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Thermos bombTheron Moses RiceTheron Strinden
Thessalonica (theme)Thessaly rebellion (1600)Thet Naing Win
Theta (SIS radio group)Theta MuseumThetford Castle
Thetford HoardThetis-class gunboatThetis-class ocean patrol vessel
Theudebert of SoissonsTheunissen CommandoTheveste
They All Sang "Annie Laurie" (the Song That Reaches Ev'ry Heart)They Used Dark ForcesThey shall not pass
Thiaroye MassacreThiaroye massacreThibaud Gaudin
Thickening agentThielman's Independent Cavalry BattalionThiepval Barracks
Thiepval MemorialThiepval barracks bombingThierry, Count of Flanders
Thierry d'OrcaThierry de TermondeThiers wall
Thilawa of YamethinThillaiyampalam SivanesanThilo Freiherr von Werthern
Thimbleby's TowerThimbronThimbron (fl. 324–322 BC)
Thimbron (fl. 400–391 BC)Thin Man (nuclear bomb)Thingmen
Thirachai NakwanichThird-generation jet fighterThird-generation warfare
Third-rateThird Afghan-Mughal War (1555–1561)Third Air Force
Third Anglo-Afghan WarThird Anglo-Burmese WarThird Anglo-Dutch War
Third Anglo-Maratha WarThird Anglo-Mysore WarThird Army
Third Army (Bulgaria)Third Army (Egypt)Third Army (France)
Third Army (Home Forces)Third Army (Hungary)Third Army (Italy)
Third Army (Japan)Third Army (Ottoman Empire)Third Army (Romania)
Third Army (Serbia)Third Army (Turkey)Third Army (United Kingdom)
Third Army Air ServiceThird Army Corps (Spanish-American War)Third Army Corps (Spanish–American War)
Third Battle of ArtoisThird Battle of BregaThird Battle of Elephant Pass
Third Battle of GaoThird Battle of GazaThird Battle of Katwa
Third Battle of KharkovThird Battle of Komárom (1849)Third Battle of Krithia
Third Battle of ManzanilloThird Battle of MorlancourtThird Battle of Mount Hermon
Third Battle of MurfreesboroThird Battle of NankingThird Battle of Panipat
Third Battle of PetersburgThird Battle of PueblaThird Battle of San Juan (1898)
Third Battle of SeoulThird Battle of TopolobampoThird Battle of Tucson (1782)
Third Battle of TuxpanThird Battle of WonjuThird Battle of the Aisne
Third Battle of the Corunna RoadThird Battle of the HookThird Battle of the Isonzo
Third Carlist WarThird Carrier DivisionThird Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
Third Corps, Army of TennesseeThird Country NationalThird Crusade
Third Encirclement CampaignThird Encirclement Campaign against Jiangxi SovietThird Encirclement Campaign against the Honghu Soviet
Third Encirclement Campaign against the Hubei-Henan-Anhui SovietThird Encirclement Campaign against the Shaanxi-Gansu SovietThird Enemy Offensive
Third English Civil WarThird Expedition of Wadi al QuraThird Fernandine War
Third Field ArmyThird FitnaThird Fleet
Third Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy)Third Fleet (United Kingdom)Third Force (Northern Ireland)
Third Front (China)Third Geneva ConventionThird Indochina War
Third Italian War of IndependenceThird Javanese War of SuccessionThird Legion
Third Macedonian WarThird Military DistrictThird Military Medical University
Third Mithridatic WarThird Mongol invasion of PolandThird Perso-Turkic War
Third Punic WarThird Raid on Banu ThalabahThird Rebellion in Shouchun
Third Reserve Army of ObservationThird Sacred WarThird Sea Lord
Third Servile WarThird Siege of GeronaThird Siege of Gibraltar
Third Siege of GironaThird Siege of MissolonghiThird Silesian War
Third Swedish CrusadeThird Taiwan Strait CrisisThird Tikal-Calakmul War
Third Tikal–Calakmul WarThird Transjordan attackThird Treaty of San Ildefonso
Third Upper Peru campaignThird VA-155 (U.S. Navy)Third VA-34 (U.S. Navy)
Third VA-95 (U.S. Navy)Third WorldThird attack on Anzac Cove
Third conflict in the Goryeo–Khitan WarThird country nationalThird sergeant
Third voyage of James CookThird warrant officerThirlwall Castle
Thirsk Road drill hall, NorthallertonThirteen ColoniesThirteen Years' War (1454–66)
Thirteen Years’ War (1454–1466)Thirteenth Air ForceThirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka
Thirteenth ArmyThirteenth Army (Japan)Thirteenth Siege of Gibraltar
Thirtieth Army (Japan)Thirty-Eighth Army (Japan)Thirty-Fifth Army (Japan)
Thirty-First Army (Japan)Thirty-Fourth Army (Japan)Thirty-Second Army (Japan)
Thirty-Seventh Army (Japan)Thirty-Sixth Army (Japan)Thirty-Third Army (Japan)
Thirty-Three OrientalsThirty ComradesThirty Seventh SS-Abschnitt
Thirty Six StratagemsThirty Tyrants (Roman)Thirty Years' War
Thirumayam FortThis Is Camp X-RayThis Is What Winning Looks Like
This Way for the Gas, Ladies and GentlemenThis is KoreaThisara Samarasinghe
ThiufaThlocklo TustenuggeeThom Goolsby
Thom KarremansThomas' LegionThomas, Lord of Coucy
Thomas-Alexandre DumasThomas-Antoine de Mauduit du PlessisThomas-Emil von Wickede
Thomas-Morse MB-1Thomas-Morse MB-2Thomas-Morse MB-3
Thomas-Morse MB-4Thomas-Morse MB-6Thomas-Morse MB-7
Thomas-Morse MB-9Thomas-Morse O-19Thomas-Morse R-5
Thomas-Morse S-4Thomas-Morse TM-24Thomas-Morse XP-13 Viper
Thomas A. AldrichThomas A. BenesThomas A. Bird
Thomas A. BlasdelThomas A. BoydThomas A. Budd
Thomas A. CropperThomas A. DavisThomas A. Morris
Thomas A. PopeThomas A. SchwartzThomas A. Scott
Thomas A. WornhamThomas Abel Brimage SprattThomas Adair Butler
Thomas Adams (British Army officer)Thomas Adams (Indian Army officer)Thomas Adams Smith
Thomas Adamson (master gunner)Thomas Adamson (soldier)Thomas Addis Emmet
Thomas Agar-RobartesThomas Aguiyi-IronsiThomas Aird (British Army officer)
Thomas AkersThomas AldersonThomas Alexander Harris
Thomas Alexander IrvineThomas Alexander ParrottThomas Alfred Davies
Thomas Alfred JonesThomas Alfred SmythThomas Algeo Rowley
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