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Solomon J. HottensteinSolomon J. HottenstineSolomon Kullback
Solomon Lee Van Meter, Jr.Solomon LovellSolomon Meredith
Solomon MilshteinSolomon MogilevskySolomon Mujuru
Solomon P. OrtizSolomon RichardsSolomon Spalding
Solomon StrattonSolomon WrenSolon Borland
Solon D. NealSolon GikasSolonzara Airfield
Solothurn-ArsenalSolothurn S-18/100Solothurn S-18/1000
Solothurn S-18/1100Solothurn ST-5Solovetsky Monastery
Solovetsky Monastery UprisingSolovetsky Monastery uprisingSolovey
Solre-sur-Sambre CastleSolsbury HillSoltam K6
Soltam M-65Soltam M-66Soltam M-68
Soltam M-71Soltam SystemsSoltane Airfield
Soltau-Lüneburg Training AreaSoltsy-2Soltsy-2 (air base)
Soluch concentration campSolveig KreySolway Aviation Museum
Solway LassSom-class submarineSom Nath Sharma
Soma MoritaneSoma YoshitaneSomali Air Force
Somali Armed ForcesSomali Civil WarSomali Civil War (2006–2009)
Somali Civil War (2009–present)Somali National AllianceSomali National Movement
Somali NavySomali Patriotic MovementSomali Rebellion
Somali Salvation Democratic FrontSomalia AffairSomalia Battalion
Somalia MedalSomalia Reconciliation and Restoration CouncilSomaliland Armed Forces
Somaliland Camel CorpsSomaliland CampaignSomaliland Scouts
Somaliland campaign (1920)SomanSomatophylakes
Somayama CastleSombold So 344Sombreffe Castle
Some Day Waiting Will EndSome Girls, Some Hats and HitlerSome Lonesome Night
Some PunkinsSome Still LiveSomeone Is Waiting For You (The Greater Mother Love Song)
Someone SpecialSomeries CastleSomerled
Somers-class destroyerSomers School CampSomerset East Commando
Somerset Gough-CalthorpeSomerset Gough-Calthorpe, 7th Baron CalthorpeSomerset Light Infantry
Somerset Maxwell (King's Lynn MP)Somerset Military MuseumSomerset Royal Horse Artillery
Somerset and Cornwall Light InfantrySomerset cannonSomerset de Chair
Somerton CastleSomerville Logistic Reorganisation Committee ReportSomewhere a Voice is Calling
Somewhere in France Is DaddySomme (book)Somme 1918 (Battle honour)
Somme American Cemetery and MemorialSomme BarracksSomme Heritage Centre
Sommerfeld TrackingSomnath SharmaSon Ngoc Thanh
Son SenSon Won-ilSon of a gun
Son of the Morning StarSonakanda FortSonam Wangchuk
SonarSonar 2076Sonar 2087
Sonar decoySonar signal processingSonar technician
Sonatane Tuʻa Taumoepeau-TupouSonchon AirportSondai Fort
Sonder Kfz-1Sonder Lehrgang OranienburgSonderabteilung
Sonderabteilung LolaSonderaktion 1005Sonderaktion Krakau
Sonderbund WarSonderdienstSonderkommando
Sonderkommando 2000Sonderkommando BlaichSonderkommando Elbe
Sonderkommando photographsSondrestrom Air BaseSong Guangsi
Song HunSong Mao Base CampSong Puxuan
Song QianSong Qian (Eastern Wu)Song Qing (Qing dynasty)
Song Qing (general)Song QiqiuSong Shilun
Song XianSong XilianSong Yi (Qin Dynasty)
Song Yi (Qin dynasty)Song YingchangSong Yo-chan
Song ZheyuanSong ZuyingSong conquest of Later Shu
Song conquest of Northern HanSong conquest of Southern HanSong conquest of Southern Tang
Song dynastySong of the Albigensian CrusadeSong of the Soviet Army
SongirSongiriSongkitti Jaggabatara
Songs about nuclear warSongs and poetry of Soviet servicemen deployed to VietnamSongs of the First World War
Songs of the Lincoln BattalionSongsuradet RebellionSongsuradet rebellion
SongthamSonia OlschanezkySonia Steinman Gold
Sonia de BorodeskySonic weaponSoninke-Marabout War (1850–1856)
Sonja TolSonkraiSonne (navigation)
Sonnenstein CastleSonnerie aux mortsSonny Bupp
Sonny CarterSonny Dixon (baseball)Sonny Forriest
Sonny FoxSonny JamesSonny Lester
Sonny MoloneySonnō jōiSonobuoy
Sonol gas station bombingSons and Daughters of Jewish Deportees from FranceSons of Confederate Veterans
Sons of IraqSons of Union Veterans of the Civil WarSons of the American Revolution
Sons of the Brave (march)Sonthi BoonyaratglinSonuk Mikko
Sony Pictures Entertainment hackSony Pictures hackSonya-class minesweeper
Sonya ButtSoobrazitelny-class destroyerSoobrazitelnyy-class destroyer
Sook ChingSookerating Air Force StationSooneck Castle
SoosaiSootoroSophia Bruun
Sophie SchollSophronia BucklinSophus Baagoe
Sophus ChristensenSophus KahrsSopolis of Macedon
Sopu TowerSopwith 1½ StrutterSopwith Admiralty Type 137
Sopwith Admiralty Type CSopwith Aviation CompanySopwith B.1
Sopwith BabySopwith Bat BoatSopwith Buffalo
Sopwith BulldogSopwith CamelSopwith Cobham
Sopwith CuckooSopwith DolphinSopwith Dragon
Sopwith GunbusSopwith HippoSopwith L.R.T.Tr.
Sopwith PupSopwith RhinoSopwith Salamander
Sopwith SnailSopwith SnapperSopwith Snark
Sopwith SnipeSopwith SociableSopwith Special torpedo seaplane Type C
Sopwith SwallowSopwith TabloidSopwith Three-seater
Sopwith TriplaneSopwith Two-Seat ScoutSopwith Type 807
Sopwith Type 860Sora 122mmSorbie Tower
Sorge Border MuseumSorley Boy MacDonnellSorley MacLean
Sormovo (airfield)Sormovo AirfieldSorn Castle
Soroca FortSorokin IvanSorrell Booke
SortieSortie (disambiguation)Sortie (siege warfare)
SoryeongSoryu Class Aircraft CarrierSose Mayrig
SoshanganeSosibiusSosibius of Tarentum
Sosnovy Bor (garrison)Sosnowiec GhettoSosthene Fernandez
Sosthenes BehnSosthenes of MacedonSosthène Fernandez
SotnikSoto Cano Air BaseSotoyomo-class fleet tug
Sotoyomo-class tugboatSottevastSouain experiment
Souda BaySouda Bay Allied War CemeterySouilly Aerodrome
SouimunSouk-el-Arba AirfieldSouk-el-Khemis Airfield
Souk El GharbSouliote War (1789–1793)Souliote War (1803)
SouliotesSoumar (missile)Sound ranger
Sound rangingSoup Campbell
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