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Siege of SalsesSiege of SaltoSiege of Salvador
Siege of SamarkandSiege of Samarkand (1494 / 1496)Siege of Samarkand (1497)
Siege of Samarkand (1501)Siege of Samarkand (1868)Siege of Sambhal
Siege of San Andreas (1600)Siege of San FiorenzoSiege of San José del Cabo
Siege of San SebastiánSiege of Sana'a (1967)Siege of Sana'a (570)
Siege of SancerreSiege of SanginSiege of Sanjō Palace
Siege of Santa MauraSiege of Santarém (1184)Siege of Santiago
Siege of Santo DomingoSiege of Santo Domingo (1655)Siege of Santo Domingo (1805)
Siege of Santo Domingo of 1808Siege of Santuario de Nuestra Señora de la CabezaSiege of Saqlawiyah
Siege of SaraiSiege of SarajevoSiege of Sardis
Siege of Sardis (547 BC)Siege of Savage's Old FieldsSiege of Savannah
Siege of SavendroogSiege of SaïoSiege of Schenckenschans (1599)
Siege of SchenkenschansSiege of Schoonhoven (1575)Siege of Schweidnitz (1762)
Siege of Scutari (1912–13)Siege of Segesta (397 BC)Siege of Senonae
Siege of Serdica (809)Siege of SeringapatamSiege of Seringapatam (1792)
Siege of Seringapatam (1799)Siege of SerresSiege of Sevastopol
Siege of Sevastopol (1854–55)Siege of Sevastopol (1941–42)Siege of Sevastopol (panorama)
Siege of SevilleSiege of ShahrukhiyaSiege of Shaizar
Siege of SharuhenSiege of ShigisanSiege of Shika Castle
Siege of ShimodaSiege of Shirakawa-denSiege of Shiroishi
Siege of ShkoderSiege of ShkodraSiege of Shkodra (1474)
Siege of ShkodërSiege of ShushtarSiege of Sidney Street
Siege of SidonSiege of SilistraSiege of Silvan (2015)
Siege of SingaraSiege of Singara (360)Siege of Sinope
Siege of SiracenaSiege of SirhindSiege of Sirmium
Siege of SiwanaSiege of SkarduSiege of Sloviansk
Siege of SluisSiege of Sluis (1587)Siege of Sluis (1604)
Siege of SmerwickSiege of SmolenskSiege of Smolensk (1502)
Siege of Smolensk (1514)Siege of Smolensk (1609–11)Siege of Smolensk (1613–1617)
Siege of Smolensk (1632–33)Siege of Smolensk (1654)Siege of Smyrna
Siege of SofiaSiege of SozopolisSiege of Sparta
Siege of SpringfieldSiege of SrebrenicaSiege of St. Augustine (1702)
Siege of St. Augustine (1740)Siege of St. John'sSiege of St Andrews Castle
Siege of SteenwijkSiege of Steenwijk (1580–1581)Siege of Steenwijk (1580–81)
Siege of Steenwijk (1592)Siege of StepanakertSiege of Stirling Castle (1746)
Siege of Stralsund (1628)Siege of Stralsund (1678)Siege of Stralsund (1711–15)
Siege of Stralsund (1807)Siege of StrasbourgSiege of Suemori
Siege of SuffolkSiege of SuncheonSiege of Sur (2016)
Siege of SurakartaSiege of SveaborgSiege of Svetigrad (1448)
Siege of SyracuseSiege of Syracuse (213–212 BC)Siege of Syracuse (214–212 BC)
Siege of Syracuse (214–212 BCE)Siege of Syracuse (278 BC)Siege of Syracuse (311–309 BC)
Siege of Syracuse (311–309 BCE)Siege of Syracuse (343 BC)Siege of Syracuse (397 BC)
Siege of Syracuse (827–828)Siege of Syracuse (868)Siege of Syracuse (877–878)
Siege of SzigetvárSiege of São FilipeSiege of Ta'if
Siege of TabrizSiege of TachibanaSiege of Taganrog
Siege of TakabaruSiege of TakamatsuSiege of Takatenjin
Siege of Takatenjin (1574)Siege of Takatenjin (1581)Siege of Takatō
Siege of Takatō (1545)Siege of Takatō (1582)Siege of Takehana
Siege of Talkalakh (May 2011)Siege of TallinnSiege of Tampico
Siege of TanabeSiege of TanjoreSiege of Taormina
Siege of Taormina (1078)Siege of Taormina (962)Siege of Tarifa (1812)
Siege of TarnovoSiege of Tarr-HostigosSiege of Tarragona
Siege of Tarragona (1811)Siege of Tarragona (1813)Siege of Tartas
Siege of Tartu (1224)Siege of TauntonSiege of Tauromenium (394 BC)
Siege of TbilisiSiege of Tbilisi (1122)Siege of Tbilisi (1386)
Siege of Tel al-ZaatarSiege of TellicherrySiege of Temesvár
Siege of Temesvár (1552)Siege of Temesvár (1849)Siege of Temeşvar (1716)
Siege of TerabeSiege of Thebes (292–291 BC)Siege of Theodosia
Siege of Theodosia (389 BC)Siege of Theodosia (c. 360 BC)Siege of Theodosia (c. 365 BC)
Siege of Theodosiopolis
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