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Coordinates: 50°56′06″N 0°53′40″E / 50.9349°N 0.8945°E / 50.9349; 0.8945

Rusty old armoured vehicles on Lydd firing range - - 1170874

Lydd Ranges

Lydd Ranges is a military firing range south of Lydd, in Kent, England. It extends as far as the coast.

It has been used for military training for over 150 years and is part of the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Site of Special Scientific Interest.[1] Because the range is used for live firing access is sometimes restricted - red flags are flown during these times, access is prohibited along the foreshore and Galloways Road.[1] Also red lights are shown at restricted times due to poor weather. The Danger area extends out to sea and mariners sailing to and from Rye Harbour must pass south of the Stephenson Shoal to avoid it.[1][2] Firing occurs about 300 days a year.[1][2] When firing is not carried out, it may be possible to walk along a designated path along the shore.[1]


There is a 2' gauge railway on the range as a target railway.[3] Principally, a target railway, though it also carries personnel and equipment around the Lydd Ranges.

Narrow gauge railway lines on Lydd firing ranges - - 1170814

Railway in Lydd Ranges


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