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Арсенал львов

Arsenal Museum in Lviv

Lviv Arsenal (Ukrainian language:Львівський міський арсенал (Miskiy arsenal) , Polish language:Arsenał Miejski we Lwowie ) is the oldest of three historic arsenal buildings in Lviv, Ukraine. It is a rectangular two-storey structure with a miniature octagonal tower on the north side. The building, in its present shape, was erected in 1554–56 above a 14th-century structure of unknown function. It was formerly attached to the city walls and featured a torture chamber. The arsenal building was blown up by the Swedes during the Great Northern War but was subsequently restored. At present it houses an armoury museum.

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Coordinates: 49°50′29″N 24°02′08″E / 49.8413°N 24.0355°E / 49.8413; 24.0355

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