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Lublin R.VII Odwet
Role Heavy bomber
Manufacturer Plage i Laśkiewicz
Designer Jerzy Rudlicki
Status design only
Variants Lublin R-XVIII

Lublin R-VII Odwet (English: Revenge) was a Polish heavy bomber design created by the Plage i Laśkiewicz factory in Lublin. One of the first heavy aircraft under the Lublin brand, it was designed following a 1924 specification for a "retribution bomber" by the Polish Ministry of Military Affairs.[1] The project, led by Jerzy Rudlicki was a trimotor high-wing mixed-construction aeroplane with heavy defensive armament.[1] The design was submitted to the ministry in 1924, but it was lost by the mail service.[1] As no Polish aircraft factory was deemed experienced enough to build large, complicated bombers, the newly created 2nd Destroyer Squadron of the 1st Air Regiment was equipped with 32 Farman Goliath bombers bought in France.[1] No drawings of the R-VII have survived, but it is known that the later Lublin R-XVIII was based on it.[1]

The plane should not be confused with Lublin R-XI, Lublin R-XVI and Lublin R-XX, all based on Fokker F.VII passenger plane license-built in Poland by the same factory.

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