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Siege of Jinju (1592)Siege of Jinju (1593)Siege of Johor (1587)
Siege of Jülich (1610)Siege of Jülich (1621–22)Siege of Kabul (1504)
Siege of KaganoiSiege of KagoshimaSiege of Kahun
Siege of KaifengSiege of KaiserswerthSiege of Kajiki
Siege of KakegawaSiege of KalmarSiege of Kamacha
Siege of Kamacha (766)Siege of KamakuraSiege of Kamakura (1333)
Siege of Kamakura (1526)Siege of KamarjaSiege of Kamenets
Siege of Kaminogō CastleSiege of KaminojoSiege of Kaminoyama
Siege of KanbaraSiege of KandaharSiege of Kandahar (1605–06)
Siege of KanegasakiSiege of Kanegasaki (1337)Siege of Kanegasaki (1570)
Siege of KanieSiege of KannomineSiege of Kars
Siege of Kars (1828)Siege of KasagiSiege of Kastania
Siege of KatsuraoSiege of KatsurayamaSiege of Kaunas
Siege of Kaunas (1362)Siege of KawagoeSiege of Kawagoe Castle
Siege of KazanSiege of KehlSiege of Kehl (1703)
Siege of Kehl (1733)Siege of Kehl (1796)Siege of Kehl (1796–97)
Siege of KenilworthSiege of KerakSiege of Khartoum
Siege of Khartoum currencySiege of Khiva (1924)Siege of Khost
Siege of Khotin (1788)Siege of Kiev (1240)Siege of Kiev (968)
Siege of KijevoSiege of Kijevo (1991)Siege of Kilkenny
Siege of KimberleySiege of KinsaleSiege of Kiso Fukushima
Siege of KlisSiege of KninSiege of Knodsenburg
Siege of KobanêSiege of KobanîSiege of Kojinyama
Siege of Kolberg (1807)Siege of Kolberg (Seven Years' War)Siege of Kolding (1658)
Siege of KolomnaSiege of KoppalSiege of Koriyama
Siege of Kotte (1557–58)Siege of KozelskSiege of Kraków (1587)
Siege of Kraków (1655)Siege of Kraków (1657)Siege of Kromy
Siege of KrujëSiege of Krujë (1450)Siege of Krujë (1466–67)
Siege of Krujë (1467)Siege of Krujë (1478)Siege of Krupa
Siege of KujuSiege of Kumamoto CastleSiege of Kunduz
Siege of KunoeSiege of KuraganoSiege of Kuriyagawa
Siege of Kurokawa CastleSiege of KusongSiege of Kut
Siege of KuwabaraSiege of Kållandsö FortSiege of Königsberg
Siege of KüstrinSiege of Kōriyama Castle (1544)Siege of Kōzuki Castle
Siege of La CharitéSiege of La PazSiege of La Rochelle
Siege of La Rochelle (1224)Siege of La Rochelle (1572–73)Siege of Lachish
Siege of LadysmithSiege of LaghouatSiege of Lal Masjid
Siege of LamiaSiege of LamitanSiege of Landau
Siege of Landau (1702)Siege of Landau (1793)Siege of Landrecies
Siege of Landrecies (1543)Siege of Landrecies (1794)Siege of Laodicea
Siege of Laon (741)Siege of Larache (1689)Siege of Lastovo
Siege of LatakiaSiege of Lathom HouseSiege of Le Catelet (1595)
Siege of Le Quesnoy (1793)Siege of LeidenSiege of Leith
Siege of LeningradSiege of LeuvenSiege of León (1368)
Siege of LichfieldSiege of Lier (1582)Siege of Lille
Siege of Lille (1667)Siege of Lille (1708)Siege of Lille (1940)
Siege of LilybaeumSiege of Lilybaeum (250 BC)Siege of Limerick
Siege of Limerick (1642)Siege of Limerick (1650–51)Siege of Limerick (1690)
Siege of Limerick (1691)Siege of LimogesSiege of Lincoln
Siege of LingenSiege of Lingen (1597)Siege of Lingen (1605)
Siege of LisbonSiege of Lisbon (1384)Siege of Little Butte des Morts
Siege of Lleida (1644)Siege of Lleida (1810)Siege of Lochem (1582)
Siege of Los AngelesSiege of LouisbourgSiege of Louisbourg (1745)
Siege of Louisbourg (1758)Siege of LovechSiege of Lucknow
Siege of LuoyangSiege of LuxembourgSiege of Luxembourg (1684)
Siege of Luxembourg (1794–95)Siege of LyakhavichySiege of Lydenburg
Siege of Lyme RegisSiege of LyonSiege of Lérida
Siege of Lérida (1810)Siege of LévaSiege of Lüshun
Siege of Ma'arraSiege of MaastrichtSiege of Maastricht (1579)
Siege of Maastricht (1673)Siege of Maastricht (1676)Siege of Maastricht (1748)
Siege of Maastricht (1793)Siege of MadrasSiege of Madrid
Siege of Mafeking
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