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United States military music customsUnited States military nuclear incident terminologyUnited States military occupation code
United States military payUnited States military rationUnited States military seniority
United States military veteran suicideUnited States military veteran suicide epidemicUnited States national cemetery
United States national missile defenseUnited States naval architectUnited States naval aviator
United States naval districtsUnited States naval gunfire support debateUnited States naval reactors
United States news media and the Vietnam WarUnited States occupation of HaitiUnited States occupation of Nicaragua
United States occupation of VeracruzUnited States occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916–24)United States occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965–66)
United States personUnited States security assistance to the Palestinian National AuthorityUnited States service academies
United States service medals of the World WarsUnited States ship naming conventionsUnited States special operations forces
United States support for Iraq during the Iran–Iraq warUnited States theaters of operations in World War IIUnited States v. Alvarez
United States v. DuBayUnited States v. Hasan K. AkbarUnited States v. Keenan
United States v. LeeUnited States v. ManningUnited States v. Olofson
United States v. Progressive, Inc.United States v. ReynoldsUnited States v. Seeger
United States v. ShiUnited States v. The ProgressiveUnited States v. Virginia
United States war crimesUnited States withdrawal from Saudi ArabiaUnited States – Russia mutual detargeting
United States–Central America TreatyUnited Tajik OppositionUnited Vilayat of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay
United Wa State ArmyUnits and Commands of the SchutzstaffelUnits and commands of the Schutzstaffel
Units of the Imperial Japanese NavyUnits of the RNZAOCUnits of the Royal Corps of Signals
Units of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical EngineersUnits of the Royal EngineersUnity Resources Group
Unity of effortUnité Spéciale de la PoliceUnité Spéciale – Garde Nationale
Universal Camouflage PatternUniversal CarrierUniversal Combat Platform T-99
Universal Joint Task ListUniversal Mortar UB M52Universal Ship Cancellation Society
Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde Air SquadronUniversity Air SquadronUniversity Grays
University GreysUniversity OFS CommandoUniversity Royal Naval Unit
University Service UnitsUniversity education in Nazi GermanyUniversity of Birmingham Air Squadron
University of California Division of War ResearchUniversity of Defence (Czech Republic)University of Florida ROTC
University of Glasgow Memorial ChapelUniversity of London Air SquadronUniversity of Military Science and Technology
University of Minnesota ArmoryUniversity of New South Wales RegimentUniversity of Santo Tomas Golden Corps of Cadets
University of Wisconsin Armory and GymnasiumUniversity of the German Federal Armed ForcesUniversity of the Philippines ROTC
Unión Militar EspañolaUnknown Confederate Dead Monument in PerryvilleUnknown Confederate Soldier Monument in Horse Cave
Unknown Sailor MonumentUnknown Soldier (statue)Unknown Soldier Memorial (Egypt)
Unlawful Drilling Act 1819Unlawful combatantUnlawful command influence
Unlikely WarriorsUnmanned Aerial Vehicle BattlelabUnmanned Carrier-Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike
Unmanned Carrier-Launched Surveillance and Strike programUnmanned Combat Air System Demonstrator programUnmanned Combat Armed Rotorcraft
Unmanned aerial vehicleUnmanned combat aerial vehicleUnmanned ground vehicle
Unmanned military vehiclesUnmanned surface vehicleUnmanned surface vehicle Piraya
Unmanned systems of the British ArmyUnmanned underwater vehicleUnofficial badges of the United States military
Unprotected cruiserUnrest in Gostivar and Tetovo (1997)Unrestricted Line Officer
Unrestricted WarfareUnrestricted line officerUnrestricted submarine warfare
Unrotated ProjectileUnrotated projectileUnryū-class aircraft carrier
Unsinkable SamUnsinkable aircraft carrierUnterailsfeld Castle
Unterarzt (military)UnterfeldwebelUntergruppenführer
Unterleinleiter CastleUnterleutnantUnternehmen Elster
UnteroffizierUnteroffiziere mit PortepeeUnteroffiziere ohne Portepee
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