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Third Battle of Elephant PassThird Battle of GaoThird Battle of Gaza
Third Battle of KatwaThird Battle of KharkovThird Battle of Komárom (1849)
Third Battle of KrithiaThird Battle of ManzanilloThird Battle of Morlancourt
Third Battle of Mount HermonThird Battle of MurfreesboroThird Battle of Nanking
Third Battle of PanipatThird Battle of PetersburgThird Battle of Puebla
Third Battle of San Juan (1898)Third Battle of SeoulThird Battle of Topolobampo
Third Battle of Tucson (1782)Third Battle of TuxpanThird Battle of Wonju
Third Battle of the AisneThird Battle of the Corunna RoadThird Battle of the Hook
Third Battle of the IsonzoThird Carlist WarThird Carrier Division
Third Corps, Army of Northern VirginiaThird Corps, Army of TennesseeThird Country National
Third CrusadeThird Encirclement CampaignThird Encirclement Campaign against Jiangxi Soviet
Third Encirclement Campaign against the Honghu SovietThird Encirclement Campaign against the Hubei-Henan-Anhui SovietThird Encirclement Campaign against the Shaanxi-Gansu Soviet
Third Enemy OffensiveThird English Civil WarThird Expedition of Wadi al Qura
Third Fernandine WarThird Field ArmyThird Fitna
Third FleetThird Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy)Third Fleet (United Kingdom)
Third Force (Northern Ireland)Third Front (China)Third Geneva Convention
Third Indochina WarThird Italian War of IndependenceThird Javanese War of Succession
Third LegionThird Macedonian WarThird Military District
Third Military Medical UniversityThird Mithridatic WarThird Mongol invasion of Poland
Third Perso-Turkic WarThird Punic WarThird Raid on Banu Thalabah
Third Rebellion in ShouchunThird Reserve Army of ObservationThird Sacred War
Third Sea LordThird Servile WarThird Siege of Gerona
Third Siege of GibraltarThird Siege of GironaThird Siege of Missolonghi
Third Silesian WarThird Swedish CrusadeThird Taiwan Strait Crisis
Third Tikal-Calakmul WarThird Tikal–Calakmul WarThird Transjordan attack
Third Treaty of San IldefonsoThird Upper Peru campaignThird VA-155 (U.S. Navy)
Third VA-34 (U.S. Navy)Third VA-95 (U.S. Navy)Third World
Third attack on Anzac CoveThird conflict in the Goryeo–Khitan WarThird country national
Third sergeantThird voyage of James CookThird warrant officer
Thirlwall CastleThirsk Road drill hall, NorthallertonThirteen Colonies
Thirteen Years' War (1454–66)Thirteen Years’ War (1454–1466)Thirteenth Air Force
Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri LankaThirteenth ArmyThirteenth Army (Japan)
Thirteenth Siege of GibraltarThirtieth Army (Japan)Thirty-Eighth Army (Japan)
Thirty-Fifth Army (Japan)Thirty-First Army (Japan)Thirty-Fourth Army (Japan)
Thirty-Second Army (Japan)Thirty-Seventh Army (Japan)Thirty-Sixth Army (Japan)
Thirty-Third Army (Japan)Thirty-Three OrientalsThirty Comrades
Thirty Seventh SS-AbschnittThirty Six StratagemsThirty Tyrants (Roman)
Thirty Years' WarThirumayam FortThis Is Camp X-Ray
This Is What Winning Looks LikeThis Way for the Gas, Ladies and GentlemenThis is Korea
Thisara SamarasingheThiufaThlocklo Tustenuggee
Thom GoolsbyThom KarremansThomas' Legion
Thomas, Lord of CoucyThomas-Alexandre DumasThomas-Antoine de Mauduit du Plessis
Thomas-Emil von WickedeThomas-Morse MB-1Thomas-Morse MB-2
Thomas-Morse MB-3Thomas-Morse MB-4Thomas-Morse MB-6
Thomas-Morse MB-7Thomas-Morse MB-9Thomas-Morse O-19
Thomas-Morse R-5Thomas-Morse S-4Thomas-Morse TM-24
Thomas-Morse XP-13 ViperThomas A. AldrichThomas A. Benes
Thomas A. BirdThomas A. BlasdelThomas A. Boyd
Thomas A. BuddThomas A. CropperThomas A. Davis
Thomas A. MorrisThomas A. PopeThomas A. Schwartz
Thomas A. ScottThomas A. WornhamThomas Abel Brimage Spratt
Thomas Adair ButlerThomas Adams (British Army officer)Thomas Adams (Indian Army officer)
Thomas Adams SmithThomas Adamson (master gunner)Thomas Adamson (soldier)
Thomas Addis EmmetThomas Agar-RobartesThomas Aguiyi-Ironsi
Thomas Aird (British Army officer)Thomas AkersThomas Alderson
Thomas Alexander HarrisThomas Alexander IrvineThomas Alexander Parrott
Thomas Alfred DaviesThomas Alfred JonesThomas Alfred Smyth
Thomas Algeo RowleyThomas AllcockThomas Allen (Wisconsin politician)
Thomas AllinThomas Alonzo ClarkThomas Anburey
Thomas Anderson (Medal of Honor)Thomas Andrews DrakeThomas Anthony Dooley III
Thomas AntisellThomas ArbuthnotThomas Armstrong (English politician)
Thomas Arthur, comte de LallyThomas Arthur (VC)Thomas Arthur Lewis
Thomas Arthur NelsonThomas AsbridgeThomas Ashburnham
Thomas Ashby (mayor)Thomas AsheThomas Ashford
Thomas Atkinson (Royal Navy officer)Thomas Atkinson (Wisconsin politician)Thomas Axford
Thomas B. CatronThomas B. CurtisThomas B. Fargo
Thomas B. HaywardThomas B. HowardThomas B. Huger
Thomas B. KlakringThomas B. LarkinThomas B. Manuel
Thomas B. MillerThomas B. MurrayThomas Baillie
Thomas Baillie (Royal Navy officer)Thomas BainesThomas Baird
Thomas BakerThomas Baker (Medal of Honor)Thomas Baker (Peasants' Revolt leader)
Thomas Baker (Royal Navy officer)Thomas Baker (aviator)Thomas Balch
Thomas Ball SulivanThomas Banks CabanissThomas Bardolf, 5th Baron Bardolf
Thomas Baring, 1st Earl of NorthbrookThomas BarkellThomas Barratt
Thomas Barton (Medal of Honor)Thomas Baskerville (general)Thomas Beach (VC)
Thomas Beaufort, Duke of ExeterThomas BeecherThomas Begley
Thomas BelcherThomas Bell PooleThomas Benjamin Fitzpatrick
Thomas Benton SmithThomas Berger (novelist)Thomas Bernard Collinson
Thomas Bernard HackettThomas BertieThomas Bladen Capel
Thomas BlaggeThomas BlakemoreThomas Blamey
Thomas Bland StrangeThomas BlattThomas Bligh
Thomas BlomefieldThomas BloodThomas Blount (inventor)
Thomas Blount (statesman)Thomas BoghardtThomas Boswall Beach
Thomas BoudeThomas BourneThomas Bowler (RAF officer)
Thomas Boyd-CarpenterThomas BoyleThomas Boyne
Thomas BradfordThomas Brady (general)
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