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Theodor WeissenbergerTheodor WischTheodor van Eupen
Theodor von BechtolsheimTheodor von HippelTheodor von Lücken
Theodor von RedingTheodor von RüdigerTheodor Șerbănescu
Theodora Komnene, Queen of JerusalemTheodora TurnerTheodora and Didymus
Theodore (brother of Heraclius)Theodore AaroniosTheodore Alyates
Theodore Anderson BaldwinTheodore Ayrault DodgeTheodore B. Lewis
Theodore BachenheimerTheodore BenfeyTheodore Branas
Theodore BuaTheodore C. AlmquistTheodore C. Lyster
Theodore ConkeyTheodore CooperTheodore D. Wilson
Theodore Delves BroughtonTheodore Douglas RobinsonTheodore E. Chandler
Theodore EricksonTheodore FraserTheodore Freeman
Theodore Frelinghuysen JewellTheodore Frelinghuysen SingiserTheodore Friederick Ulrich
Theodore G. CroftTheodore G. EllysonTheodore G. Garfield
Theodore G. Jenes, Jr.Theodore G. StroupTheodore G. Wagner
Theodore GabrasTheodore Gaillard HuntTheodore Gordon (British Army officer)
Theodore HallTheodore HallettTheodore Hardy
Theodore HeidrichTheodore Hutson BenedictTheodore Hyatt
Theodore J. ConwayTheodore J. NarozanickTheodore J. Wojnar
Theodore Jasper Maclean de LangeTheodore Komnenos DoukasTheodore L. Kramer
Theodore L. PooleTheodore Leslie FutchTheodore Litovitz
Theodore LymanTheodore Lyman (Massachusetts)Theodore Mangaphas
Theodore Marburg, Jr.Theodore McEvoyTheodore Meighen
Theodore MordeTheodore O'HaraTheodore P. Greene
Theodore P. SavasTheodore ParsakoutenosTheodore Pritchett
Theodore R. MiltonTheodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt, Jr.
Theodore Roosevelt, Rough RiderTheodore Roosevelt IIITheodore Roosevelt IV
Theodore Roosevelt McElroyTheodore RothsteinTheodore Rshtuni
Theodore RunyonTheodore S. CoberlyTheodore S. Jones
Theodore S. PeckTheodore S. WesthusingTheodore Schurch
Theodore SchwanTheodore SedgwickTheodore Sizer (art historian)
Theodore Stark WilkinsonTheodore SteinmetzTheodore Stephenson
Theodore SynadenosTheodore TimbyTheodore Trithyrius
Theodore Van KirkTheodore VatatzesTheodore Veale
Theodore W. BrevardTheodore W. Brevard, Jr.Theodore W. Goldin
Theodore W. GreigTheodore W. ParkerTheodore Wint Grave
Theodore WinthropTheodore WoodwardTheodore Wright
Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Prize in Naval HistoryTheodore of DobrujaTheodore the Black
Theodore the Varangian and his son JohnTheodoric ITheodoric Strabo
Theodorick Bland (congressman)TheodorokanosTheodoros Degiannis
Theodoros KolokotronisTheodoros ManetasTheodoros Pangalos (general)
Theodoros TzinisTheodoros ZiakasTheodorus B. M. Mason
Theodorus Bailey (officer)Theodorus Bailey (politician)Theodorus Frederik van Capellen
Theodosius ITheodosius IITheodotos Kalothetos
Theodotus HemioliusTheodotus of AetoliaTheodoulos Parsakoutenos
TheodwinTheoktistos BryenniosTheophanes (chamberlain)
Theophany Convent, KostromaTheophile FigeysTheophiliscus
Theophilos ErotikosTheophilos KourkouasTheophilus Bamigboye
Theophilus DanjumaTheophilus Francis RodenboughTheophilus Gould Steward
Theophilus H. HolmesTheophilus HarringtonTheophilus Jones (Royal Navy officer)
Theophilus Jones (soldier)Theophilus Lyle DickeyTheophilus Ochang
Theophilus T. GarrardTheophobosTheophylact Botaneiates
Theophylact DalassenosTheophylact I, Count of TusculumTheophylact Rhangabe
Theotokos of KurskTheotokos of VladimirTheramenes
There'll Always Be an EnglandThere's A Picture In My Old Kit BagThere's a Garden of Crosses in No Man's Land
There's a Green Hill Out in Flanders (There's a Green Hill Up in Maine)There's a Light That's Burning in the Window of the Little House Upon the HillThere, Far Away
There I Was: The War of Corporal Henry J Morris, USMCTheresa, Countess of PortugalTheresa Vail
Therese BrandlTherese McKinleyTheresian Military Academy
Theresienstadt Small Fortress (1940–1945)Theresienstadt concentration campTheriso revolt
ThermaHelmThermal sleeveThermal weapon sight
ThermaliteThermateThermidorian Reaction
ThermiteThermobaric weaponThermonuclear weapon
ThermopylaeThermos BombThermos bomb
Theron Moses RiceTheron StrindenThessalonica (theme)
Thessaly rebellion (1600)Thet Naing WinTheta (SIS radio group)
Theta MuseumThetford CastleThetford Hoard
Thetis-class gunboatThetis-class ocean patrol vesselTheudebert of Soissons
Theunissen CommandoThevesteThey All Sang "Annie Laurie" (the Song That Reaches Ev'ry Heart)
They Used Dark ForcesThey shall not passThiaroye Massacre
Thiaroye massacreThibaud GaudinThickening agent
Thielman's Independent Cavalry BattalionThiepval BarracksThiepval Memorial
Thiepval barracks bombingThierry, Count of FlandersThierry d'Orca
Thierry de TermondeThiers wallThilawa of Yamethin
Thillaiyampalam SivanesanThilo Freiherr von WerthernThimbleby's Tower
ThimbronThimbron (fl. 324–322 BC)Thimbron (fl. 400–391 BC)
Thin Man (nuclear bomb)ThingmenThirachai Nakwanich
Third-generation jet fighterThird-generation warfareThird-rate
Third Afghan-Mughal War (1555–1561)Third Air ForceThird Anglo-Afghan War
Third Anglo-Burmese WarThird Anglo-Dutch WarThird Anglo-Maratha War
Third Anglo-Mysore WarThird ArmyThird Army (Bulgaria)
Third Army (Egypt)Third Army (France)Third Army (Home Forces)
Third Army (Hungary)Third Army (Italy)Third Army (Japan)
Third Army (Ottoman Empire)Third Army (Romania)Third Army (Serbia)
Third Army (Turkey)Third Army (United Kingdom)Third Army Air Service
Third Army Corps (Spanish-American War)Third Army Corps (Spanish–American War)Third Battle of Artois
Third Battle of Brega
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