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Siege of Fort NashwaakSiege of Fort Nashwaak (1696)Siege of Fort Pitt
Siege of Fort PulaskiSiege of Fort RecoverySiege of Fort St. Jean
Siege of Fort St. PhilipSiege of Fort St. Philip (1815)Siege of Fort St Philip (1756)
Siege of Fort StanwixSiege of Fort TexasSiege of Fort Ticonderoga (1777)
Siege of Fort VincennesSiege of Fort WatsonSiege of Fort Wayne
Siege of Fort WilliamSiege of Fort William HenrySiege of Fort Zeelandia
Siege of Fort at Number 4Siege of FrankenthalSiege of Fredriksten
Siege of FreetownSiege of FuenterrabíaSiege of Fuenterrabía (1523–1524)
Siege of Fuenterrabía (1638)Siege of FukashiSiege of Fukazawa
Siege of FukuryūjiSiege of FukuyoSiege of Fushimi
Siege of FutamataSiege of GaetaSiege of Gaeta (1707)
Siege of Gaeta (1734)Siege of Gaeta (1806)Siege of Gaeta (1815)
Siege of Gaeta (1860)Siege of Galle (1640)Siege of Galway
Siege of GanaSiege of Gandesa (1938)Siege of Ganja
Siege of Ganja (1213)Siege of Ganja (1606)Siege of Ganja (1734)
Siege of GanjakuSiege of GazaSiege of Gdov
Siege of Geertruidenberg (1593)Siege of GenoaSiege of Genoa (1746)
Siege of Genoa (1747)Siege of Genoa (1800)Siege of Germanicia
Siege of Gerona (disambiguation)Siege of Gezer (c. 733 BC)Siege of Giarabub
Siege of GijónSiege of GingeeSiege of Glatz
Siege of GloucesterSiege of GodesbergSiege of Golconda
Siege of GolubacSiege of GongenyamaSiege of Goorumconda
Siege of GoraždeSiege of Grand PreSiege of Grand Pré
Siege of GraveSiege of Grave (1586)Siege of Grave (1602)
Siege of Gravelines (1644)Siege of GroenloSiege of Groenlo (1595)
Siege of Groenlo (1597)Siege of Groenlo (1606)Siege of Groenlo (1627)
Siege of Groenlo (1672)Siege of GroningenSiege of Groningen (1594)
Siege of GuadeloupeSiege of GundishapurSiege of Gurdaspur
Siege of Gush HalavSiege of GvozdanskoSiege of Gythium
Siege of GünsSiege of GłogówSiege of Haarlem
Siege of Haarlem (1572-1573)Siege of Haarlem (1572–73)Siege of Hachigata
Siege of Hachigata (1568)Siege of Hachigata (1590)Siege of Haddington
Siege of HaengjuSiege of Hagenau (1705)Siege of Hainburg
Siege of HalicarnassusSiege of HamaSiege of Hama (2011)
Siege of HamburgSiege of HamelinSiege of Hameln
Siege of HanazawaSiege of HarfleurSiege of Harran
Siege of HasedōSiege of HatayaSiege of Heidelberg (1622)
Siege of Hennebont (1342)Siege of HeratSiege of Herat (1448)
Siege of Herat (1837–1838)Siege of Herat (1838)Siege of Herat (651)
Siege of Herat (652)Siege of High Ercall HallSiege of Hijiyama
Siege of Hikida CastleSiege of Hippo RegiusSiege of Hiuchi
Siege of HlukhivSiege of HofSiege of Homs
Siege of HostalricSiege of Huajuapan de LeónSiege of Hull
Siege of Hull (1642)Siege of Hull (1643)Siege of Hulst
Siege of Hulst (1591)Siege of Hulst (1596)Siege of Hulst (1645)
Siege of HumaitáSiege of Huy (1595)Siege of Hüningen
Siege of Hüningen (1796–97)Siege of HōjūjidonoSiege of IJsseloord
Siege of Ichijōdani CastleSiege of Iconium (1069)Siege of Inabayama Castle
Siege of InvernessSiege of Inverness (1429)Siege of Inverness (1562)
Siege of Inverness (1649)Siege of Inverness (1650)Siege of Inverness (1689)
Siege of Inverness (1715)Siege of Inverness (1746)Siege of Isfahan
Siege of Isfahan (1387)Siege of IssaSiege of Itami
Siege of Itami (1574)Siege of Itami (1579)Siege of Iwamura Castle
Siege of Iwatsurugi CastleSiege of Iwaya CastleSiege of Izmail
Siege of JadotvilleSiege of JaffaSiege of Jajce
Siege of Jajce (1464)Siege of Jasna GóraSiege of Jaén
Siege of Jaén (1225)Siege of Jaén (1230)Siege of Jaén (1245–46)
Siege of JebusSiege of JerezSiege of Jerez (1261)
Siege of JerusalemSiege of Jerusalem (1099)Siege of Jerusalem (1187)
Siege of Jerusalem (1244)Siege of Jerusalem (1834)Siege of Jerusalem (37 BC)
Siege of Jerusalem (587 BC)Siege of Jerusalem (597 BC)Siege of Jerusalem (614)
Siege of Jerusalem (636–637)Siege of Jerusalem (637)Siege of Jerusalem (63 BC)
Siege of Jerusalem (70 CE)Siege of Jerusalem (poem)Siege of Jicheng
Siege of Jinji
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