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Lyciscus (Ancient Greek: Λυκίσκος) was an officer of the Macedonian Cassander in the 4th century BCE.

Lyciscus was sent by Cassander to Epeirus as regent and general, when the Epeirots had passed sentence of banishment against their king Aeacides of Epirus and allied themselves with Cassander 316 BCE.

In 314 BCE, Cassander left him in command of a strong body of troops in Acarnania, which he had organized against the Aetolians, who favored the cause of Antigonus II Gonatas. Lyciscus was still commanding in Acarnania in 312 BCE, when he was sent with an army into Epeirus against Alcetas II of Epirus, whom he defeated. He also took the town of Eurymenae, and destroyed it.[1]


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