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Soviet submarine S-350Soviet submarine S-363Soviet submarine S-56
Soviet submarine S-7Soviet submarine S-80Soviet submarine S-99
Soviet submarine ShCh-214Soviet submarine ShCh-317Soviet submarine Shch-213
Soviet submarine Shch-214Soviet submarine Shch-215Soviet submarine Shch-310
Soviet submarine Shch-317Soviet submarine TK-202Soviet support for Iraq during the Iran–Iraq war
Soviet territorial claims against TurkeySoviet training ship DunaySoviet war crimes
Soviet war in AfghanistanSoviet westward offensive of 1918–19Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan
Soviet women in World War IISoviet–Afghan WarSoviet–Afghan War in popular culture
Soviet–Estonian Non-Aggression PactSoviet–Japanese Neutrality PactSoviet–Japanese War
Soviet–Japanese War (1945)Soviet–Japanese War (disambiguation)Soviet–Japanese border conflicts
Soviet–Lithuanian Peace TreatySovinecSovnya
Sovremenny-class destroyerSovremennyy-class destroyerSowar
Soweto uprisingSowiSozialistischer Schutzbund (Germany)
SozvezdieSpace-A travelSpace-Based Infrared System
Space-Based Infrared Systems WingSpace-based radarSpace Based Space Surveillance
Space Defense CenterSpace Development and Test WingSpace Innovation and Development Center
Space Operations BadgeSpace RaceSpace Superiority Systems Directorate
Space Superiority Systems WingSpace Surveillance TelescopeSpace Tracking and Surveillance System
Space and Missile BadgeSpace and Missile Systems CenterSpace and Missiles Analysis Group
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center AtlanticSpace and Naval Warfare Systems Center PacificSpace and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Space forceSpace geostrategySpace gun
Space industry of RussiaSpace warfareSpace weapon
Spacecraft Assembly and Checkout BuildingSpaced armourSpaceflight Meteorology Group
Spaceport Florida Launch Complex 36Spada da latoSpadroon
Spafford Farm massacreSpaghetti House siegeSpahbed
SpahiSpahi-class destroyerSpain's National Exhibition of Ship Building
Spain and World War ISpain and World War IISpain and the American Revolutionary War
Spain during World War ISpain during World War IISpain in World War I
Spain in World War IISpain in the American Revolutionary WarSpall
Spanbroekmolen British CemeterySpanbroekmolen British Commonwealth War Graves Commission CemeterySpandau Arsenal
Spandau PrisonSpandau arsenalSpangdahlem Air Base
Spangenberg Castle (Hesse)Spangenberg Castle (Rhineland-Palatinate)Spangenhelm
Spaniola CastleSpanish-American War Memorial (Arlington National Cemetery)Spanish-American War Nurses Memorial
Spanish-American War SoldierSpanish Air ForceSpanish Air Force Anthem
Spanish Air Force Order of BattleSpanish AlarmSpanish American War Monument to the 71st Infantry Regiment
Spanish American wars of independenceSpanish ArmadaSpanish Armada in Ireland
Spanish Armed ForcesSpanish Armed Forces Intelligence CenterSpanish Army
Spanish Army (Peninsular War)Spanish Army Air Defence CommandSpanish Army Airmobile Force
Spanish Campaign MedalSpanish Civil WarSpanish Civil War, 1936
Spanish Civil War, 1938–39Spanish Constitution of 1978Spanish Cross
Spanish EmpireSpanish Fort, New OrleansSpanish Fort (Colorado)
Spanish Fort (New Orleans)Spanish Fury at MechelenSpanish Legion
Spanish MainSpanish MaquisSpanish Marine Infantry
Spanish NavySpanish Navy MarinesSpanish Netherlands
Spanish Protectorate in MoroccoSpanish Republican Air ForceSpanish Republican Armed Forces
