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The London Victory Parade of 1982 was a British victory parade held after the defeat of Argentina in the Falklands War and organised by the City of London as a salute to the task force.[1] It took place in the United Kingdom capital of London, mainly encompassing a military parade with military bands through the City of London. The parade took place on 12 October 1982, almost four months after the Argentine surrender; it was the first time the City had celebrated a military event since it had entertained the crew of HMS Amethyst in 1949.[1]

The parade started at Armoury House and ended up at the Guildhall.[2] Approximately 300,000 people lined the mile-long route of the parade.[3] The Lord Mayor of London, Christopher Leaver took the salute on the steps of mansion house, also with him for the salute at mansion house was Admiral Sir Terence Lewin, the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.[1]

After the parade there was a Salute to the Task Force luncheon at the Guildhall in which Margaret Thatcher gave a speech:[4]

We, the British people, are proud of what has been done, proud of these heroic pages in our island story, proud to be here today to salute the task force. Proud to be British.

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