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Treaty of CopenhagenTreaty of Copenhagen (1441)Treaty of Copenhagen (1660)
Treaty of Copenhagen (1670)Treaty of Copenhagen (1709)Treaty of Copenhagen (disambiguation)
Treaty of CorbeilTreaty of Corbeil (1258)Treaty of Corbeil (1326)
Treaty of CraiovaTreaty of CussetaTreaty of Córdoba
Treaty of DaanTreaty of Dancing Rabbit CreekTreaty of Dappes
Treaty of DardanosTreaty of DarinTreaty of Dayton
Treaty of Defensive Alliance (Bolivia–Peru)Treaty of DelftTreaty of Detroit
Treaty of Detroit (1855)Treaty of DevolTreaty of Dewitt's Corner
Treaty of Doak's StandTreaty of Dordrecht (1489)Treaty of Dorpat
Treaty of DovydiškėsTreaty of DresdenTreaty of Dresden (1699)
Treaty of Dresden (1709)Treaty of Dresden (disambiguation)Treaty of Drohiczyn
Treaty of DubysaTreaty of DunkirkTreaty of Durham (1136)
Treaty of Durham (1139)Treaty of EastonTreaty of Edinburgh
Treaty of Edinburgh–NorthamptonTreaty of EgerTreaty of El Pardo
Treaty of El Pardo (1728)Treaty of El Pardo (1761)Treaty of El Pardo (1778)
Treaty of ElbingTreaty of ElcheTreaty of Epe
Treaty of Establishment, Commerce and NavigationTreaty of FalaiseTreaty of Federation
Treaty of FezTreaty of Fifth AvenueTreaty of Finckenstein
Treaty of FleixTreaty of FlorenceTreaty of Fond du Lac
Treaty of FontainebleauTreaty of Fontainebleau (1631)Treaty of Fontainebleau (1679)
Treaty of Fontainebleau (1745)Treaty of Fontainebleau (1762)Treaty of Fontainebleau (1785)
Treaty of Fontainebleau (1807)Treaty of Fontainebleau (1814)Treaty of Fontainebleau (October 1807)
Treaty of Fort AdamsTreaty of Fort ClarkTreaty of Fort Confederation
Treaty of Fort FinneyTreaty of Fort HarmarTreaty of Fort Industry
Treaty of Fort JacksonTreaty of Fort LaramieTreaty of Fort Laramie (1851)
Treaty of Fort Laramie (1868)Treaty of Fort McIntoshTreaty of Fort Meigs
Treaty of Fort NiagaraTreaty of Fort PittTreaty of Fort St. Stephens
Treaty of Fort StanwixTreaty of Fort Stanwix (1784)Treaty of Fort Wayne
Treaty of Fort Wayne (1803)Treaty of Fort Wayne (1809)Treaty of Fort Wise
Treaty of FrankfurtTreaty of Frankfurt (1489)Treaty of Frankfurt (1539)
Treaty of Frankfurt (1871)Treaty of FrederiksborgTreaty of Fredrikshamn
Treaty of FriendshipTreaty of Friendship, Commerce and Consular Relations between Germany and the United States of AmericaTreaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Between Argentina and the United Kingdom
Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between the United States of America and the Republic of ChinaTreaty of Friendship and AllianceTreaty of Fulda
Treaty of FüssenTreaty of GaetaTreaty of Gallipoli
Treaty of GandamakTreaty of GanjaTreaty of Georgievsk
Treaty of GerstungenTreaty of GhentTreaty of Ghilajharighat
Treaty of GiyantiTreaty of Good NeighbourshipTreaty of Gorinchem
Treaty of Gotland (1288)Treaty of Granada (1491)Treaty of Grave
Treaty of GreenvilleTreaty of Greenville (1814)Treaty of Greenwich
Treaty of GreifswaldTreaty of GrimnitzTreaty of Grouseland
Treaty of Guadalupe HidalgoTreaty of GuaranteeTreaty of Guarantee (1960)
Treaty of Guarantee (proposed)Treaty of GulistanTreaty of Guérande (1365)
Treaty of GwerneigronTreaty of GyaluTreaty of Gyehae
Treaty of Győr (1386)Treaty of HabenhausenTreaty of Haddington
Treaty of HadiachTreaty of HamburgTreaty of Hamburg (1638)
Treaty of Hamburg (1701)Treaty of Hamburg (1762)Treaty of Hamedan
Treaty of Hampton CourtTreaty of Hampton Court (1562)Treaty of Hanover
Treaty of Hanover (1710)Treaty of Hanover (1725)Treaty of Hard Labour
Treaty of HartfordTreaty of Hartford (1638)Treaty of Hartford (1650)
Treaty of Hartford (1786)Treaty of HeiligenTreaty of Hoe Buckintoopa
Treaty of HolstonTreaty of HopewellTreaty of Hubertusburg
Treaty of HudaybiyyahTreaty of HuéTreaty of Huế
Treaty of Huế (1863)Treaty of Huế (1883)Treaty of Huế (1884)
Treaty of Hünkâr İskelesiTreaty of IlbersheimTreaty of Indian Springs
Treaty of Indian Springs (1821)Treaty of Indian Springs (1825)Treaty of Jaffa
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