Spanish Republican ArmySpanish Republican NavySpanish Revolution of 1854
Spanish RoadSpanish Royal Academy of Naval EngineersSpanish Royal Guard
Spanish Shark-class submarineSpanish Ship Santissima TrinidadSpanish War
Spanish War Service MedalSpanish aircraft carrier DédaloSpanish aircraft carrier Príncipe de Asturias
Spanish assault on French FloridaSpanish attempts to reconquer MexicoSpanish battleship Alfonso XIII
Spanish battleship EspañaSpanish battleship Jaime ISpanish battleship Pelayo
Spanish brig Infante (1787)Spanish capture of ProvidenciaSpanish colonization of the Americas
Spanish conquest of ChiapasSpanish conquest of El SalvadorSpanish conquest of Guatemala
Spanish conquest of HondurasSpanish conquest of Iberian NavarreSpanish conquest of Oran (1509)
Spanish conquest of Oran (1732)Spanish conquest of PeténSpanish conquest of Sardinia
Spanish conquest of Tripoli (1510)Spanish conquest of YucatánSpanish conquest of the Aztec Empire
Spanish conquest of the Inca EmpireSpanish conquest of the Kingdom of Q'umarkajSpanish conquest of the Maya
Spanish conquest of the MuiscaSpanish corvette TornadoSpanish coup of July 1936
Spanish coup of July 1936 in the Albacete provinceSpanish cruiser Alfonso XIISpanish cruiser Alfonso XIII
Spanish cruiser Almirante CerveraSpanish cruiser Almirante OquendoSpanish cruiser Aragon
Spanish cruiser BalearesSpanish cruiser CanariasSpanish cruiser Castilla
Spanish cruiser Conde del VenaditoSpanish cruiser Cristobal Colon (1887)Spanish cruiser Cristóbal Colón
Spanish cruiser Don Antonio de UlloaSpanish cruiser Don Juan de AustriaSpanish cruiser Emperador Carlos V
Spanish cruiser GravinaSpanish cruiser Infanta IsabelSpanish cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa
Spanish cruiser Isabel IISpanish cruiser Isla de CubaSpanish cruiser Isla de Luzón
Spanish cruiser LepantoSpanish cruiser NavarraSpanish cruiser Navarra (1923)
Spanish cruiser Rapido (1889)Spanish cruiser Reina CristinaSpanish cruiser Reina Mercedes
Spanish cruiser Reina Regente (1887)Spanish cruiser Reina Regente (1906)Spanish cruiser Tornado
Spanish cruiser VelascoSpanish cruiser VizcayaSpanish destroyer Alcalá Galiano
Spanish destroyer Almirante FerrandizSpanish destroyer Almirante FerrándizSpanish destroyer Furor
Spanish destroyer GravinaSpanish destroyer José Luis DíezSpanish destroyer Lepanto
Spanish destroyer PlutónSpanish destroyer Sánchez BarcáizteguiSpanish destroyer Terror
Spanish expedition to BalanguinguiSpanish expedition to FormosaSpanish expedition to Oran (1732)
Spanish expeditionary army (Spanish American independence) order of battleSpanish expeditions to the Pacific NorthwestSpanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbón
Spanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbón (F102)Spanish frigate AndaluciaSpanish frigate Asturias
Spanish frigate BalearesSpanish frigate Blas de Lezo (F103)Spanish frigate Canarias
Spanish frigate Canarias (F86)Spanish frigate CatalunaSpanish frigate El Gamo
Spanish frigate ExtremaduraSpanish frigate HermioneSpanish frigate Navarra
Spanish frigate Navarra (F85)Spanish frigate Ninfa (1795)Spanish frigate Numancia
Spanish frigate Numancia (F83)Spanish frigate Reina SofíaSpanish frigate Reina Sofía (F84)
Spanish frigate Santa MaríaSpanish frigate Santa María (F81)Spanish frigate Victoria
Spanish frigate Victoria (F82)Spanish frigate Álvaro de BazánSpanish frigate Álvaro de Bazán (F101)
Spanish galleon San José
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