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Spanish gunboat CallaoSpanish gunboat General ConchaSpanish gunboat Marques del Duero
Spanish invasion of Portugal (1762)Spanish ironclad ArapilesSpanish ironclad Duque de Tetuán
Spanish ironclad Méndez NúñezSpanish ironclad NumanciaSpanish ironclad Pelayo
Spanish ironclad SaguntoSpanish ironclad TetuánSpanish ironclad Vitoria
Spanish ironclad ZaragozaSpanish monitor PuigcerdáSpanish nuclear programme
Spanish occupation of Jolo (1638)Spanish oiler CantabriaSpanish oiler Patiño
Spanish reconquest attempts in MexicoSpanish reconquest of New GranadaSpanish reconquest of Santo Domingo
Spanish schooner Virgen de CovadongaSpanish seaplane carrier DédaloSpanish ship America (1736)
Spanish ship ArgonautaSpanish ship Argonauta (1798)Spanish ship Bahama (1784)
Spanish ship Castilla (L52)Spanish ship Conde de Regla (1786)Spanish ship Conquestador (1755)
Spanish ship Diligente (1756)Spanish ship Duque de Tetuán (1874)Spanish ship Fenix (1749)
Spanish ship Galicia (1750)Spanish ship Galicia (L51)Spanish ship Hercules
Spanish ship Infanta (1750)Spanish ship Juan Carlos ISpanish ship Juan Carlos I (L61)
Spanish ship Juan Sebastián ElcanoSpanish ship Juan Sebastián Elcano (1927)Spanish ship Mexicano (1786)
Spanish ship Monarca (1756)Spanish ship Monarca (1794)Spanish ship Montañés (1794)
Spanish ship NeptunoSpanish ship Neptuno (1795)Spanish ship Nuestra Señora de Encarnación
Spanish ship Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación y DesengañoSpanish ship Nuestra Señora de la Santísima TrinidadSpanish ship Princesa
Spanish ship Princesa (1750)Spanish ship Principe de Asturias (1794)Spanish ship Purísima Concepción (1779)
Spanish ship RayoSpanish ship Rayo (1751)Spanish ship Real Carlos (1787)
Spanish ship Reina María Luisa (1791)Spanish ship Reyna (1743)Spanish ship Salvador del Mundo (1787)
Spanish ship San Agustín (1768)Spanish ship San Francisco de AsisSpanish ship San Francisco de Asis (1767)
Spanish ship San Hermenegildo (1789)Spanish ship San IldefonsoSpanish ship San Juan Nepomuceno
Spanish ship San Miguel (1773)Spanish ship San Pedro de AlcantaraSpanish ship Santa Ana (1784)
Spanish ship Santísima Trinidad (1751)Spanish ship Tigre (1747)Spanish sloop Jorge Juan
Spanish special operationsSpanish submarine C-3Spanish submarine Delfín (S61)
Spanish submarine G-7Spanish submarine GalernaSpanish submarine Isaac Peral
Spanish submarine Narcíso MonturiolSpanish submarine PeralSpanish submarine Tramontana
Spanish submarine Tramontana (S74)Spanish transport Buenos Aires (1887)Spanish treasure fleet
Spanish warship DestructorSpanish warship Destructor (1886)Spanish–American War
Spanish–American War MemorialSpanish–American War Memorial (Arlington National Cemetery)Spanish–American War Nurses Memorial
Spanish–American War Soldier's MonumentSpanish–American War Veterans MemorialSpanish–Italian Amphibious Battlegroup
Spanish–Moro WarsSpanish–Moro conflictSpanish–Portuguese War
Spanish–Portuguese War (1735–1737)Spanish–Portuguese War (1735–37)Spanish–Portuguese War (1776–77)
Spanish–Taíno War of San Juan–BorikénSpanjaardenkasteelSpann Watson
Spantekow FortressSpar torpedoSparabara
SparapetSpare partSparhawk's Regiment of Militia
Spark's Fort (Pennsylvania)Sparkwell Naval CampSparmann S-1
SparoairSparreholm CastleSparrevohn Air Force Station
Sparrevohn LRRS AirportSparrow (target missile)Sparrow Force
Sparta/Fort McCoy AirportSpartacist uprisingSpartaco Fontano
SpartacusSpartak MakovskySpartan 8W Zeus
Spartan C3Spartan CruiserSpartan Executive
Spartan NPSpartan ScoutSpartan army
Spartan raceSpartathlonSpartiate
Sparviero-class patrol boatSpasa GardaSpasskaya Tower
SpauldersSpeakEasySpeaking tube
SpearSpear-throwerSpearfish torpedo
Spearhead-class joint high speed vesselSpearman (military)Spec Sanders
Special Action Committee on OkinawaSpecial Action ForceSpecial Actions Detachment
Special Actions Unit (Malaysia)Special Activities DivisionSpecial Air Mission
