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Lutsk (U205)
the Soviet Grisha V class small ASW ship
Class overview
Name: Grisha V class (1124 ME) corvette
Builders: Zelenodol'sk SSZ,
#638/876 Khabarovsky SSZ,
Leninska Kuznya (Kiev)
Operators: Naval Ensign of Russia.svg Russian Navy,
Naval Ensign of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Navy
Preceded by: Grisha class (1124) corvette
Built: 1982—2002
Completed: 38
Active: 23 Naval Ensign of Russia.svg Russian Navy,
2 Naval Ensign of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Navy
Career (Ukraine) Naval Ensign of Ukraine.svg
Name: Lutsk (U205)
Namesake: Lutsk
Operator: Ukrainian Navy
Builder: JSC Leninska Kuznya, (Kiev)
Yard number: С-012
Laid down: January 11, 1991
Launched: May 22, 1993
Commissioned: October 14, 1993
In service: December 30, 1993
Homeport: Naval Station Novoozerne
(Donuzlav Lake), Crimea
Status: in active service, as of 2019
General characteristics
Class & type: Grisha V class
Displacement: standard 876 Tonne,
full load 1030 Tonne
Length: 71.2 meters
Beam: 10.15 meters
Draught: 3.53 meters
Propulsion: 3 shaft, 2 × М-507А cruise diesels, 38,000 shp, (2 shafts)
1 × М-8М boost gas turbine 18,000 shp, (1 shaft)
Electric Plant: 1×DG-500 (500 kW), 1×DG-300 (300 kW), 1×DG-200 (200 kW)
Speed: full 32 knots,
economic 14 knots
Range: 2,500 nautical miles (at 14 knots)
Endurance: 9 days
Crew: 89 (9 chiefs)
Sensors and
processing systems:

Radar: MR-755 Fregat-MA-1 air/surface search radar;
4R-33MA Pop Group SA-N-4 fire control radar;
MR-123-01 AK-176 fire control radar;
Don-2 navigation radar

Sonar: MGK-335MC Platina/Bull Horn low-frequency hull-mounted sonar;
Shelon'/Elk Tail medium-frequency through-hull dipping sonar
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Bizan-4B suite with Watch Dog intercept,
2 PK-16 decoy RL
Armament: air-defense gun-missile systems: AD Osa-M missile system — 1 twin SA-N-4 Gecko surface to air missile launcher (20 missiles);
Strela-3 ADM system — 2 SA-N-8 Gremlin surface to air missile (8 missiles)
artillery: 76mm AK-176 gun mount (304 rounds);
1×6 30mm AK-630 AD gun mount (3,000 rounds)
antisubmarine: 2 twin 533 mm torpedo tubes DTA-5E-1124
2 RBU-6000 A/S rocket launchers (96 rockets)
2 depth charge racks (12 depth charges)
Up to 18 mines in place of depth charges

Lutsk is an anti-submarine corvette of the Ukrainian Navy. Board number U205 (to July 1994 was number 400, from 1994 until January 2007 — U200).


Lutsk is the ship 1124ME project (NATO reporting name: Grisha V class, in the Soviet classification: Albatros class Russian: Альбатрос).[1]

Russian type designation is Small Anti-Submarine Ship. The Grisha class anti-submarine ship is designed to search for and destroy enemy submarines found in coastal areas. They were equipped with a variety of ASW weapons and an SA-N-4 surface-to-air missile launcher. All were fitted with retractable fin stabilizers. Some of them (The Grisha II class) were built for the border guard.[2]

The Grisha V class ships were built between 1985 and 2002. This incorporated further modifications with the twin 57 mm guns being replaced by a single 76 mm gun. Thirty ships were built. About 28 ships remain in the Russian Navy. Two ships — Lutsk and Ternopil were built in Ukraine. Lutsk was launched on May 22, 1993 and Ternopil were entered service in February 16, 2006 with the Ukrainian Navy.[3]


The Corvette was laid down on January 11, 1991 at the Leninska Kuznya shipyard. The actual building of the ship started on December 27, 1992 and the ship was launched on May 22, 1993.

The ships crew began to move in on October 14, 1993. The corvette was moved from Kiev to Mykolaiv between November 4 to 16th of 1993. Five day later the Corvette was moved again, this time to a port of Sevastopol. On December 30, 1993 an act was signed adding the ship to Ukrainian Navy. The Ukrainian naval flag was raised on the ship on February 12, 1994.

In January 2002 the Corvette was added to Joint Rapid Reaction Force .[4]


  • July 1994 — the naval multinational exercise Breeze—94 (Bulgaria),
  • August 1995 — the naval multinational exercise Breeze—95 (Bulgaria),
  • August 1996 — the strategic exercise Sea—96,
  • January 1997 — the first in the history of Naval Forces of Ukraine missile firing,
  • April 1997 — the Ukrainian-Russian naval exercise,
  • July 1997 — the naval multinational exercise Cooperative Partner—97 (Bulgaria),
  • August 1997 — the naval multinational exercise Sea Breeze—97,
  • November 1997 — the Ukrainian-Russian naval exercise,
  • April 1998 — the Ukrainian-Russian naval exercise,
  • June 1998 — the naval multinational exercise Cooperative Partner—98 (Romania),
  • November 1998 — the naval multinational exercise Sea Breeze—98,
  • April 1999 — naval tactical exercises,
  • August 1999 — the Ukrainian-Russian naval exercise Farvater Miru—99 (English: Fairway peace—99),
  • September 1999 — the strategic exercise Duel—99,
  • April 2000 — naval tactical exercises,
  • June 2000 — the naval multinational exercise Cooperative Partner—2000,
  • July 2000 — the naval multinational exercise Breeze—2000,
  • September 2000 — the naval multinational exercise Black Sea Partner—2000 Turkey,
  • 2001 — the naval multinational exercise Farvater Miru—2001, strategic exercise Duel—2001,
  • 2002 — the naval multinational exercise Breeze—2002, naval tactical exercises,
  • 2003 — the naval multinational exercises Farvater Miru—2003, Cooperative Partner—2003, Black Sea Partner—2003,
  • 2004 — the naval multinational exercise Cooperative Partner—2004, naval tactical exercises,
  • 2005 — the strategic exercise Reaction—2005,
  • 2007 — took part in NATO Active Endeavour anti-terrorist operation,
  • 2008 — the strategic exercise Morsky vusol—2008 English: Nautical knot—2008)

Former CaptainsEdit

  1. Victor Zaremba — from 1993 to 1997
  2. Ivan Udovenko — from 1997 to 1999
  3. Serhiy Savchenko — from 1999 to 2002
  4. Nikolai Koroschenko — from 2002 to 2004
  5. Serhiy Doroshenko — from 2004 to 2007

In active (2009) Captain, 3rd rank Gregory Bryeyev.[4]


  • (Ukrainian)
Photogallery of Lutsk

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