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Siege of MagdeburgSiege of Magdeburg (1806)Siege of Mainz
Siege of Mainz (1792)Siege of Mainz (1793)Siege of Mainz (1814)
Siege of MaiozamalchaSiege of Malacca (1568)Siege of Malacca (1606)
Siege of MalakandSiege of Malbork (1454)Siege of Malmö
Siege of MaltaSiege of Malta (1429)Siege of Malta (1565)
Siege of Malta (1798–1800)Siege of Malta (World War II)Siege of Mandsaur
Siege of ManduSiege of MangaloreSiege of Mannheim (1795)
Siege of MantineaSiege of MantuaSiege of Mantua (1796–97)
Siege of Mantua (1799)Siege of Manzikert (1054)Siege of Marabastad
Siege of Marburg (1532)Siege of MariborSiege of Marienburg
Siege of Marienburg (1410)Siege of Marienburg (1454)Siege of Marienburg (1457)
Siege of MartyropolisSiege of Martyropolis (502)Siege of Martyropolis (531)
Siege of MaruneSiege of MasadaSiege of Masbate
Siege of MassiliaSiege of Massilia (413)Siege of Masulipatam
Siege of MatsuoSiege of MaubeugeSiege of Maubeuge (1793)
Siege of MbombweSiege of MeauxSiege of Mecca
Siege of Mecca (683)Siege of Mecca (692)Siege of Medina
Siege of Medina (1053–54)Siege of Medina FortSiege of Medion
Siege of MedvėgalisSiege of MegalopolisSiege of Melilla (1774)
Siege of Melite (870)Siege of MelosSiege of Menagh Air Base
Siege of MequinenzaSiege of MercqSiege of Metz
Siege of Metz (1552)Siege of Metz (1814)Siege of Metz (1870)
Siege of Meurs (1597)Siege of Mexico CitySiege of Middelburg (1572-1574)
Siege of Middelburg (1572–1574)Siege of Middelburg (1572–74)Siege of Miki
Siege of MiletusSiege of Minamata CastleSiege of Minerve
Siege of MinowaSiege of MirandolaSiege of Mirandola (1510)
Siege of Mirandola (1551)Siege of MissolonghiSiege of Mitsuji
Siege of MogilevSiege of MojiSiege of Monrovia
Siege of MonsSiege of Mons (1572)Siege of Mons (1691)
Siege of MontaubanSiege of MontevideoSiege of Montevideo (1811)
Siege of Montevideo (1812–14)Siege of Montevideo (1823)Siege of Montpellier
Siege of MontségurSiege of MoraSiege of Morlaix (1594)
Siege of Moscow (1238)Siege of Moscow (1382)Siege of Moscow (1618)
Siege of MostarSiege of Mosul (1743)Siege of Motya
Siege of Mount HieiSiege of MultanSiege of Musa Qala
Siege of Musashi-MatsuyamaSiege of Musashi-Matsuyama (1537)Siege of Musashi-Matsuyama (1563)
Siege of MyitkyinaSiege of MytileneSiege of Mytilene (1462)
Siege of Mytilene (81 BC)Siege of Málaga (1487)Siege of Naco
Siege of NagakuboSiege of NagykanizsaSiege of Namur
Siege of Namur (1692)Siege of Namur (1695)Siege of Namur (1914)
Siege of NamwonSiege of NanaoSiege of Naples
Siege of Naples (1191)Siege of Naples (1528)Siege of Naples (536)
Siege of Naples (542–43)Siege of NaraSiege of Narbonne (737)
Siege of Narbonne (752–59)Siege of NargundSiege of Narva
Siege of Narva (1558)Siege of Narva (1704)Siege of Naxos (499 BC)
Siege of Neamţ CitadelSiege of Neamț CitadelSiege of Negapatam
Siege of Negoro-jiSiege of NegroponteSiege of Negroponte (1470)
Siege of Negroponte (1688)Siege of NeussSiege of Newcastle
Siege of NicaeaSiege of Nicaea (1113)Siege of Nicaea (1328–31)
Siege of Nicaea (727)Siege of Nicaea (disambiguation)Siege of Nice
Siege of Nice (1705)Siege of NicomediaSiege of Niemcza
Siege of NiezijlSiege of NijmegenSiege of Nijmegen (1591)
Siege of Ninety-SixSiege of NisibisSiege of Nisibis (235)
Siege of Nisibis (252)Siege of Nisibis (573)Siege of Noda Castle
Siege of Northern HomsSiege of Novi Zrin (1664)Siege of Novo Brdo (1440–41)
Siege of NovogeorgievskSiege of Nubl and Al-ZahraaSiege of Nubl and al-Zahraa
Siege of NumantiaSiege of NundydroogSiege of Nuremberg
Siege of Nyenschantz (1656)Siege of NègrepelisseSiege of Nîmes
Siege of NöteborgSiege of Nöteborg (1702)Siege of Ochakov
Siege of Ochakov (1737)Siege of Ochakov (1788)Siege of Odani Castle
Siege of OdawaraSiege of Odawara (1561)Siege of Odawara (1569)
Siege of Odawara (1590)Siege of Odessa (1941)
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