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Richard De WertRichard Deane (regicide)Richard Dearlove
Richard DelafieldRichard DelphyRichard Dennis (Medal of Honor)
Richard DickersonRichard Dickson CudahyRichard Diebenkorn
Richard Dixon (USCG)Richard DohertyRichard Donchian
Richard DorrillRichard DouglassRichard Downes Jackson
Richard DownieRichard Doyle (sailor)Richard Drax
Richard Duckworth-KingRichard DunleavyRichard Dunn (footballer)
Richard Dunn PattisonRichard DysartRichard E. Blanchard, Sr.
Richard E. BushRichard E. ByrdRichard E. Carey
Richard E. CarverRichard E. CavazosRichard E. Cellon
Richard E. CunhaRichard E. EllsworthRichard E. Fleming
Richard E. GrayRichard E. HawesRichard E. Hawley
Richard E. KillblaneRichard E. KrausRichard E. Lawyer
Richard E. NugentRichard E. PabstRichard E. Peterson
Richard E. RumbleRichard E. TurnerRichard E. Webber
Richard EasthamRichard EckermannRichard Eddy (clergyman)
Richard Edgcumbe, 2nd Baron EdgcumbeRichard EdlundRichard Edmond Courtney
Richard Edward SnyderRichard Edwards (Royal Navy officer, died 1773)Richard Edwards (Royal Navy officer, died 1795)
Richard Edwards (c. 1715–1795)Richard Edwards (died 1773)Richard Egan (actor)
Richard Egan (businessman)Richard EichlerRichard Elton
Richard Elton GoodwinRichard EnderlinRichard Engelmann
Richard England (British Army officer, born 1793)Richard EppesRichard Ernest William Turner
Richard EtchbergerRichard EuringerRichard F. Abel
Richard F. GallagherRichard F. Gordon, Jr.Richard F. Natonski
Richard F. PedersenRichard F. TimmonsRichard Falley, Jr.
Richard Felix StaarRichard FelmanRichard Felton
Richard FennoRichard FeynmanRichard Fiedler
Richard FifootRichard FilangieriRichard Fiske
Richard FitchRichard Fitz-SimonRichard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel
Richard FitzPatrickRichard FitzPatrick, 1st Baron GowranRichard Fitzgerald
Richard Foster (abolitionist)Richard Fowler (naturalist)Richard Franchot
Richard Francis BurtonRichard Frank JollyRichard Fraser of Touchfraser
Richard Frewen MartinRichard FunkhouserRichard Fyffe
Richard G. Austin (politician)Richard G. ColbertRichard G. Desautels
Richard G. GravesRichard G. HublerRichard G. Salomon
Richard G. ShoupRichard G. StilwellRichard G. Tieskens
Richard G. WeedeRichard G. WilsonRichard Gabriel Akinwande Savage
Richard GageRichard Gale (British Army officer)Richard Gambier-Parry
Richard GammonRichard Garnons WilliamsRichard Garrett (author)
Richard GarrickRichard GarwoodRichard Gary Davis
Richard GassonRichard GehmanRichard Geoffrey Pine-Coffin
Richard George MastersRichard George VogeRichard Geren
Richard GilkeyRichard GlazarRichard Glücks
Richard GoodbodyRichard Goodwin KeatsRichard Gordon Wakeford
Richard GorhamRichard GraceRichard Grasso
Richard Greco, Jr.Richard Green (soldier)Richard Greene
Richard GrenvilleRichard Grenville-Temple, 2nd Earl TempleRichard Grenville (sea captain)
Richard GreyRichard GridleyRichard Griffith (general)
Richard GrindallRichard GrünertRichard Gurnon
Richard Gustav BorgelinRichard Gustavus Hamilton-RussellRichard Guyon
Richard H. AndersonRichard H. CarmichaelRichard H. Cosgriff
Richard H. EllisRichard H. JacksonRichard H. Jeschke
Richard H. LeighRichard H. LeirRichard H. Robinson (California politician)
Richard H. SewardRichard H. TaylorRichard H. Truly
Richard H. WhiteleyRichard HaddockRichard Haddock (1673-1751)
Richard HaineRichard HakingRichard Haldane, 1st Viscount Haldane
Richard Halsey BestRichard HamblinRichard Hamilton (Medal of Honor)
Richard Hamilton (officer)Richard Hanson WeightmanRichard Harden (politician)
Richard Harding DavisRichard Harding PoffRichard Hare, 4th Earl of Listowel
Richard Hare (bishop)Richard HarlistonRichard Harries, Baron Harries of Pentregarth
Richard Harrington LevetRichard Harrison (British Army officer)Richard Harry Heslop
Richard Harte KeatingeRichard Hartshorne (judge)Richard Harvey Chambers
Richard Hatch (Survivor contestant)Richard HauptmannRichard Hawkins
Richard Hayes (general)Richard Hayes (soldier)Richard Heaslip
Richard Hebden O'Grady HalyRichard HeidrichRichard Helms
Richard Hely-Hutchinson, 6th Earl of DonoughmoreRichard Hely-Hutchinson, 8th Earl of DonoughmoreRichard Henderson (jurist)
Richard Henry BeddomeRichard Henry BonnycastleRichard Henry Burton
Richard Henry DulanyRichard Henry MillsRichard Henry Pratt
Richard Henry SavageRichard HenzeRichard Herbert, 2nd Baron Herbert of Chirbury
Richard HetheringtonRichard Hieram SankeyRichard Higgins
Richard HildebrandtRichard Hill (RAF officer)Richard Hill (aviator)
Richard HillaryRichard HobornRichard Hofsäss
Richard HoggartRichard Holland (Parliamentarian)Richard Holmes (military historian)
Richard Holt LockeRichard Hooker (author)Richard Hopkins (died 1799)
Richard HornbyRichard Horner ThompsonRichard Houston Dudley
Richard Howard-VyseRichard Howe, 1st Earl HoweRichard Huck
Richard Hugh BarryRichard Hugh StotherdRichard Hull
Richard HumptonRichard Hutton DaviesRichard I. Neal
Richard III of EnglandRichard II O'DonovanRichard II of England
Richard I of EnglandRichard IaquintaRichard Ibbotson
Richard InchRichard IngoldsbyRichard Ingoldsby (British Army officer, died 1712)
Richard Ingoldsby (died 1712)Richard Ingoldsby (died 1759)Richard Irving Dodge
Richard Isaac BruceRichard J. CoffeeRichard J. Curran
Richard J. DolwigRichard J. DonovanRichard J. Fox
Richard J. GreenRichard J. MeadowsRichard J. Naughton
Richard J. NolanRichard J. OglesbyRichard J. Schneiderhan
Richard J. SeitzRichard J. SteffensRichard J. Stonesifer
Richard J. TallmanRichard J. TonryRichard J. Zaborski
Richard JadickRichard James (Oklahoma politician)
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