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USS Charmian II (SP-696)USS Charr (SS-328)USS Charrette (DD-581)
USS ChaseUSS Chase (DD-323)USS Chase (DE-158)
USS Chase County (LST-532)USS Chateau Thierry (AP-31)USS Chatelain (DE-149)
USS ChathamUSS Chatham (1836)USS Chatham (AK-169)
USS ChattanoogaUSS Chattanooga (1864)USS Chattanooga (CL-118)
USS Chattanooga (CL-18)USS ChattererUSS Chatterer (AMS-40)
USS Chatterer (AMc-16)USS ChaunceyUSS Chauncey (DD-296)
USS Chauncey (DD-3)USS Chauncey (DD-667)USS Chauvenet (AGS-11)
USS Chawasha (ATF-151)USS Cheboygan County (LST-533)USS Chehalis
USS Chehalis (AOG-48)USS Chehalis (PGM-94)USS Chelan County (LST-542)
USS Cheleb (AK-138)USS ChemungUSS Chemung (AO-30)
USS Chemung (AT-18)USS ChenangoUSS Chenango (1863)
USS Chenango (CVE-28)USS Cheng Ho (IX-52)USS Chepachet (AO-78)
USS Cheraw (YTB-802)USS CherokeeUSS Cherokee (1859)
USS Cherokee (AT-66)USS Cherokee (ID-458)USS Chesaning (YTB-769)
USS ChesapeakeUSS Chesapeake (1799)USS Chesapeake (ID-3395)
USS Chestatee (AOG-49)USS ChesterUSS Chester (CA-27)
USS Chester (CL-1)USS Chester T. O'Brien (DE-421)USS Chesterfield County (LST-551)
USS Chestnut (AN-11)USS Chestnut Hill (ID-2526)USS Chetek (YTB-827)
USS ChevalierUSS Chevalier (DD-451)USS Chevalier (DD-805)
USS Chew (DD-106)USS Chewaucan (AOG-50)USS Chewink
USS Chewink (AM-39)USS CheyenneUSS Cheyenne (1898)
USS Cheyenne (CL-117)USS Cheyenne (SSN-773)USS Chicago
USS Chicago (1885)USS Chicago (CA-136)USS Chicago (CA-29)
USS Chicago (SSN-721)USS Chichota (SP-65)USS Chickadee (AM-59)
USS ChickasawUSS Chickasaw (1864)USS Chickasaw (1882)
USS Chickasaw (AT-83)USS Chicolar (SS-464)USS Chicopee
USS Chicopee (1863)USS Chicopee (AO-34)USS Chicot (AK-170)
USS ChiefUSS Chief (AM-315)USS Chief (MCM-14)
USS Chikaskia (AO-54)USS Childs (DD-241)USS Chillicothe (1862)
USS Chilton (APA-38)USS Chilula (AT-153)USS Chimaera (ARL-33)
USS ChimangoUSS Chimango (AMc-42)USS Chimariko (ATF-154)
USS ChimoUSS Chimo (1864)USS Chimo (ACM-1)
USS Chimon (AG-150)USS Chinaberry (AN-61)USS Chincoteague (AVP-24)
USS Chingachgook (SP-35)USS ChinookUSS Chinook (PC-9)
USS Chinook (SP-644)USS Chinquapin (AN-17)USS Chipola (AO-63)
USS ChipperUSS Chipper (SP-1049)USS Chipper (SP-256)
USS ChippewaUSS Chippewa (1814)USS Chippewa (1815)
USS Chippewa (1861)USS Chippewa (AT-69)USS Chiron (AGP-18)
USS Chittenden County (LST-561)USS Chivo (SS-341)USS Chiwaukum (AOG-26)
USS Chiwawa (AO-68)USS ChoctawUSS Choctaw (1856)
USS Choctaw (1898)USS Choctaw (AT-70)USS Chocura (1861)
USS Chopper (SS-342)USS Chosin (CG-65)USS Chotank (1861)
USS Chotauk (IX-188)USS Chourre (ARV-1)USS Christabel (SP-162)
USS Christiana (YAG-32)USS Christopher (DE-100)USS Chub (SS-329)
USS Chukawan (AO-100)USS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93)USS Churchill County (LST-583)
USS Cigarette (SP-1234)USS CimarronUSS Cimarron (1862)
USS Cimarron (AO-177)USS Cimarron (AO-22)USS Cinchona (AN-12)
USS CincinnatiUSS Cincinnati (1861)USS Cincinnati (C-7)
USS Cincinnati (CL-6)USS Cincinnati (LCS-20)USS Cincinnati (SSN-693)
USS Cinnabar (IX-163)USS Cinnamon (AN-50)USS Circassian (1862)
USS CirceUSS Circe (AKA-25)USS Cisco (SS-290)
USS City of Corpus Christi (SSN-705)USS City of Dalhart (IX-156)USS City of Lewes (SP-383)
USS City of South Haven (ID-2527)USS Claiborne (AK-171)USS Clamagore (SS-343)
USS Clamour (AM-160)USS Clamp (ARS-33)
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