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The Battle of El AlameinThe Battle of Fandane-ThiouthiouneThe Battle of Frenchman's Run
The Battle of GarvaghThe Battle of Hamburg (book)The Battle of Lepanto (Luna painting)
The Battle of Midway (disambiguation)The Battle of Normandy leadersThe Battle of Pollocks Crossing
The Battle of Red BanksThe Battle of San Jacinto (McArdle)The Battle of San Romano
The Battle of Shaker HeightsThe Battle of SherramuirThe Battle of Trafalgar (painting)
The Battle of Val-ès-DunesThe Battle of Waterloo: The British Squares Receiving the Charge of the French CuirassiersThe Battle of the Amazons (Rubens)
The Battle of the Boyne (painting)The Battle of the Bulge... The Brave RiflesThe Battle of the Champions
The Battle of the Corvin PassageThe Battle of the Kearsarge and the AlabamaThe Battle of the Kegs
The Battle of the Milvian BridgeThe Battle of the Milvian Bridge (Giulio Romano)The Battlefields Park
The Battlefields of EnglandThe Beatles (terrorist cell)The Beginning and Progress of the Muscovy War
The Berlin RaidsThe Berlin Raids (book)The Bias Against Guns
The Big Four (World War I)The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American CenturyThe Birthday of Che Kung
The Birtley BelgiansThe Black BookThe Black Book: Imbalance of Power and Wealth in the Sudan
The Black EaglesThe Black MarchThe Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
The BlitzThe Blue FlagThe Blue Squadron
The Bluejacket's ManualThe Bluff, YpresThe Bluff (Ypres)
The Bold CanadianThe Bomber Command War DiariesThe Bombing
The Book of Five RingsThe Bounding BillowThe Bower
The Bowl (Cherokee chief)The Boys who Challenged HitlerThe Bridge at No Gun Ri
The Bridgeness SlabThe Brierwood PipeThe Bright Side (painting)
The British Columbia DragoonsThe British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own)The British Grenadiers
The British Legion (1860)The Brockville RiflesThe Bronx Victory Column & Memorial Grove
The Bull (armored personnel carrier)The Bulwarks, PorthkerryThe Bunker (book)
The Burning RaidThe Burning of CorkThe CIA and the Cult of Intelligence
The Calgary HighlandersThe Call of the U.S.A.The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Duke of Edinburgh's Own)
The Canadian Crown and the Canadian ForcesThe Canadian Grenadier GuardsThe Canadian Guards
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