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Southern Abyan Offensive (2016)Southern Africa MedalSouthern African Development Community intervention in Lesotho
Southern Air CommandSouthern Air Command (India)Southern Air Command SAAF
Southern Air TransportSouthern Aleppo offensiveSouthern Area Command (RAAF)
Southern ArmySouthern Army (Home Forces)Southern Army Division
Southern Base Engineer Group 2 (United States)Southern BivouacSouthern Bloc of the FARC-EP
Southern Bread RiotsSouthern California Logistics AirportSouthern Campaigns: Pension Transactions
Southern Command (India)Southern Command (Israel)Southern Command (Syrian rebel group)
Southern Command (United Kingdom)Southern CourtSouthern Cross Aerobatic Squadron
Southern Cross DecorationSouthern Cross Medal (1952)Southern Cross Medal (1975)
Southern Cross of HonorSouthern Damascus offensive (April–May 2018)Southern Damascus offensive (January–February 2018)
Southern Damascus offensive (March 2018)Southern Defense CommandSouthern Expeditionary Army Group
Southern Expeditionary Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy)Southern FrontSouthern Front (RSFSR)
Southern Front (Soviet Union)Southern Front (Syrian rebel group)Southern Front of the Free Syrian Army
Southern Front of the Russian Civil WarSouthern Group of ForcesSouthern Historical Society
Southern Jiangsu CampaignSouthern LiangSouthern Military Area
Southern Military CommandSouthern Military Command (Brazil)Southern Military District
Southern Military InstituteSouthern Military Region (Egypt)Southern Movement
Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive HistorySouthern Naval Base (Ukraine)Southern Naval Command
Southern Nigeria ProtectorateSouthern Nigeria RegimentSouthern Operational Command
Southern Palestine OffensiveSouthern Raqqa offensive (June 2017)Southern Rhodesia in World War I
Southern Rhodesian military involvement in the Malayan EmergencySouthern Russia InterventionSouthern Theater Command
Southern Transitional CouncilSouthern bread riotsSouthern region military (Egypt)
Southern theater of the American Revolutionary WarSouthport Drill HallSouthport Gates
Southport War MemorialSouthsea CastleSouthward expansion of the Han Dynasty
Southward expansion of the Han dynastySouthwark War MemorialSouthwest Air Defense Sector
Southwest Area FleetSouthwest Asia Service MedalSouthwest Cay
Southwestern Air Command Support Flight (JASDF)Southwestern Daraa offensive (February 2017)Southwestern Division
Southwestern Front (RSFSR)Southwestern Front (Russian Empire)Southwestern Front (Soviet Union)
Soutpansberg CommandoSoutpansberg Military AreaSouvan House
Souvanna PhoumaSouvenir napoléonienSouverain-class ship of the line
Sovereign's BodyguardSovereign's Medal for VolunteersSovereign Base Areas Customs
Sovereign Military Order of MaltaSovereignty of Puerto Rico during the Cold WarSovetsky Soyuz-class battleship
Soviet Air Defence ForcesSoviet Air ForcesSoviet Air Forces Order of Battle 1 May 1945
Soviet Armed ForcesSoviet ArmySoviet Black Sea Fleet during the Battle of Stalingrad
Soviet Border TroopsSoviet Civil AdministrationSoviet K-class submarine
Soviet M-class submarineSoviet Military Administration in GermanySoviet Military Cemetery, Warsaw
Soviet Military PowerSoviet Naval AviationSoviet Navy
Soviet Navy surface raids on Western Black SeaSoviet OMON assaults on Lithuanian border postsSoviet Occupation Day
Soviet Project K nuclear testsSoviet S-class submarineSoviet Tankmen's Song
Soviet UnionSoviet Union and the Iran–Iraq WarSoviet Union in World War II
Soviet Union in the Korean WarSoviet Union military aircraft designation systemsSoviet Union–Turkey relations
Soviet VHF transceiver A7Soviet Volunteer GroupSoviet War Memorial (Schönholzer Heide)
Soviet War Memorial (Tiergarten)Soviet War Memorial (Treptower Park)Soviet War Memorial (Vienna)
Soviet World War II destroyersSoviet air showSoviet aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov
Soviet aircraft carrier KievSoviet aircraft carrier MinskSoviet aircraft carrier Novorossiysk
Soviet aircraft carrier UlyanovskSoviet annexation of Eastern Galicia, Volhynia and Northern BukovinaSoviet assault on Maoka
Soviet atomic bomb projectSoviet battlecruiser KirovSoviet biological weapons program
Soviet combat vehicle production during World War IISoviet communications ship SSV-33Soviet cruiser Admiral Fokin
Soviet cruiser Chervona UkrainaSoviet cruiser KaganovichSoviet cruiser Kalinin
Soviet cruiser KirovSoviet cruiser KominternSoviet cruiser Krasnyi Kavkaz
Soviet cruiser Krasnyi KrymSoviet cruiser KronstadtSoviet cruiser Marshal Voroshilov
Soviet cruiser Maxim GorkySoviet cruiser MolotovSoviet cruiser Murmansk
Soviet cruiser Murmansk (1955)Soviet cruiser NikolayevSoviet cruiser Varyag (1963)
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