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Luis de Velasco y Velasco, 2nd Count of Salazar, 1st Marquess of Belvedere, (Valladolid, Spain, 1559 – Dunkirk, Spanish Netherlands (present-day France), 1625), was a Spanish military commander during the French Wars of Religion and the Eighty Years' War. His parents were Juan de Velasco, señor de Castrillo de Tejeriego and Beatriz de Mendoza, daughter of Luis de Velasco, marqués de Salinas.

He is best remember for his role in the Spanish conquest of Calais (1596), Steenbergen (1622) and the failed Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom (1622).

He became a Knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1622.
He died from disease when he was in Dunkirk to inspect the defenses

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