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Siege of AhmednagarSiege of AiguillonSiege of Aintab
Siege of AkasakaSiege of AkechiSiege of Akhoulgo
Siege of AkizukiSiege of Akragas (406 BC)Siege of Al-Dāmūs
Siege of Al-Fu'ah-Kafriya (2015)Siege of Al-Karak (1834)Siege of Albarracín (1284)
Siege of Alcantara (1706)Siege of AlciraSiege of Aleppo
Siege of Aleppo (1124)Siege of Aleppo (1260)Siege of Aleppo (1980)
Siege of Aleppo (637)Siege of Aleppo (994–995)Siege of Alexandria
Siege of Alexandria (47 BC)Siege of Alexandria (641)Siege of Algeciras (1278)
Siege of Algeciras (1278–79)Siege of Algeciras (1309–10)Siege of Algeciras (1309–1310)
Siege of Algeciras (1342–44)Siege of Algeciras (1369)Siege of Alicante
Siege of AligarhSiege of AlkmaarSiege of Allenstein
Siege of AlmeidaSiege of Almeida (1762)Siege of Almeida (1810)
Siege of AlmeríaSiege of Almería (1147)Siege of Almería (1309)
Siege of AlziraSiege of AlèsSiege of Ambur
Siege of AmidaSiege of Amida (502–503)Siege of Amiens (1597)
Siege of AmirliSiege of AnapaSiege of Ancona
Siege of AngersSiege of AngkorSiege of Ani (1161)
Siege of Anjadiva (1506)Siege of Annapolis RoyalSiege of Annapolis Royal (1744)
Siege of Annapolis Royal (1745)Siege of AnsiSiege of Antalya
Siege of AntiochSiege of Antioch (1268)Siege of Antioch (253)
Siege of Antioch (968–969)Siege of Antioch (disambiguation)Siege of Antwerp
Siege of Antwerp (1814)Siege of Antwerp (1832)Siege of Antwerp (1914)
Siege of ApiaSiege of AquileiaSiege of Aracillum
Siege of Aracillum (25 BC)Siege of AraiSiege of Arcot
Siege of Arles (425)Siege of ArrahSiege of Ascalon
Siege of AspisSiege of AsseltSiege of Asti (402)
Siege of AstorgaSiege of Astorga (1812)Siege of Ath (1697)
Siege of AthensSiege of Athens (287 BC)Siege of Athens and Piraeus (87–86 BC)
Siege of AthloneSiege of Athlone (1690)Siege of Augusta
Siege of Augustodunum HaeduorumSiege of AutunSiege of Avignon
Siege of AzekahSiege of BabylonSiege of Babylon Fortress
Siege of BactraSiege of Bad KreuznachSiege of Badajoz
Siege of Badajoz (1658)Siege of Badajoz (1705)Siege of Badajoz (1812)
Siege of BadamiSiege of Baghdad (1157)Siege of Baghdad (1258)
Siege of Baghdad (1733)Siege of Baghdad (812–813)Siege of Bahadur Benda
Siege of BahrainSiege of BaidoaSiege of Bakery Hill, 1854
Siege of BalerSiege of BalkhSiege of Balkh (1370)
Siege of Balkh (1447)Siege of Bamyan (1221)Siege of Bangalore
Siege of BangkokSiege of Bani Walid (2012)Siege of Baniyas
Siege of BarcelonaSiege of Barcelona (1651)Siege of Barcelona (1705)
Siege of Barcelona (1706)Siege of Barcelona (1713–14)Siege of Barentu
Siege of BariSiege of BartensteinSiege of Base 46
Siege of Basing HouseSiege of BasraSiege of Bastia
Siege of BastogneSiege of BataviaSiege of Bayonne
Siege of BeirutSiege of BelayaSiege of Belfort
Siege of BelgradeSiege of Belgrade (1440)Siege of Belgrade (1456)
Siege of Belgrade (1521)Siege of Belgrade (1688)Siege of Belgrade (1690)
Siege of Belgrade (1717)Siege of Belgrade (1789)Siege of Belgrade (1806)
Siege of Bellegarde (1793)Siege of BeratSiege of Berat (1280–81)
Siege of Berat (1455)Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom (1622)Siege of Bergen op Zoom
Siege of Bergen op Zoom (1588)Siege of Bergen op Zoom (1747)Siege of Bergen op Zoom (1814)
Siege of Berwick (1318)Siege of Berwick (1333)Siege of Besançon
Siege of BharatpurSiege of Bharatpur (1805)Siege of Bhurtpore (1805)
Siege of BidarSiege of BihaćSiege of Bihać (1592)
Siege of BijapurSiege of BilärSiege of Birtvisi (1403)
Siege of Bjelovar BarracksSiege of Blair CastleSiege of Bodenburg
Siege of BonnSiege of Bonn (1673)Siege of Bonn (1689)
Siege of Bonn (1703)Siege of BoonesboroughSiege of Boston
Siege of BouchainSiege of Bouchain (1711)Siege of Bouchain (1712)
Siege of Boulogne (1492)Siege of Bourbon (761)Siege of Bourges (762)
Siege of BrahanSiege of Braničevo (1154)Siege of Breda
Siege of Breda (1624)Siege of Breda (1637)Siege of Bredevoort (1597)
Siege of BresciaSiege of BreslauSiege of Breslau (1757)
Siege of BridgeportSiege of Brimstone HillSiege of Bristol
Siege of Bristol (1645)Siege of BrusselsSiege of Buda (1541)
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