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Luís Vaz Pereira Pinto Guedes
Born 18 August 1770 (1770-08-18)
Died 10 May 1841 (1841-05-11) (aged 70)
Place of birth Vila Real, Kingdom of Portugal
Place of death Kingdom of Portugal
Allegiance Portugal Portugal
Years of service 1784–1834
Rank Brigadier

Peninsular War
Liberal Wars

Awards Campaign Cross of the Peninsular War
Comendador of the Order of Christ
Comendador of the Order of the Tower and Sword

Luís Vaz Pereira Pinto Guedes, 2nd Viscount of Montalegre, was a Portuguese soldier, born 1770, who served on the absolutist side in Portugal's Liberal Wars.

As the military commander in Trás-os-Montes in 1823, he raised a rebellion in the name of the absolutist prince, Infante Dom Miguel of Portugal. During the civil war between Dom Miguel and his elder brother, the former Emperor Dom Pedro I of Brazil, he was a prominent Miguelite general: he was in joint command of the Miguelite army at the Battle of Ponte Ferreira, and was the Miguelite commander at the Battle of Asseiceira in which Miguel's cause was finally defeated.

After the war ended, he was cashiered from the army in 1834. He wrote memoirs justifying his actions, and died in 1841.

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