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Second Battle of ManzanilloSecond Battle of Marengo (1799)Second Battle of Maryang-san
Second Battle of Maryang SanSecond Battle of MemphisSecond Battle of Menaka
Second Battle of MesillaSecond Battle of Mi CountySecond Battle of Middlewich
Second Battle of Monte Cassino order of battle February 1944Second Battle of MoraSecond Battle of Morlancourt
Second Battle of Mount HermonSecond Battle of Naktong BulgeSecond Battle of Nanawa
Second Battle of NanningSecond Battle of NewburySecond Battle of Newtonia
Second Battle of Nipsachuck BattlefieldSecond Battle of Novi (1799)Second Battle of Nowa Wieś (1863)
Second Battle of OituzSecond Battle of OlmedoSecond Battle of Orléans (1870)
Second Battle of PanipatSecond Battle of PasschendaeleSecond Battle of Petersburg
Second Battle of PocotaligoSecond Battle of PolotskSecond Battle of Porto
Second Battle of Pyramid LakeSecond Battle of Quảng TrịSecond Battle of Rappahannock Station
Second Battle of Ream's StationSecond Battle of RellanoSecond Battle of Rivas
Second Battle of Sabine PassSecond Battle of Sacket's HarborSecond Battle of Saltville
Second Battle of Salvador da BahiaSecond Battle of San Juan (1898)Second Battle of Sarvandik'ar
Second Battle of SeoulSecond Battle of Simtokha DzongSecond Battle of Sirte
Second Battle of SpringfieldSecond Battle of St AlbansSecond Battle of Swat
Second Battle of TabascoSecond Battle of TamaoSecond Battle of Tapae
Second Battle of TembienSecond Battle of TijuanaSecond Battle of Tikrit
Second Battle of Tikrit (March–April 2015)Second Battle of TimbuktuSecond Battle of Topolobampo
Second Battle of Tripoli HarborSecond Battle of TucsonSecond Battle of Tuxpan
Second Battle of TuyutíSecond Battle of Târgu FrumosSecond Battle of Ulrichen
Second Battle of VaileleSecond Battle of VeraSecond Battle of Villers-Bretonneux
Second Battle of WawerSecond Battle of WinchesterSecond Battle of Wissembourg (1793)
Second Battle of YeonpyeongSecond Battle of YpresSecond Battle of Zawiya
Second Battle of ZrínyiújvárSecond Battle of ZurichSecond Battle of al-Faw
Second Battle of the AisneSecond Battle of the AlpsSecond Battle of the Corunna Road
Second Battle of the HookSecond Battle of the IsonzoSecond Battle of the Java Sea
Second Battle of the MarneSecond Battle of the Masurian LakesSecond Battle of the Odon
Second Battle of the Piave RiverSecond Battle of the Shaer gas fieldSecond Battle of the Somme (1918)
Second Battle of the StrongholdSecond Battle of ÇatalcaSecond Battle of İnönü
Second Boer WarSecond Bone WarSecond Brotherhood
Second Bull Run Confederate order of battleSecond Bull Run Union order of battleSecond Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal
Second Cairo ConferenceSecond Carib WarSecond Carlist War
Second Carrier DivisionSecond Catilinarian conspiracySecond Celtiberian War
Second Chechen WarSecond Chechen War crimes and terrorismSecond China War Medal
Second Chōshū expeditionSecond Civil WarSecond Confederate Congress
Second Congo WarSecond Congress of RastattSecond Corinth Confederate order of battle
Second Corinth Union order of battleSecond Corinth order of battleSecond Cornish Uprising of 1497
Second Cornish uprising of 1497Second Corps, Army of Northern VirginiaSecond Corps, Army of Tennessee
Second CrusadeSecond Dacian WarSecond Deep Bottom Confederate order of battle
Second Deep Bottom Union Order of BattleSecond Department of Polish General StaffSecond Desmond Rebellion
Second Division (Spain)Second Division MemorialSecond Dranesville
Second East Turkestan RepublicSecond Eastern Army (Ottoman Empire)Second Empire of Haiti
Second Encirclement CampaignSecond Encirclement Campaign against Hubei–Henan–Shaanxi SovietSecond Encirclement Campaign against Jiangxi Soviet
Second Encirclement Campaign against the Honghu SovietSecond Encirclement Campaign against the Hubei-Henan-Anhui SovietSecond Encirclement Campaign against the Shaanxi-Gansu Soviet
Second English Civil WarSecond Expedition of Wadi al-QuraSecond Fatherland War
Second Field ArmySecond Fiji ExpeditionSecond Fitna
Second FleetSecond Fleet (United Kingdom)Second Flying Company of San Carlos de Parras
Second Fort Fisher Confederate order of battleSecond Fort Fisher Union order of battleSecond Franco-Dahomean War
Second French EmpireSecond French intervention in MexicoSecond General Army (Japan)
Second Generation Patrol VesselSecond Geneva ConventionSecond Genoese–Savoyard War
Second Great Fire of LondonSecond Guangxi CampaignSecond Guangzhou Uprising
Second Gulf of Sidra offensiveSecond Happy TimeSecond Hundred Years' War
Second Infantry Fusiliers DivisionSecond IntifadaSecond Invasion of Onitsha
Second Invasion of the Kazakh Khanate (1509)Second Iraqi–Kurdish WarSecond Italian War of Independence
Second Italo-Ethiopian WarSecond Ivorian Civil WarSecond Javanese War of Succession
Second League of Armed NeutralitySecond League of PrizrenSecond Liberian Civil War
Second LieutenantSecond London Naval TreatySecond Macedonian War
Second Madagascar expeditionSecond Magdalena MassacreSecond Manchu invasion of Korea
Second Margrave WarSecond Maroon WarSecond Matabele War
Second Melillan campaignSecond Messenian WarSecond Military District
Second Mithridatic WarSecond Mohmand CampaignSecond Mongol invasion of Burma
Second Mongol invasion of HungarySecond Mongol invasion of PolandSecond Mongol invasion of Serbia
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