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Luka Ibrisimovic-Sokol

Luka Ibrišimović statue

fra Luka Ibrišimović (ca. 1626 – March 1698) was a Croatian friar who led an uprising against Ottoman forces in Slavonia.

Ibrišimović was born in Požega or in Sibinj around 1626.[1]

On 12 March 1689, Ibrišimović's local army defeated the Turks at Sokolovac hill near Požega. For this he was given the nickname Sokol. This victory was the starting point for the liberation of Slavonia. This was achieved by 1691. Following the end of Ottoman rule, Ibrišimović organized the return of displaced peoples and the building of churches. The liberation of Slavonia coincided with a movement to free Lika and Krbava led by Marko Mesić.

Ibrišimović died in Požega.

Požega still celebrates his victory as part of its festivities for St. George's Day on 12 March.


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