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Siege of Buda (1849)Siege of BudapestSiege of Burgos
Siege of Burgos (1475)Siege of BurnswarkSiege of Burriana
Siege of BursaSiege of BusanSiege of Busanjin
Siege of BéxarSiege of Caesarea (260)Siege of Caesarea (614)
Siege of Caesarea Cappadocia (260)Siege of Caesarea Maritima (614)Siege of Cahir Castle
Siege of CairoSiege of CaizhouSiege of Calafat
Siege of CalaisSiege of Calais (1346)Siege of Calais (1346–1347)
Siege of Calais (1348)Siege of Calais (1436)Siege of Calais (1558)
Siege of Calais (1596)Siege of Calais (1940)Siege of Calcutta
Siege of CalviSiege of Cambrai (1339)Siege of Cambrai (1677)
Siege of CandiaSiege of Cannanore (1507)Siege of Canterbury
Siege of CapuaSiege of Capua (1734)Siege of Capua (211 BC)
Siege of CardiffSiege of CarlisleSiege of Carlisle (1315)
Siege of Carlisle (1645)Siege of Carlisle (December 1745)Siege of Carlisle (November 1745)
Siege of Carrickfergus (1689)Siege of Carrigafoyle CastleSiege of Cassel (1761)
Siege of Cassel (1762)Siege of CastelnuovoSiege of Cattaro
Siege of CatubigSiege of CaudebecSiege of Cawnpore
Siege of CaxiasSiege of CeutaSiege of Ceuta (1419)
Siege of Ceuta (1694-1727)Siege of Ceuta (1790-1791)Siege of Chandax
Siege of ChangchunSiege of Chantelle (761)Siege of Charlemont
Siege of CharleroiSiege of CharlestonSiege of Charleston Harbor Confederate order of battle
Siege of Charleston Harbor Union order of battleSiege of ChartresSiege of Chartres (1568)
Siege of Chartres (911)Siege of ChavesSiege of Chencang
Siege of ChesterSiege of ChichesterSiege of Chihaya
Siege of ChillánSiege of ChittorgarhSiege of Chittorgarh (1303)
Siege of Chittorgarh (1535)Siege of Chittorgarh (1567–1568)Siege of Christmemel
Siege of Château GaillardSiege of Chōkō-jiSiege of Cirta
Siege of Ciudad RodrigoSiege of Ciudad Rodrigo (1707)Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (1810)
Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (1812)Siege of ClaudiopolisSiege of Clermont (761)
Siege of ClonmelSiege of CoevordenSiege of Coevorden (1592)
Siege of Coevorden (1593)Siege of CoimbatoreSiege of Colchester
Siege of Collioure (1794)Siege of Colonia del SacramentoSiege of Compiègne
Siege of ConcepcionSiege of ConcepciónSiege of Condé (1793)
Siege of ConstantineSiege of Constantinople (1203)Siege of Constantinople (1204)
Siege of Constantinople (1235)Siege of Constantinople (1260)Siege of Constantinople (1411)
Siege of Constantinople (1422)Siege of Constantinople (626)Siege of Constantinople (674–78)
Siege of Constantinople (717–18)Siege of CorfuSiege of Corfu (1537)
Siege of Corfu (1798–99)Siege of CoriaSiege of Coria (1138)
Siege of Coria (1142)Siege of CorinthSiege of Corinth Confederate order of battle
Siege of Corinth Union order of battleSiege of CorkSiege of Coron
Siege of CotyaeumSiege of CremaSiege of Ctesiphon (629)
Siege of Ctesiphon (637)Siege of Cuartel de LoyolaSiege of Cuartel de la Montaña
Siege of CuautlaSiege of CuddaloreSiege of Cuddalore (1748)
Siege of Culloden House (1745)Siege of Cuneo (1691)Siege of Curaçao
Siege of CuzcoSiege of CyropolisSiege of Cyzicus
Siege of CádizSiege of CórdobaSiege of Córdoba (1013)
Siege of Córdoba (1236)Siege of Cēsis Castle (1577)Siege of Damascus
Siege of Damascus (1148)Siege of Damascus (1400)Siege of Damascus (634)
Siege of Damietta (1218–1219)Siege of Damietta (1218–19)Siege of Damietta (1249)
Siege of DammajSiege of Danzig (1577)Siege of Danzig (1655–60)
Siege of Danzig (1734)Siege of Danzig (1807)Siege of Danzig (1813)
Siege of DapurSiege of Dara (573)Siege of Daraa
Siege of Darayya and MuadamiyatSiege of DarwarSiege of Debeltos
Siege of DeegSiege of Deeg FortSiege of Deir ez-Zor (2014–17)
Siege of DelhiSiege of Delhi, 1757Siege of Delhi (1804)
Siege of DerbentSiege of DernaSiege of Derry
Siege of DetroitSiege of DeventerSiege of Deventer (1456)
Siege of Deventer (1578)Siege of Deventer (1591)Siege of Diaoyu Castle
Siege of DijonSiege of DiriyahSiege of Diu
Siege of Diu (1531)Siege of DobojSiege of Donegal
Siege of DongnaeSiege of DongraeSiege of Dorogobuzh
Siege of DorostolonSiege of Dorpat (1656)Siege of Dorsten
Siege of DoullensSiege of DrepanaSiege of Dresden
Siege of DroghedaSiege of Drogheda (1641)Siege of Dublin
Siege of Dublin (1649)Siege of DubrovnikSiege of Dumbarton
Siege of DunboySiege of Duncannon
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