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USS St. George (AV-16)USS St. Joseph's River (LSM(R)-527)USS St. Lawrence (1848)
USS St. Lo (CVE-63)USS St. LouisUSS St. Louis (1828)
USS St. Louis (C-20)USS St. Louis (CL-49)USS St. Louis (LCS-19)
USS St. Louis (LKA-116)USS St. Mary'sUSS St. Mary's (1798)
USS St. Mary's (1844)USS St. Mary's (APA-126)USS St. Mary's (SP-1457)
USS St. Mary's River (LSM(R)-528)USS St. Mihiel (AP-32)USS St. Regis River (LSM(R)-529)
USS St. Sebastian (SP-470)USS Stack (DD-406)USS Stadtfeld (DE-29)
USS Staff (AM-114)USS Stafford (DE-411)USS Stag (AW-1)
USS Stagbush (AN-69)USS StallionUSS Stallion (ATA-193)
USS StalwartUSS Stalwart (AMc-105)USS Stalwart (MSO-493)
USS Stamford (PF-95)USS Standard Arrow (ID-1532)USS Standish (1864)
USS Stanly (DD-478)USS Stansbury (DD-180)USS Stanton (DE-247)
USS Starboard Unit (1918)USS Stark (FFG-31)USS Stark incident
USS Starlight (AP-175)USS Starling (AM-64)USS Starr (AKA-67)
USS Stars and Stripes (1861)USS State of Georgia (1851)USS Staunch (AM-307)
USS Steady (AM-118)USS Steamer Bay (CVE-87)USS Steele (DE-8)
USS Steelhead (SS-280)USS Stein (FF-1065)USS Steinaker
USS Steinaker (DD-863)USS Steinaker (DE-452)USS Stembel (DD-644)
USS Stentor (ARL-26)USS Stephen Potter (DD-538)USS Stephen R. Jones (ID-4526)
USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG-29)USS Stephen Young (1861)USS Stepping Stones (1861)
USS SterettUSS Sterett (CG-31)USS Sterett (DD-27)
USS Sterett (DD-407)USS Sterett (DDG-104)USS Sterlet (SS-392)
USS Sterling (1898)USS Stern (DE-187)USS Sterope (AK-96)
USS Stethem (DDG-63)USS Stettin (1861)USS Steuben County (LST-1138)
USS StevensUSS Stevens (DD-479)USS Stevens (DD-86)
USS Stevenson (DD-645)USS StewartUSS Stewart (DD-13)
USS Stewart (DD-224)USS Stewart (DE-238)USS Stickell (DD-888)
USS Stickleback (SS-415)USS Stiletto (1885)USS Stinger (SP-1252)
USS StingrayUSS Stingray (SS-186)USS Stockdale
USS Stockdale (1863)USS Stockdale (DDG-106)USS Stockdale (DE-399)
USS StockhamUSS Stockham (DD-683)USS Stockton
USS Stockton (DD-646)USS Stockton (DD-73)USS Stockton (TB-32)
USS Stoddard (DD-566)USS Stoddert (DD-302)USS Stokes (AKA-68)
USS StonewallUSS Stonewall (1863)USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN-634)
USS Storm King (AP-171)USS Stormes (DD-780)USS Stout (DDG-55)
USS StrangerUSS Strategy (AM-308)USS Stratford (AP-41)
USS Straub (DE-181)USS Straus (DE-408)USS Strength (AM-309)
USS StriblingUSS Stribling (DD-867)USS Stribling (DD-96)
USS Strickland (DE-333)USS StringhamUSS Stringham (DD-83)
USS Stringham (TB-19)USS Strive (AM-117)USS Stromboli
USS Stromboli (1846)USS StrongUSS Strong (DD-467)
USS Strong (DD-758)USS Stump (DD-978)USS Sturdy
USS Sturdy (MSO-494)USS Sturdy (PC-460)USS Sturdy (SP-82)
USS SturgeonUSS Sturgeon (SS-187)USS Sturgeon (SSN-637)
USS Sturgeon Bay (IX-27)USS SturtevantUSS Sturtevant (DD-240)
USS Sturtevant (DE-239)USS Suamico (AO-49)USS Success
USS Success (AM-310)USS Sudbury (ID-2149)USS Suffolk (AKA-69)
USS Suffolk County (LST-1173)USS Suisun (AVP-53)USS Sultana (SP-134)
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