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Women's Overseas Service LeagueWomen's Protection UnitsWomen's Radio Corps
Women's Royal Air ForceWomen's Royal Army CorpsWomen's Royal Australian Air Force
Women's Royal Australian Army CorpsWomen's Royal Australian Naval ServiceWomen's Royal Canadian Naval Service
Women's Royal Naval ServiceWomen's Royal Voluntary Service MedalWomen's Timber Corps
Women's Vocal Orchestra of SumatraWomen's WarWomen's roles in the World Wars
Women Airforce Service PilotsWomen Airforce Service Pilots BadgeWomen and war
Women in 18th-century warfareWomen in Military Service for America MemorialWomen in Nazi Germany
Women in World War IWomen in World War IIWomen in ancient warfare
Women in combatWomen in early modern warfareWomen in post-classical warfare
Women in the Air ForceWomen in the Algerian WarWomen in the American Revolution
Women in the Australian militaryWomen in the CrusadesWomen in the EZLN
Women in the French ResistanceWomen in the Israel Defense ForcesWomen in the Nepalese Civil War
Women in the Pakistan Armed ForcesWomen in the Paraguayan WarWomen in the Philippine military
Women in the Russian and Soviet militaryWomen in the United States Air ForceWomen in the United States Army
Women in the United States Coast GuardWomen in the United States MarinesWomen in the United States Navy
Women in the World WarsWomen in the militaryWomen in the military by country
Women in the military in EuropeWomen in the military in the AmericasWomen in war
Women in warfare (1500-1699)Women in warfare (1500–1699)Women in warfare and the military (1750–1799)
Women in warfare and the military (1750–99)Women in warfare and the military (1900–39)Women in warfare and the military (1900–45)
Women in warfare and the military (1945–99)Women in warfare and the military (2000–present)Women in warfare and the military in the 19th century
Women in warfare and the military in the ancient eraWomen in warfare and the military in the early modern eraWomen of Steel
Women warriors in literature and cultureWon GyunWon Jeong-hwa
Wonder NineWonderboom AirportWonderboom Commando
Wong Fei-hungWong TsuWonsa
Wonsan-class minelayerWonsuWood's Monument (West Point)
Wood B. KyleWood Green War MemorialWood National Cemetery
Woodall RodgersWoodbridge's Regiment of MilitiaWoodbury Castle
Woodbury Common, DevonWoodbury HillWoodbury Kane
Woodcroft CastleWooden LegWooden Leg: A Warrior Who Fought Custer
Wooden rampsWoodes RogersWoodford's Battery
Woodhouses hill fortWoodland FortWoodlands Redoubt
Woodlawn National CemeteryWoodrow A. AbbottWoodrow Chambliss
Woodrow ParfreyWoodrow R. ThompsonWoodrow Swancutt
Woodrow W. KeebleWoodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson Barr
Woodrow WyattWoodruff LeemingWoods Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery
Woodside BarracksWoodwalton CastleWoodworth Personal Data Sheet
Woody HayesWoody StrodeWoody Woodbury
Woolbert's Stockade HotelWoolburyWoolenook Wood Camp
Woolloongabba Air Raid ShelterWooloomanata StationWoolsbarrow Hillfort
Woolwich DockyardWoomera (spear-thrower)Woomera Test Range
Woonsocket Civil War MonumentWooster and DavisWooston Castle
Wop MayWorb CastleWorcester-class cruiser
Worcester-class ship of the lineWorcester CastleWorcester Commando
Worcester city wallsWorcestershire RegimentWorcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment
Worcestershire in the English Civil WarWords of estimative probabilityWorek Plan
Work of William Burges at Cardiff CastleWorker-Peasant Red GuardsWorkers' Militia PPS-WRN
Working Group on Children and Armed ConflictWorld Association of Home Army SoldiersWorld Basic Information Library
World Congress of Intellectuals for PeaceWorld Congress of Intellectuals in Defense of PeaceWorld Disarmament Conference
World Geodetic SystemWorld History GroupWorld Military Championships
World Military CupWorld Military GamesWorld Military Pentathlon Championship
World Peace CouncilWorld Ship SocietyWorld Tribunal on Iraq
World Veterans FederationWorld War (disambiguation)World War 11
World War 1 Memorials and Cemeteries in AlsaceWorld War 1 in ColourWorld War 3 Illustrated
World War Adjusted Compensation ActWorld War Foreign Debts Commission ActWorld War I
World War IIWorld War IIIWorld War II Allied names for Japanese aircraft
World War II Facilities at MidwayWorld War II German Army ranks and insigniaWorld War II German uniform
World War II Illinois Veterans MemorialWorld War II Medal of Honor recipients buried at Arlington National CemeteryWorld War II Memorial (Houston)
World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2013 (S. 1044; 113th Congress)World War II Prisoner of War Camp, Gettysburg Battlefield, PennsylvaniaWorld War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion
World War II U.S. Military Sex EducationWorld War II US Navy dazzle camouflage measures 31, 32 and 33: aircraft carriersWorld War II US Navy dazzle camouflage measures 31, 32 and 33: battleships
World War II US Navy dazzle camouflage measures 31, 32 and 33: cruisersWorld War II US Navy dazzle camouflage measures 31, 32 and 33: destroyersWorld War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument
World War II Veterans Memorial BridgeWorld War II Veterans Memorial Bridge (Virginia)World War II Veterans Memorial State Park
World War II Victory Medal (United States)World War II aircraft productionWorld War II and American animation
World War II by countryWorld War II casualtiesWorld War II casualties of Poland
World War II casualties of the Soviet UnionWorld War II combativesWorld War II crimes in occupied Poland
World War II cryptographyWorld War II evacuation and expulsion
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