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Siege of Odrin (1912–13)Siege of Oguchi CastleSiege of Olbia
Siege of Oldenzaal (1597)Siege of Oldenzaal (1626)Siege of Olivenza
Siege of OlomoucSiege of OpochkaSiege of Oran (1556)
Siege of OrejaSiege of OricumSiege of Orleans (1563)
Siege of OrléansSiege of Orléans (1563)Siege of Osaka
Siege of OshiSiege of OsijekSiege of Ostend
Siege of OudenaardeSiege of Oudewater (1575)Siege of Oviedo
Siege of OwerriSiege of OxfordSiege of Padua
Siege of PamplonaSiege of Pamplona (1813)Siege of Panormus
Siege of ParisSiege of Paris (1429)Siege of Paris (1590)
Siege of Paris (1870–71)Siege of Paris (845)Siege of Paris (885–86)
Siege of PatrasSiege of Patras (1821)Siege of Patras (805 or 807)
Siege of PaviaSiege of Pavia (569–72)Siege of Pavia (773–74)
Siege of PaysandúSiege of PeliumSiege of Pemaquid
Siege of Pemaquid (1689)Siege of Pemaquid (1696)Siege of Pembroke
Siege of PensacolaSiege of Pensacola (1707)Siege of Perekop
Siege of Perekop (1736)Siege of Perekop (1920)Siege of Perisabor
Siege of PerpignanSiege of Perpignan (1542)Siege of Perpignan (1642)
Siege of PestSiege of PetersburgSiege of Petra, Lazica
Siege of Petra (541)Siege of Petra (549)Siege of Petra (550–551)
Siege of PetropavlovskSiege of PhasisSiege of Philippopolis (250)
Siege of PhilippsburgSiege of Philippsburg (1676)Siege of Philippsburg (1688)
Siege of Philippsburg (1734)Siege of PilsenSiege of Pilsen (1433–34)
Siege of PirisaboraSiege of PirnaSiege of Pizzighettone
Siege of Plei MeSiege of PlevnaSiege of Plymouth
Siege of PolotskSiege of Polotsk (1579)Siege of Polotsk (disambiguation)
Siege of PondaSiege of Pondicherry (1748)Siege of Pondicherry (1760)
Siege of Pondicherry (1778)Siege of Pondicherry (1793)Siege of Pondichéry
Siege of Port-au-PrinceSiege of Port-au-Prince (1793)Siege of Port-au-Prince (1803)
Siege of Port ArthurSiege of Port HudsonSiege of Port Royal
Siege of Port Royal (1707)Siege of Port Royal (1710)Siege of Port Toulouse
Siege of PortoSiege of Porto FerrajoSiege of Portsmouth
Siege of Pouancé (1432)Siege of PragueSiege of Prague (1742)
Siege of Prairie du ChienSiege of PrivasSiege of Przemyśl
Siege of PskovSiege of Pskov (1615)Siege of Puebla
Siege of Puebla (1847)Siege of Puebla (1863)Siege of Pueblo de Taos
Siege of PurandharSiege of PyongyangSiege of Pyongyang (1592)
Siege of Pyongyang (1593)Siege of PärnuSiege of Pécs
Siege of QueliSiege of QuerétaroSiege of Ragusa
Siege of Ragusa (866–868)Siege of RanthamboreSiege of Ranthambore (1568)
Siege of Rastan and TalbisehSiege of Ravenna (490-493)Siege of Ravenna (490–493)
Siege of ReadingSiege of Recife (1630)Siege of Rees (1599)
Siege of Rennes (1356–57)Siege of RetzSiege of Rhegium
Siege of RheinbergSiege of Rheinberg (1586–1590)Siege of Rheinberg (1586–90)
Siege of Rheinberg (1597)Siege of Rheinberg (1601)Siege of Rheinfelden (1633)
Siege of RhodesSiege of Rhodes (1444)Siege of Rhodes (1480)
Siege of Rhodes (1522)Siege of Rhodes (305 BC)Siege of Rhodes (305–304 BC)
Siege of RigaSiege of Riga (1656)Siege of Riga (1700)
Siege of Riga (1812)Siege of Roche-au-MoineSiege of Rogatica (1941)
Siege of RomeSiege of Rome (472)Siege of Rome (537–38)
Siege of Rome (537–538)Siege of Rome (549–50)Siege of Rometta
Siege of RosesSiege of Roses (1794–95)Siege of Roses (1808)
Siege of RouenSiege of Rouen (1562)Siege of Rouen (1591)
Siege of Roxburgh CastleSiege of RoyanSiege of Rustenburg
Siege of Ruthven BarracksSiege of Ruthven Barracks (1745)Siege of Ruthven Barracks (1746)
Siege of RyazanSiege of RyūgasakiSiege of Sadr City
Siege of SaguntumSiege of SaigonSiege of Saint-Denis
Siege of Saint-FlorentSiege of Saint-Jean-d'AngélySiege of Saint-Jean-d'Angély (1351)
Siege of Saint-Jean-d'Angély (1621)Siege of Saint-Martin-de-Ré (1627)Siege of Saint-Omer
Siege of Saint-Pierre-le-MoûtierSiege of Saint-Suzanne
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