Special Air ServiceSpecial Air Service RegimentSpecial Allied Airborne Reconnaissance Force
Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (Greece)Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (Serbia)Special Anti–Terrorist Unit (Greece)
Special Application Sniper RifleSpecial Armored BrigadeSpecial Army
Special Assault TeamSpecial Atomic Demolition MunitionSpecial Battalions Vostok and Zapad
Special Boarding UnitSpecial Boat ServiceSpecial Boat Squadron
Special Boat Squadron (Sri Lanka)Special BranchSpecial Brigade
Special BrigadesSpecial Bureau for IndiaSpecial Collection Service
Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary SystemSpecial Combat UnitSpecial Commissions (Dardanelles and Mesopotamia) Act 1916
Special Constabulary Long Service MedalSpecial Corps of GendarmesSpecial Deployment Commando
Special Duties UnitSpecial Duty Allowance (SDA)Special Emergency Response Team
Special Emergency Response Team (Queensland)Special Engineer DetachmentSpecial Escort Group (Ministry of Defence Police)
Special Exemplary Military Band of the Guard of Honor Battalion of RussiaSpecial Field Orders No. 120Special Field Orders No. 15
Special Field Orders No. 67Special Force - ParaCommando DivisionSpecial Forces
Special Forces (Maldives)Special Forces (Turkish Armed Forces)Special Forces (United States Army)
Special Forces Brigade (Georgia)Special Forces Brigade of GeorgiaSpecial Forces Brigades of the Republic of Korea
Special Forces CommandSpecial Forces Command (Switzerland)Special Forces Command (Turkey)
Special Forces GroupSpecial Forces Group (Belgium)Special Forces Group (Japan)
Special Forces Qualification BadgeSpecial Forces Regiment (Airborne)Special Forces Regiment (Philippine Army)
Special Forces Support GroupSpecial Forces TabSpecial Forces of Azerbaijan
Special Forces of BelarusSpecial Forces of IndiaSpecial Forces of Thailand
Special Forces of UkraineSpecial Forces of ZimbabweSpecial Forces of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces
Special Frontier ForceSpecial Groups (Iraq)Special Groups (Portugal)
Special Honor Guard Battalion of the National Guard of UkraineSpecial Inspector General for Iraq ReconstructionSpecial Intelligence Service
Special Interrogation GroupSpecial Intervention GroupSpecial Investigation Branch Regiment
Special JaegersSpecial Mechanized ArmySpecial Mission Unit
Special Mobile ForceSpecial Moscow Air Defense ArmySpecial Naval Landing Forces
Special Night SquadsSpecial Number 3 Light Tank Ku-RoSpecial Occupational Taxpayers
Special Operation Forces (Jordan)Special Operations Assault RifleSpecial Operations Battalion (Albania)
Special Operations Battalion (Croatia)Special Operations CapableSpecial Operations Command
Special Operations Command (Australia)Special Operations Command (Brazil)Special Operations Command (Croatia)
Special Operations Command (Denmark)Special Operations Command (France)Special Operations Command (New Zealand)
Special Operations Command (Philippines)Special Operations Command (Singapore)Special Operations Command (Spain)
Special Operations Command CentralSpecial Operations Command KoreaSpecial Operations Command Pacific
Special Operations Command parachute teamSpecial Operations Craft – Riverine (SOC-R)Special Operations Division (Bundeswehr)
Special Operations Engineer Regiment (Australia)Special Operations ExecutiveSpecial Operations Force (Singapore)
Special Operations Forces (Russia)Special Operations Forces BranchSpecial Operations Forces Exhibition
Special Operations Forces GroupSpecial Operations GroupSpecial Operations Group (Argentina)
Special Operations Group (India)Special Operations Group (Portugal)Special Operations Group of the Tasmania Police
Special Operations Groups (Spain)Special Operations Logistics SquadronSpecial Operations Regiment (Belgium)
Special Operations Regiment (Macedonia)Special Operations Service RibbonSpecial Operations Task Force
Special Operations Training Group
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