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The Ypres LeagueThe Yugoslav Auschwitz and the VaticanThe Zero Hour (Japanese radio series)
The Zero Hour (World War II)The Zookeeper's WifeThe award named Salavat Yulaev
The best defense is a good offenseThe bomber will always get throughThe class the stars fell on
The dogs of war (phrase)The history of christopher colombusThe long peace
The war to end warThe world wondersThe wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy
ThearidesTheater (warfare)Theater Battle Management Core Systems
Theater Event SystemTheater Sustainment CommandTheater War
Theater commands of the People's Liberation ArmyTheatre History of Operations ReportsTheatre War
Theatre ballistic missileTheatre of WarTheban Legion
Theban hegemonyTheban–Spartan WarThein Aung
Thein HtaikThein HtayTheinkhathu Saw Hnaung
Thelepte AirfieldThelma Bendler SternThelma Kalama
Themba MatanzimaThemba NkabindeTheme (Byzantine district)
Themison of EretriaThemison of SamosThemistoclean Wall
ThemistoclesThen You Can Come Back To MeTheo-Helmut Lieb
Theo (dog)Theo CangelosiTheo Claassen
Theo MarcuseTheo OsterkampTheo Saevecke
Theobald Dillon, 7th Viscount DillonTheobald II of NavarreTheobald I of Navarre
Theobald JonesTheobald Taaffe, 1st Earl of CarlingfordTheobald V, Count of Blois
Theoctistus of NaplesTheoderic the GreatTheodoor Johan Arnold van Zijll de Jong
Theodor BergmannTheodor BerkelmannTheodor Blank
Theodor Bohlmann-CombrinckTheodor BurchardiTheodor Busse
Theodor CroneissTheodor DetmersTheodor Duesterberg
Theodor EickeTheodor EndresTheodor Franz, Count Baillet von Latour
Theodor Freiherr von WredeTheodor HabichtTheodor Haker
Theodor Hoffmann (admiral)Theodor KochTheodor Korselt
Theodor KranckeTheodor KretschmerTheodor Körner (author)
Theodor MorellTheodor NordmannTheodor Preu
Theodor QuandtTheodor RiedelTheodor Rocholl
Theodor RossiwallTheodor RowehlTheodor Rumpel (aviator)
Theodor SchererTheodor SzehinskyjTheodor Tolsdorff
Theodor VahlenTheodor WeissenbergerTheodor Wisch
Theodor van EupenTheodor von BechtolsheimTheodor von Hippel
Theodor von LückenTheodor von RedingTheodor von Rüdiger
Theodor ȘerbănescuTheodora Komnene, Queen of JerusalemTheodora Turner
Theodora and DidymusTheodore (brother of Heraclius)Theodore Aaronios
Theodore AlyatesTheodore Anderson BaldwinTheodore Ayrault Dodge
Theodore B. LewisTheodore BachenheimerTheodore Benfey
Theodore BranasTheodore BuaTheodore C. Almquist
Theodore C. LysterTheodore ConkeyTheodore Cooper
Theodore D. WilsonTheodore Delves BroughtonTheodore Douglas Robinson
Theodore E. ChandlerTheodore EricksonTheodore Fraser
Theodore FreemanTheodore Frelinghuysen JewellTheodore Frelinghuysen Singiser
Theodore Friederick UlrichTheodore G. CroftTheodore G. Ellyson
Theodore G. GarfieldTheodore G. Jenes, Jr.Theodore G. Stroup
Theodore G. WagnerTheodore GabrasTheodore Gaillard Hunt
Theodore Gordon (British Army officer)Theodore HallTheodore Hallett
Theodore HardyTheodore HeidrichTheodore Hutson Benedict
Theodore HyattTheodore J. ConwayTheodore J. Narozanick
Theodore J. WojnarTheodore Jasper Maclean de LangeTheodore Komnenos Doukas
Theodore L. KramerTheodore L. PooleTheodore Leslie Futch
Theodore LitovitzTheodore LymanTheodore Lyman (Massachusetts)
Theodore MangaphasTheodore Marburg, Jr.Theodore McEvoy
Theodore MeighenTheodore MordeTheodore O'Hara
Theodore P. GreeneTheodore P. SavasTheodore Parsakoutenos
Theodore PritchettTheodore R. MiltonTheodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.Theodore Roosevelt, Rough RiderTheodore Roosevelt III
Theodore Roosevelt IVTheodore Roosevelt McElroyTheodore Rothstein
Theodore RshtuniTheodore RunyonTheodore S. Coberly
Theodore S. JonesTheodore S. PeckTheodore S. Westhusing
Theodore SchurchTheodore SchwanTheodore Sedgwick
Theodore Sizer (art historian)Theodore Stark WilkinsonTheodore Steinmetz
Theodore StephensonTheodore SynadenosTheodore Timby
Theodore TrithyriusTheodore Van KirkTheodore Vatatzes
Theodore VealeTheodore W. BrevardTheodore W. Brevard, Jr.
Theodore W. GoldinTheodore W. GreigTheodore W. Parker
Theodore Wint GraveTheodore WinthropTheodore Woodward
Theodore WrightTheodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Prize in Naval HistoryTheodore of Dobruja
Theodore the BlackTheodore the Varangian and his son JohnTheodoric I
Theodoric StraboTheodorick Bland (congressman)Theodorokanos
Theodoros DegiannisTheodoros KolokotronisTheodoros Manetas
Theodoros Pangalos (general)Theodoros TzinisTheodoros Ziakas
Theodorus B. M. MasonTheodorus Bailey (officer)Theodorus Bailey (politician)
Theodorus Frederik van CapellenTheodosius ITheodosius II
Theodotos KalothetosTheodotus HemioliusTheodotus of Aetolia
Theodoulos ParsakoutenosTheodwinTheoktistos Bryennios
Theophanes (chamberlain)Theophany Convent, KostromaTheophile Figeys
TheophiliscusTheophilos ErotikosTheophilos Kourkouas
Theophilus BamigboyeTheophilus DanjumaTheophilus Francis Rodenbough
Theophilus Gould StewardTheophilus H. HolmesTheophilus Harrington
Theophilus Jones (Royal Navy officer)Theophilus Jones (soldier)Theophilus Lyle Dickey
Theophilus OchangTheophilus T. GarrardTheophobos
Theophylact BotaneiatesTheophylact DalassenosTheophylact I, Count of Tusculum
Theophylact RhangabeTheotokos of KurskTheotokos of Vladimir
TheramenesThere'll Always Be an EnglandThere's A Picture In My Old Kit Bag
There's a Garden of Crosses in No Man's LandThere's a Green Hill Out in Flanders (There's a Green Hill Up in Maine)There's a Light That's Burning in the Window of the Little House Upon the Hill
There, Far AwayThere I Was: The War of Corporal Henry J Morris, USMCTheresa, Countess of Portugal
Theresa VailTherese BrandlTherese McKinley
Theresian Military AcademyTheresienstadt Small Fortress (1940–1945)Theresienstadt concentration camp
Theriso revoltThermaHelmThermal sleeve
Thermal weapon sightThermaliteThermate
Thermidorian ReactionThermiteThermobaric weapon
Thermonuclear weaponThermopylaeThermos Bomb
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