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U.S. Intervention within El Salvador's Civil WarU.S. Marine Corps rank insigniaU.S. Marine Hospital
U.S. Military Instructor BadgesU.S. Military M274 Truck, Platform, Utility 1/2 Ton, 4X4U.S. Military Telegraph Corps
U.S. Military Television NetworkU.S. Military UAV tier systemU.S. National Geodetic Survey
U.S. Naval Academy MuseumU.S. Naval Activities, United KingdomU.S. Naval Air Station Berehaven Ireland
U.S. Naval Air Station Lough Foyle IrelandU.S. Naval Air Station Queenstown IrelandU.S. Naval Air Station Wexford Ireland
U.S. Naval Air Station Whiddy Island IrelandU.S. Naval Base Subic BayU.S. Naval Forces Korea
U.S. Naval Forces Southern CommandU.S. Naval HospitalU.S. Naval Hospital, Subic Bay
U.S. Naval Information ForcesU.S. Naval Radio Facility BagobantayU.S. Naval Radio Station, Tarlac
U.S. Naval Station (Key West, Florida)U.S. Naval Torpedo Station, AlexandriaU.S. Navy Cyber Forces
U.S. Navy Good Conduct VariationU.S. Navy Information Dominance CorpsU.S. Navy Information Dominance Forces
U.S. Navy Information ForcesU.S. Navy Senior Enlisted AcademyU.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Aircraft Tail Codes
U.S. Navy type commandsU.S. Seventh Fleet Korean War order of battleU.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007
U.S. Veterans LighthouseU.S. and Japan Mutual Defense Assistance AgreementU.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade
U.S. government response to the September 11 attacksU.S. helicopter armament subsystemsU.S. intelligence involvement with German and Japanese war criminals after World War II
U.S. military UAS groupsU.S. military doctrine for reconnaissanceU.S. military instructor badges
U.S. military response during the September 11 attacksU.S. military vehicle markings of World War IIU.S. news media and the Vietnam War
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