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USS Puget Sound (CVE-113)USS PulaskiUSS Pulaski (1854)
USS Pulaski County (LST-1088)USS Purdy (DD-734)USS Puritan
USS Puritan (1864)USS Puritan (ACM-16)USS Puritan (BM-1)
USS Puritan (ID-2222)USS Puritan (IX-69)USS Pursuit
USS Pursuit (1861)USS Pursuit (AM-108)USS Pushmataha (YTB-830)
USS PutnamUSS Putnam (DD-287)USS Putnam (DD-757)
USS PyroUSS Pyro (AE-1)USS Pyro (AE-24)
USS QuailUSS Quail (AM-15)USS Quail (AM-377)
USS Quaker City (1854)USS Quapaw (AT-110)USS Quartz (IX-150)
USS Quastinet (AOG-39)USS QueenUSS Queen Charlotte (1813)
USS Queen City (1863)USS Queen of France (1777)USS Queen of the West (1854)
USS QueenfishUSS Queenfish (SS-393)USS Queenfish (SSN-651)
USS Queens (APA-103)USS QuestUSS Quest (AM-281)
USS Quest (SP-171)USS Qui Vive (SP-1004)USS Quick (DD-490)
USS Quicksilver (SP-281)USS Quileute (YTB-540)USS Quillback (SS-424)
USS QuincyUSS Quincy (AK-10)USS Quincy (CA-39)
USS Quincy (CA-71)USS QuinnebaugUSS Quinnebaug (1866)
USS Quinnebaug (1875)USS Quinnebaug (SP-1687)USS Quirinus (ARL-39)
USS Quiros (PG-40)USS R-10 (SS-87)USS R-11 (SS-88)
USS R-12 (SS-89)USS R-13 (SS-90)USS R-14 (SS-91)
USS R-15 (SS-92)USS R-16 (SS-93)USS R-17 (SS-94)
USS R-18 (SS-95)USS R-19 (SS-96)USS R-1 (SS-78)
USS R-20 (SS-97)USS R-21 (SS-98)USS R-22 (SS-99)
USS R-23 (SS-100)USS R-24 (SS-101)USS R-25 (SS-102)
USS R-26 (SS-103)USS R-27 (SS-104)USS R-2 (SS-79)
USS R-3 (SS-80)USS R-4 (SS-81)USS R-5 (SS-82)
USS R-6 (SS-83)USS R-7 (SS-84)USS R-8 (SS-85)
USS R-9 (SS-86)USS R. B. Forbes (1845)USS R. R. Cuyler (1860)
USS R. W. Wilmot (SP-604)USS Raazoo (SP-508)USS Rabaul (CVE-121)
USS Raboco (SP-310)USS Raby (DE-698)USS Raccoon
USS Raccoon (IX-127)USS Raccoon (SP-506)USS Racer
USS Racer (1861)USS Rachel Seaman (1861)USS Racine
USS Racine (LST-1191)USS Racine (PF-100)USS Radford
USS Radford (DD-120)USS Radford (DD-446)USS Radiant
USS Radiant (AMc-99)USS Radiant (ID-1324)USS Raeo (SP-588)
USS Rafael Peralta (DDG-115)USS RailUSS Rail (AM-26)
USS Rail (AMCU-37)USS Rainbow (AS-7)USS Rainier
USS Rainier (1917)USS Rainier (AE-5)USS Raleigh
USS Raleigh (1776)USS Raleigh (C-8)USS Raleigh (CL-7)
USS Raleigh (LPD-1)USS Rall (DE-304)USS Ralph Johnson (DDG-114)
USS Ralph Talbot (DD-390)USS Ramage (DDG-61)USS Ramapo (AO-12)
USS Rambler (SP-211)USS Ramona (IX-76)USS Rampart (AM-282)
USS Ramsay (DD-124)USS Ramsden (DE-382)USS Ramsey (FFG-2)
USS RancocasUSS Randall (APA-224)USS Randall (disambiguation)
USS RandolphUSS Randolph (1776)USS Randolph (CV-15)
USS RangerUSS Ranger (1777)USS Ranger (1814)
USS Ranger (CV-4)USS Ranger (CV-61)
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