the Jewish AgencyRescue Preparedness MedalRescue and Communication Squadron RAAF
Rescue and salvage shipRescue buoy (Luftwaffe)Rescue craft
Rescue of Bat 21 BravoRescue of Dustoff 65Rescue of Giuliana Sgrena
Rescue of Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen ThistedRescue of Jews by Poles during the HolocaustRescue of Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman
Rescue of the Danish JewsRescue swimmerResculum (castra)
Research Department (Aman)Research Enterprises LimitedResearch and Analysis Wing
Research and Intervention BrigadeReserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 64Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 86
Reserve Army (Soviet Union)Reserve Army (United Kingdom)Reserve Cavalry Corps (Grande Armée)
Reserve Defence ForcesReserve Defence Forces Representative AssociationReserve Educational Assistance Program
Reserve Fleet (United Kingdom)Reserve Force DecorationReserve Force Medal
Reserve Forces Act 1899Reserve Forces Act 1900Reserve Forces Act 1937
Reserve Forces Act 1996Reserve Forces and Cadets AssociationReserve Forces and Militia Act 1898
Reserve FrontReserve Good Conduct MedalReserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
Reserve Officer SchoolReserve Officer School (Finland)Reserve Officer Training Unit
Reserve Officer Training in RussiaReserve Officers' Training CorpsReserve Officers' Training Corps (Philippines)
Reserve Officers' Training Corps (South Korea)Reserve Officers' Training Corps (Taiwan)Reserve Officers' Training Corps (disambiguation)
Reserve Officers AssociationReserve Police Battalion 101Reserve Police Battalion 33
Reserve Special Commendation RibbonReserve Training Wing RAAFReserve components of the United States Armed Forces
Reserve components of the United States armed forcesReserve duty (Israel)Reserve fleet
Reserve of the Supreme High CommandReserved occupationReservehandverfahren
ReservistReset (military)Reshadieh-class battleship
Reshawn DavisReshef AmnonReshma (air base)
Resident spyResignation of Jehangir KaramatResistance (military)
Resistance Conspiracy caseResistance MedalResistance Memorial Cross
Resistance Patriots of DongoResistance Star East AsiaResistance at Nenjiang Bridge
Resistance during World War IIResistance during the HolocaustResistance in Lithuania during World War II
Resistance in the German-occupied Channel IslandsResistance in the Protectorate of Bohemia and MoraviaResistance movement
Resistance movement in AuschwitzResistance movements in partitioned Poland (1795–1918)Resistance to interrogation
Resolute Support MissionResolution-class submarineResolution for Victory Order
Resolution of Sarajevo MuslimsResolzaRespect to Mehmetçik Monument
Response Boat – MediumResponse Force Task GroupResponse of Saudi Arabia to ISIL
Responsibility for the HolocaustResponsibility for the Russo-Georgian WarRestaino Cantelmo-Stuart
Restatement of Policy on GermanyRestigouche-class destroyerRestoration (Colonies)
Restoration (England)Restoration (Ireland)Restoration (Scotland)
Restoration in the English coloniesRestoration of Sovereignty DayRestoration of Tahmasp II to the Safavid throne
Restorative Army of PeruRestored Government of VirginiaRestormel Castle
Restricted Duty RibbonRestricted Line OfficerRestricted line officer
Restricted military areaResult (schooner)Results of the War of 1812
ResurgamReszel CastleRetention Excellence Award
RetiariusReticleRetired aircraft of the Polish Air Force
Retreat from GettysburgRetreat from Lạng SơnRetreat to Montalban
Retrenched BarracksRetrenchment (military)Retribution Army
Retta DavidsonReturn J. Meigs, Sr.Returned and Services League of Australia
Returned to unitReuben B. Robertson, Jr.Reuben Chase
Reuben ColburnReuben D. JonesReuben D. Mussey, Jr.
Reuben Davis (representative)Reuben Ellis JenkinsReuben F. Bernard
Reuben F. MauryReuben H. WalworthReuben Hammersley
Reuben Henry Tucker IIIReuben JamesReuben Jasper Phillips
Reuben K. DavisReuben KeltoReuben Kemper
Reuben KolbReuben La FaveReuben Lindsay Walker
Reuben MayReuben SturmanReuben Walker Carswell
Reuben Wells LeonardReubin AskewReuland Castle
Reunification of East and West GermanyReusable Booster SystemReuss-Ebersdorf
Reuss-LobensteinReutech Radar SystemsReutech Rogue
Reuven AmitaiReuven DafniReva APC
Reval order of battleRevdanda fortReveille
Revell Eardley-WilmotRevenge-class battleshipReverse course
Reverse osmosis water purification unitReverse salientReverse slope defence
RevetmentRevetment (aircraft)Revier
Revolt of 1173–74Revolt of 1 Prairial Year IIIRevolt of Abdal-Latif Mirza
Revolt of Ahmet AnzavurRevolt of Babylon (626 BC)Revolt of Cairo
Revolt of Czechoslovak LegionRevolt of GenoaRevolt of Ghent (1449–53)
Revolt of Ghent (1539)Revolt of Horea, Cloșca and CrișanRevolt of Lyon against the National Convention
Revolt of Saint TitusRevolt of TianshuiRevolt of Tyre (996–998)
Revolt of the AdmiralsRevolt of the Altishahr KhojasRevolt of the Barretinas
Revolt of the BataviRevolt of the BrotherhoodsRevolt of the Comuneros
Revolt of the Comuneros (New Granada)Revolt of the Czechoslovak LegionRevolt of the Earls
Revolt of the LashRevolt of the MuckersRevolt of the Polkos
Revolt of the SatrapsRevolt of the Three FeudatoriesRevolt of the papier timbré
Revolta da ArmadaRevolts during the Turkish War of IndependenceRevolución Libertadora
Revolution in Military AffairsRevolution in the Kingdom of Poland (1905–07)Revolution of 11 September 1852
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