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Siege of Thessalonica (1422–30)Siege of Thessalonica (254)Siege of Thessalonica (617)
Siege of Thessalonica (676–678)Siege of ThimertSiege of Thionville
Siege of Thionville (1558)Siege of Thionville (1792)Siege of Thorn (1703)
Siege of Thouars (762)Siege of TikhvinSiege of Tinja and Smoluća
Siege of TkvarcheliSiege of TobrukSiege of Toda Castle
Siege of TomaSiege of TortonaSiege of Tortosa
Siege of Tortosa (1148)Siege of Tortosa (1708)Siege of Tortosa (1810)
Siege of Tortosa (1810–11)Siege of ToruńSiege of Toruń (1658)
Siege of Tory IslandSiege of TottoriSiege of Toul
Siege of ToulonSiege of ToulouseSiege of Toulouse (1217–18)
Siege of Toulouse (767)Siege of TouraneSiege of Tournai
Siege of Tournai (1340)Siege of ToyamaSiege of Trarbach
Siege of TrebizondSiege of Trebizond (1205–06)Siege of Trebizond (1222–23)
Siege of Trebizond (1282)Siege of Trebizond (1461)Siege of Trichinopoly
Siege of Trichinopoly (1741)Siege of Trichinopoly (1743)Siege of Trichinopoly (1751–52)
Siege of TripoliSiege of Tripoli (1271)Siege of Tripoli (1551)
Siege of Tripoli (disambiguation)Siege of TripolitsaSiege of Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra
Siege of Troitsky monasterySiege of TrsatSiege of Tsingtao
Siege of TubacSiege of TudelaSiege of Tunis (Mercenary War)
Siege of TurinSiege of Turin (1640)Siege of Turjak
Siege of Tuyên QuangSiege of TyanaSiege of Tyana (272)
Siege of TyreSiege of Tyre (1187)Siege of Tyre (332 BC)
Siege of TönningSiege of U.K. bases in BasraSiege of UK bases in Basra
Siege of UchiyamaSiege of UdoSiege of Ueda
Siege of UeharaSiege of Ulcinj (1571)Siege of Ulsan
Siege of UozuSiege of UrgonSiege of Uruguaiana
Siege of UspeSiege of UthmanSiege of Utica (204 BC)
Siege of Utrecht (1483)Siege of UxellodunumSiege of Valencia
Siege of Valencia (1812)Siege of ValenciennesSiege of Valenciennes (1567)
Siege of Valenciennes (1676–77)Siege of Valenciennes (1793)Siege of Van
Siege of Van (1548)Siege of Vannes (1342)Siege of Varaždin Barracks
Siege of VarbergSiege of VarnaSiege of Varna (1201)
Siege of Velikiye LukiSiege of VelloreSiege of Venlo
Siege of Venlo (1373)Siege of Venlo (1586)Siege of Venlo (1637)
Siege of VeprikSiege of VeracruzSiege of Verona
Siege of Viborg (1710)Siege of VicksburgSiege of Vidin (1913)
Siege of ViennaSiege of Vienna (1485)Siege of Villa di Chiesa
Siege of ViterboSiege of VladimirSiege of Vyborg
Siege of Vyborg (1710)Siege of Wadi DeifSiege of Wadi Deif (2012–13)
Siege of Wadi Deif (2014)Siege of WagingeraSiege of Warangal
Siege of Warangal, 1323Siege of Warangal (1310)Siege of Warangal (1318)
Siege of Warangal (1323)Siege of WarsawSiege of Warsaw (1656)
Siege of Warsaw (1794)Siege of Warsaw (1939)Siege of Wasit
Siege of WaterfordSiege of WeinsbergSiege of Weissenstein
Siege of Wesenberg (1574)Siege of Wexford (1169)Siege of Wiener Neustadt
Siege of WolmarSiege of WorcesterSiege of Worcester (1643)
Siege of XerigordonSiege of XerigordosSiege of Xàtiva (1707)
Siege of YanagawaSiege of YeongwonSiege of Yodfat
Siege of YorkSiege of YorktownSiege of Yorktown (1862)
Siege of Yoshida CastleSiege of YpresSiege of Ypres (1383)
Siege of Ypres (1678)Siege of Ypres (1794)Siege of Zadar (1345–46)
Siege of Zadar (998)Siege of ZaltbommelSiege of Zamboanga
Siege of ZamośćSiege of ZaraSiege of Zara (1813)
Siege of Zaragoza (disambiguation)Siege of ZbarazhSiege of Zierikzee (1576)
Siege of ZoutleeuwSiege of Zutphen (1591)Siege of al-Fu'ah and Kafriya
Siege of the Acropolis (1821–22)
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